Flat Stanley Rohland on the New Jersey AT section 5

Jesse, Heather, Daddy and me!

Hi Friends,

On March 29, 2008 we hiked 8.8 miles in section 5 of the New Jersey Appalachian Trail.

I'll be telling my story about this hike soon. For now, I want to show you the pictures.

Jesse, Heather, Daddy and me!
This bridge was built by my friends the Boy Scouts.


I feel like a kite! This is on top of Rattlesnake Mountain.
Daddy holding me tight! This is from Bird Mountain.


Culvers Lake

That's it for this weekend. Mommy and Daddy have more pictures of our hike. You may see them at New Jersey - Section 5.

I can't wait to see your picture on the AT. Don't forget to send it to me. My email address is stanley @ rohland.org. I just need to know your first name and where you hiked. I will put it on the Kids on the Appalachian Trail page.

I would like to hear about your AT adventures too. Send your story and picture to me and I will put them on my website. Don't forget to take me with you. You can get a picture of me to take along. Just go to http://www.flatstanley.com/template.htm.


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