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Route 309: Game Land Lot
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GPS 40 42.44N 75 48.56W Game Lands Parking Lot. The street view to the north to the on the attached map shows the access road to the Gamelands Parking area. It is on the left a short distance down this road. It is just out of sight. 30-40 1
tbaroni @
My car was broken into, whatever was not bolted down taken and it rained in for the better part of the week. We were parked in the game commission parking lot and I wish not to park there again. 9/8/05
merryadk @
6/15/08: We went up this weekend with some boy scouts and parked my truck across from the resteraunt off 309. My truck was vandalized, the tryed to jimmy the key hole and damaged the moulding around my window trying to break in. I was stupid enough to leave my keys, wallet cell phone, money and gps but they didn't get in. I wonder if maybe they were scared off. I consider myself lucky the truck was still there in the morning. Happy Trails.
wpgmag @
See directions to the restaurant parking lot below. The road to the Gamelands parking area goes right from PA 309 about 0.1miles before the restaurant. The parking lot is a on the left a short distance down this road. Click on the camera icon by B on the attached map and rotate the view to the south to see (barely) the southbound trail to Section 4. It goes south down some wood steps just to the left and behind the telephone pole.
Click on the camera icon by A and rotate the street view to the north to see the intersection with the road to the parking area. Rotate to the northeast to see the northbound trail to Section 3. The trail follows the road between A and B. 02/27/10
dlcul @
Lot is easy to find. Directly off 309 on right hand side as you start to crest the hill on 309N. Just discovered this site adding relevant comment Parked in this lot multiple times with no issues until October of 2013 My wife and I went hiking north on the AT from this location gone most of the day Her car was vandalized Drivers side rear window broken and a bag that contained some spare clothing was taken Her car was a 3 year old Honda CRV We were parked next to a more expensive Lexus SUV which was left alone The bag likely drew the interest We lost 30 dollars in spare clothing The real issue was replacing the broken window

Since then, we have been parking in the restaurant lot across 309. Never any issues there. We've used it 8 or more times since late 2013. Park at the far end away from the restaurant ... they don't mind. 10/08/15
1 1
jlawrencef1 @
The designated parking location for Visitors, Hikers and Fisherman in Port Clinton is on South Street, specifically, on the grass by the baseball field. GPS: 40.579393, -76.027711 11/13/17 20 1
usnowds @
Route 309: Restaurant Lot
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On Rt 309 south of Tamaqua and north of Allentown the AT crosses Rt. 309. GPS N40.42.413 W75.48.516
At the crest of the mountain on 309 there is parking at the restaurant which is across the street from the game land parking. This parking is just north of the trail. Going south on the trail the hiking is fairly easy on a dirt road until you get to the Allentown shelter when it becomes rocky. There are no views 309 to Dresher Rd. The hiking is fairly easy from 309 to Blue Mountain House Rd. The trail becomes rocky beyond the Allentown shelter to the blue blaze to Dresher Rd..
20 1
at @
If coming from the east on I-78: Take Exit 49B and go north on PA 100. In about 9 miles this ends at PA 309. Go left on PA 309 7.5 miles to the top of the ridge. The restaurant parking lot is on the left.

If coming from west on I-78: Take Exit 35 and go north on PA 143. Near Wanamakerss this turns to the east. At 11.4 miles from I-78, go left (north) on Gun Club Road. In 2.5 miles this ends at PA 309. Go left (actually more or less straight ahead) onto PA 309. The restaurant is on the left in about 0.6 miles.

