Flat Stanley Rohland on the Virginia AT section 2

View of valley

Hi Friends,

We hiked from Snickers Gap to near Wilson Gap on October 13, 2007. We hiked 11 miles that day. I really like hiking. It is so much fun.

I like to meet other hikers. I like to talk to all of them.

I got to talk to these boy scouts. They are troop 582. They come from New Windsor, MD. You will see the rest of the troup later.

Part of Boy Scout Troup 582 from New Windsor, MD
First we were in Virginia

Here we are in Virginia.

Now we are in West Virginia. We are on the other side of the sign.

A lot of states are close together near here. Some hikers go from Virginia to West Virginia, to Maryland and to Pennsylvania all in one day. This is called the 4 state challenge.

Now we are in West Virginia 
Part of Boy Scout Troup 582 from New Windsor, MD

Here is the other part of Boy Scout Troup 582. They are at Crescent Rock. My parents thought all of the scouts were so polite. They were very friendly.

We passed them while they were on break. Then they passed us when we were on break.

The trail can change a lot on one hike. Here the trail is easy to hike.

Smooth trail
Devils Race Course Now the trail is very rocky. This is called Devil's Race Course. That is because is it is hard to hike here. 

I got to meet more friends on this hike. Meet William and David. William is silly. He wants me to see his belly. David thinks this is very silly too. David is holding me so I can see William's belly. They like to hike the AT too.

We finished up our hike after we saw William and David.

William and David

That's it for this trip. 

I'm still looking for you on the AT. Don't forget to send me your AT picture. My email address is stanley @ rohland.org. I just need to know your first name and where you hiked. I will put it on the Kids on the Appalachian Trail page.

I would like to hear about your AT adventures too. Send your story and picture to me and I will put them on my website. Don't forget to take me with you. You can get a picture of me to take along. Just go to http://www.flatstanley.com/template.htm.


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