Flat Stanley Rohland on the New Jersey AT sections 4

Highest elevation swamp in the world.

Hi Friends,

Today I'm going to tell you about my two hikes in New Jersey Section 4.

On Saturday, October 20, 2007, we hiked from Deckertown Turnpike to Culvers Gap. We hiked for 9 miles.

It has not rained much here. Last night after we camped Baby it rained really hard. Inside Baby it sounded like a drum.

I think this is why you can see so much water coming from the swamp. This swamp is very different. It is on high land. Usually swamps are on low land.

We were hiking on Sunrise Mountain. We are hiking to the top.

This picture is near the top.

View from Sunrise Mountain
Daddy, Mommy, EZDoesIT and me


We are at the top of Sunrise Mountain now.

This was another special hike. My parents asked other people to hike with us. I am with EZDoesIT. He is showing me the views from the mountain.

I met two friends on Sunrise Mountain. They are Liam and Clare. They are hiking on the AT too.

Liam and Clare 

I'm climbing up on this rock. I want to get a good look. I am on Sunrise Mountain. The leaves are so-o-o pretty.

At the top of the mountain is a pavillion. Daddy is showing me the pavillion. People like to sit here. They look at the views.

We hiked here. Some people drive here.

Daddy showing me the pavillion at the top of Sunrise Mountain.
View from pavillion.

I am looking at the view. I am at the pavillion.

All day the weather was great. All of a sudden it got windy and rained. Hikers need to take rain gear. They have to be ready for bad weather.

I met these Boy Scouts. This is not one troup. They come from different troops. They are getting ready to go to a Boy Scout Camp. The camp is in Philmont, Arizona. This is Philmont crew 9 from Monmouth.

About 100 Boy Scouts came to hike here. They came on Friday night. They had to put up tents in the rain. We were dry in Baby when it rained. They had a lot of work to do in the rain.

Boy Scouts - Philmont crew 9 from Monmouth.
Stony Brook

Hop, skip and jump. I had to get over Stony Brook. I did not get my feet wet.

I am at Culver Fire Tower. See me holding on? It is very windy here. We are at a top of a mountain. I can see all over.

Rangers come here to look for fires. It is a good place to look all over.

We hiked to Baby. We took EZDoesIt back to his car. EZDoesIt is from New Jersey. He hiked here before. He told us about the area. It was nice hiking with him.

Culver Fire Tower
The first view.

This hike was on Sunday, October 21, 2007. We hiked for Deckertown Turnpike to Rutherford Shelter. Then we hiked back to Baby. We hiked 5 1/2 miles all together.

There are nice views here too. We took a short trail to get to this one.

Here is another picture. I like the colors very much.

The first view.

Meet my friend Zach. He was hiking with his father. They do a lot of hiking. They like to hike together.

We got to the blue-blaze trail to the shelter. We had to go down this hill to the shelter. It was very hard.

We saw Rutherford Shelter. We had to go up and up to get to the AT.

The BIG hill at Rutherford Shelter Spring

Rutherford Shelter Spring

We hiked to Rutherford Shelter. This spring is at the shelter. Through hikers use this water to cook and drink. They treat the water first.

We ate lunch on the top of the hill. This is what we could see. This place is called Dutch Shoe Rock.

We hiked back to Baby. I like to hike. It makes me tired. I like to see Baby after the hike.

Dutch Shoe Rock

That's it for this weekend. Mommy and Daddy have more pictures of our hike. You may see them at New Jersey - Section 4.

I can't wait to see your picture on the AT. Don't forget to send it to me. My email address is stanley @ rohland.org. I just need to know your first name and where you hiked. I will put it on the Kids on the Appalachian Trail page.

I would like to hear about your AT adventures too. Send your story and picture to me and I will put them on my website. Don't forget to take me with you. You can get a picture of me to take along. Just go to http://www.flatstanley.com/template.htm.


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