Click on the camera icon by B on the attached map and rotate to the southwest to see the restaurant parking area. AT hikers should park at the east end of the lot, the closest section visible in the view. Rotate the view to the south to see (barely) the southbound trail to Section 4. It goes south down some wood steps just to the left and behind the telephone pole.
Click on the camera icon by A and rotate the street view to the northeast to see the northbound trail to Section 3. The trail follows the road between A and B. 02/26/10
dlcul @
Fort Franklin Rd. /Blue Mountain House Rd.
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Jacksonville/Snyder Rd. -From 309 take 143 west for about 6 miles. Make a right onto Leaser Rd. Follow that as it winds up the hill. It will become a dirt road at some point Seems to be an actively used road. We were stopped there for a few minutes and saw lots of cars passing by room for a few cars There were also 4 or 5 cars parked along side the road.
Edward Dery
The AT Guide and map call this Jacksonville-Snyders Cross Mt. Rd., but I saw no road signs with that name. I found Springhouse Road off Gun Club Road and kept turning uphill at each intersection, where it was marked, signs said Springhouse Road; about 1/4 mile below the AT crossing was a building called the Springhouse. This has to be the same place because it is 2 miles South of Rt 309.40 41.76N, 75 50.60W   Holds about 6 cars.
tbaroni @
If you take PA 143 to Wanamakers, you can take Leaser Road north past the Leaser lake Recreation Area. You will pass Springhouse Road coming from the left. The road becomes a dirt road but crosses the AT where there is a parking area. GPS N40.41.660 W75.50.515 Our Appalachian trail book calls this Jacksonville Snyders
Cross Mountain Rd. but our Delorme topo software calls it Blue Mountainhouse Road. Hiking south from this point is one of the most rocky and hard hiking stretches we have encountered in PA. 10/15/2006
7-10 1
at @
we accessed parking on Jacksonville Snyders Rd from Pa 895, turning so. on 309, with an acute angle turn just after crossing creek. It is called Jacksonville Snyders Rd on the AT map, but the street sign says Bolich Rd, and becomes Fort Franklin Rd. 06/17/09 1
isimstrwk @
Coming from the east on 1-78: Take Exit 49 and go north on PA 737. This turns to the left in about 5.5 In another half mile later go right on PA 143 for three miles to the village of Wannamaker. Go left on Leaser Road.. In 2.2 miles Blue Mountain House Road comes in from the left. Continue straight ahead on what is now part of Blue Mountain House Road. The AT crosses at the crest of the ridge in another 0.6 miles. The road north from this point is called Fort Franklin Road.
Coming west on I-78. Take Exit 35 and go north on PA 143 for about 7.5 miles to the intersection with Leaser Road. Go left and proceed as above.
Older editions of the AT Guide to PA called the road the Jacksonville-Snyders Cross Mountain Road. The newest Guide (11th edition) calls it Fort Franklin road. The AT map still calls it Jacksonville-Snyders Road. At the trail crossing, the southbound trail goes east while the northbound trail goes west. 02/26/10 1
dlcul @
Dresher Road
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Dresher Road (Old Dresher Road Trail on AT maps.) - Again from 309 take 143 west. Make a 90 degree right turn onto Slateville Road. Make 4th right onto Dresher Road. There will be a dirt road between two properties across from a red barn. That is the end of the blue blaze trail. Not a bad stop. the car was still there when we got back. The trail doesn't seem to be used much, its getting overgrown, but the hike down was OK. Not much room for parking
Edward Dery
When I checked out the trailhead on Dresher Road, I saw no signs or blazes. I heard from members of the Allentown Hiking Club that a new landowner has closed the lower portion of the trail and use of this access is not recommended at this time. 06/12/08
dlcul @
Hawk Mountain Road/Trail Crossing
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40º38.01N, 75º57.67W Plenty more room at Hawk Mt. Sanctuary a short way (0.5 miles) up the hill. to the west.

Directions: exit I-78 at Rt 143, follow signs to Hawk Mt.
Two pull offs, one on each side of the road. Room for 2 vehicles in each, maybe 3 in a pinch. 1
tbaroni @
This parking is along side of Hawk Mountain Road south of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary 10/12/06 5-8
at @
Here are some more detailed directions if coming from the east on I-78. Take Exit 35 off I-78 and go north on PA 143 about 4 miles. Turn left on Hawk Mountain Road and go 5.3 miles to the trail crossing. This is about 0.5 miles east of the Hawk Mountains Visitor Center. There are some parking pull-offs at or near the crossing, the largest on the south side of the road.
A slightly shorter route is available if coming from I-78 from the west, but this is too complex to summarize here. Consult the attached Google map to get directions.
Rotate the street view on the map from southeast to southwest to see the parking-pull off on the south side of the road. Roate to the southeast to see the southbound trail. Rotate to the northeast to see the northbound trail. 02/25/10 1
dlcul @
Eckville Game Lands Parking Lot
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From Hawk Mountain Sanctuary on Hawk Mountain Road, travel south on Hawk Mountain Road. The AT crosses approximately 1.5 miles from the Visitor Center. About 1/2 mile further you can turn right on Pine Swamp Road. Take Pine Swamp Road for about 1/2 mile and turn right into the State Game Lands Parking lot. This lot is much larger and safer to leave your car while hiking than on Hawk Mountain Road which has a lot of traffic. The lot is about 0.4 miles from the AT on a blue blaze trail (actually a service road). I just want to note that Pine Swamp Road is a very narrow (almost one lane) road. It is about a 5 mile hike to the Pinnacle from this point. 10/12/06 20-30 1
at @
N 40º37.538 W075º57.216 South of Hawk Mt. Rd, SGL 106, near Eckville 1
H2oboyhike @
If coming from the east on I-78. take Exit 35 off I-78 and go north on PA 143 about 4 miles. Turn left on Hawk Mountain Road and go 4.9 miles, then turn left onto Pine Swamp Road. In 0.5 miles, go right to the parking area .

