Pennsylvania - Guide to Short Appalachian Trail Hikes

From north to south

Fox Gap

     Hiking south: in .2 mile there is a view of Stroudsburg
                         in 1.6 miles views from Wolf Rocks

     Hiking north: in .7 mile there is a view from a clearing at the end of a gravel road and more views from the Kirkridge Shelter (blue-blazed trail)
                         in 1.4 miles there is a view from Lunch Rocks

     Directions: PA Section 1 - Milemarker 7.2


Bake Oven Knob

     Hiking south: in 1.4 miles there is a blue-blazed trail to the right that climbs to Bear Rocks with views BUT it is a rock climb
                         in 2.1 miles Knife's Edge with a view - also a rock climb

     Hiking north: in .4 mile is Bake Oven Knob with views BUT is a rock climb. In the fall you can watch hawk migration.
                         in 1.4 miles there is a rock outcrop that provides winter views to the north

     Directions: PA Section 3 - Milemarker 8.4



      Hiking north: take blue-blazed trail for .5 mile to AT
                         in 1.8 miles up (this is a good climb) is Pulpit Rock (elevation 1,582')

     Directions: PA Section 4 - Milemarker 20.8


PA Route 501

     Hiking south: in .1 mile descend to Kimmel Lookout

     Hiking north: in 3.0 miles there is trail to left for 100' with great views
                        in 3.1 miles there are views at Round Head and Shower Steps (500 stone steps down the mountain)

     Directions: PA Section 6 - Milemarker 9.3 


PA Route 645

     Hiking south: in 2.1 miles there is a blue-blazed trail 125 yards downhill to William Penn Shelter

     Hiking north: in 1.9 mile Kimmel Lookout

     Directions: PA Section 6 - Milemarker 11.3 


Swartara State Park

     Hiking north: in .1 mile you will cross Waterville Bridge a historic iron bridge in undeveloped Swartara State Park

     Directions: PA Section 7 - Milemarker 0.0


PA Route 225

     Hiking south: in .8 mile there are limited views at a telephone relay tower
                         in 2.7 miles there are good views at a pipeline

     Hiking north: in .6 mile there are great views at double power lines
                         in 1.4 miles is an outlook to the south along an unmarked path
                         in 1.8 miles is Fumitory Rocks
                         in 2 miles is Table Rock 15 yards on a blue-blazed trail with good views

     Directions: PA Section 8 - Milemarker 9.4


Clarks Ferry Bridge

     Hiking north: in 1.2 miles remains of Berkeheimer Farm
                         in 1.3 miles views of Sherman's Creek and Duncannon across the Susquehanna River
                         in 2.1 miles former powerline with views

     Directions: PA Section 8 - Milemarker 16.4


Sherman's Creek Trailhead

     Hiking south: in 1.1 mile Hawk Rock with view of the Susquehanna River and Duncannon
                         in 3 miles blue-blazed trail to Thelma Marks Memorial Shelter
     Directions: PA Section 9 - Milemarker 2.3


PA 850

     Hiking south: in .5 mile you will see remnants of an old farmstead
                         in 2.7 miles there is a rock seat with views

     Hiking north: enjoy a walk through the woods
                         in 2.5 miles is a pipeline clearing with good views

     Directions: PA Section 9 - Milemarker 10.3


Sherwood Drive 

     Hiking south: follow trail along Conodoguinet Creek
                         in 1 mile reach Scott Farm Trail Work Center

     Directions: PA Section 10 - Milemarker 1.0


Scott's Work Farm

     Hiking north: follow trail along Conodoguinet Creek
                         in 1 mile reach Sherwood Drive
     Hiking south: follow trail through farm pastures
                       in 2.3 miles reach US 11 pedestrian bridge

     Directions: PA Section 10 - Milemarker 2.1


Boiling Springs

     Hiking north: in .3 mile reach PA 174
                         in 2 miles reach higher ground for good views
     Hiking south: follow trail past Children's Lake to a restored iron furnace and then across Yellow Breeches Creek
                       in 3.0 miles reach Center Point Knob

     Directions: PA Section 11 - Milemarker 0.0


Pine Grove Furnace State Park

     Hiking north: pass the mid-way point on the Appalachian Trail
                        in 1.4 miles take the blue-blazed trail for .5 mile to Pole Steeple with great views
     Hiking south: walk through the park
                         in 1.1 mile reach the old Pine Grove Furnace

     Directions: PA Section 12 - Milemarker 9.4


Woodrow Road  

     Hiking north: in 1.1 mile reach the blue-blazed 1.3 mile trail to Sunset Rocks
                        in 1.2 mile reach Toms Run Shelters

     Directions: PA Section 13 - Milemarker 4.0


Ridge Road - Powerline

     Hiking north: good views from here

     Directions:PA Section 13 - Milemarker 14.8


Ridge Road  

     Hiking north: in .9 mile reach powerline cut for good views

     Hiking south: in 1.3 miles reach the Quarry Gap Shelter - skylights and everything
                         in 1.7 miles reach Locked Antlers Camp

     Directions: PA Section 13 - Milemarker 15.7


Old Forge Road

     Hiking north: in 1.5 mile reach Chimney Rocks

     Hiking south: in .9 mile south to Old Forge Picnic Grounds
                         in 1.0 reach Antietam Shelter and footbridge over creek

     Directions:PA Section 14 - Milemarker 9.8


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