Flat Stanley Rohland on the New Jersey AT sections 6 and 5

Putting on my boots.

Hi Friends,

On September 9, 2007 we hiked part of New Jersey section 6 and a little bit in Section 5 too. This time was really different. We only went hiking for one day so we did not take Baby with us.

In section 6 we hiked from Millbrook-Blairstown Road to Mohican Outdoor Center. We hiked back to the car on Rattlesnake Swamp Trail.

We had a tiny bit to finish in section 5. We hiked from Crater Lake to the swamp and then came back on a orange-blazed trail.

I hopped up on this table to put my hiking boots on and wait for Mommy and Daddy. I was ready to hike - yes!

When we hike, Mommy usually goes first. All of a sudden Mommy stopped hiking. I could not figure out what was wrong. Then I saw a big black snake across the path in front of her. 

Mommy does not like snakes at all. This is really silly since the snake would not hurt her.

I felt really sorry for the snake. Daddy had to ask the snake nicely to move off of the trail. I tried to tell Mommy that this was the snake's home not ours. She would not listen. The snake had to move.

I asked Mommy to take a picture of the snake but she would not. So here is a picture that I drew of the snake.

The snake
A view from the ridge.


We hiked along the top of the mountain. That is called the ridge. On the ridge, you can see a lot of things. I really liked this view. There were a lot of other views too. This was a nice section to hike. You might like to hike it too.

This was the BEST part of the hike. This is Catfish Fire Tower. Daddy is letting me see all over.

Catfish Fire Tower 
Lower Yards Creek Reservoir

This is what we could see. 

Do you see the water? In my very first New Jersey story I told you about this water. It is Lower Yards Creek Reservoir. Do you remember now? It is far away from us now.

We hiked further and got closer to Lower Yards Creek Reservoir.

Lower Yards Creek Reservoir
See the lines? Here is a puzzle for you. What are those lines in the farmer's field? We do not know. Send me an email if you know. My email address is stanley @ rohland.org 

I had a lot of fun here. I climbed all over the rocks.

Can you see me? I look so small because the rocks are so big. I thought this looked like a giant's chair.

Really big rocks
Catfish Pond

We stopped hiking on the AT at Mohican Outdoor Center. This is Catfish Pond. The pond is at the Outdoor center a little bit away from the AT.

There are cabins on this pond. People stay in the cabins. They go canoeing here too. I would like to stay here.

We took an orange-blazed trail back to the AT. This trail was called Rattlesnake Swamp Trail. Do you see the orange blaze on the sign?

Guess who did not like the name of this trail. Did you guess Mommy? If you did, you are correct. We did not see any snakes on this trail.

Mommy has more pictures from this hike. If you would like to see some pictures that Mommy took go to NJ Section 6 pictures.

Rattlesnake Swamp Trail
Crater Lake

We took another tiny hike. We started hiking at Crater Lake.

A lot of people were swimming at this lake. We did not take their picture. There were some AT hikers with their feet in the water. I bet that felt great!

I was here before! We ate lunch here on Daddy's birthday. Look at this swamp picture. Look at the swamp picture on Daddy's birthday. You can find it here: Flat Stanley Rohland on the New Jersey AT - Section 5. Do you see what is different?

The swamp has no water now. I did not know it was the same place. It is a good thing that Mommy knew where we were. I might have been looking for the swamp forever!

Crater Lake

We took another orange-blazed trail back to our car.

This is a picture of Crater Lake from the orange-blazed trail.

We have more pictures of this hike. You can see Mommy's pictures at New Jersey section 5. Come visit again. I should have more stories soon.

That's it for this trip. Mommy and Daddy have more pictures of our hike. You may see them at New Jersey - Section 6 and New Jersey - Section 5.

I'm still looking for you on the AT. Don't forget to send me your AT picture. My email address is stanley @ rohland.org. I just need to know your first name and where you hiked. I will put it on the Kids on the Appalachian Trail page.

I would like to hear about your AT adventures too. Send your story and picture to me and I will put them on my website. Don't forget to take me with you. You can get a picture of me to take along. Just go to http://www.flatstanley.com/template.htm.


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