The map attached here shows the trail route from the parking area (Marker A) to the AT (Marker B). This blue-blazed trail, an old route of the AT, follows a forest road for 0.4 miles to the AT. The northbound At goes right on a foot trail. The southbound trail goes straight ahead on the road. 02/25/10 1
dlcul @
I have not been on this site for a while. I know from personal experience not to park overnight at the Eckville Game Lands Lot. I lost over 1000.00 dollars of equiptment back in 1989 parking there. Then about ten years ago I met some people there for a trip, but made everyone move their cars out to Hawk Mountain Rd. The next day we ran into peolple telling us about vandalism in the lot. Someone had used some kind of heavy equiptment to plow several cars into the woods, totally destroying at least 5 cars. Every time I am in the area I check this lot I always see fresh window glass on the ground. I would never park in this lot overnight. 08/06/10
bpmunley @
Blue Rocks Campground/ Yellow Trail
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See next listing (Mile 19.5) for more information about Blue Rocks Campground and the trail system there. The yelllow-blazed trail leads 1.5 miles to meet the AT 0.4 miles trail south of the Pinnacle. The green arrow on the attached map indicates the approximate location of the trailhead. This was deermined from the map supplied at The upper portion of the Yellow Trail is very steep. Coordinates at the AT are 40.60850 -75.9176. At this intersection the northbound trail goes right (east), while the southbound goes left (west). 02/24/10 1
dlcul @
Blue Rocks Campground/ Blue Trail
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From I-78(Exit 35) take Rt 143 north. Turn left on Mountain Rd. immediately turn right on Sousely Rd. Campground is about 1/2 mile on left. The green arrow on the map attached here indicates the entrance to the campground. GPS N40.59037 W75.90983 From Blue Rocks Campground in Lenhartsville, you may register your car for $3 and climb a blue blazed trail to Pulpit rocks or a yellow blazed trail to Pinnacle. Both trails climb up the mountain. See previous listing for info about the Yellow Trail. The Blue Trail is about 1 mile long and intersects the AT at coordinates 40.59171 -75.92782. The northbound trail is to the right, the southbound trail is to the left. Pupit Rock is 0.5 miles on the northbound trail. A VERY approximate map of the campground and trails can be found at . 10 - 20 depending on number of spots taken by campers. 1
at @
The map attached here indicates the approximate location for the trail head for the Blue Trail. This was determined from the campground map. 03/23/10 1
dlcul @
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From Hamburg, take old route 22 east past St. Paul Lutheran. Turn left on Reservoir Rd. parking area for Pulpit Rock and Pinnacle  
at @
  I have been wanting to report an incident there. I was picking up my cousin from a long section hike on the AT. I saw this area on the AT map listing camping and overnight parking. When I pulled into the lot I saw lots of cars and no signs saying overnight parking prohibited, so I left the car there and hiked up to the AT to camp. Early the next morn we hiked back down to the car and saw a parking ticket on my car. I looked all around and never saw a sign prohibiting parking. In fact, there was a large painted sign with a map of the camping sites!!!! I wrote to the Hamburg police begging an explanation and their reply was a threatening overdue notice. So I paid the money and wished I could report this to the ATC. If you have an explanation, please reply to this email.  
llmst27 @
GPS at parking area on Reservoir Road: N40.34.969 W75.56.506

The attached map shows the blue-blazed route from the parking area (Marker A) to the AT (Marker B). At the AT intersection the northbound trail goes right (east) while the southbound goes left (west).
Approximately 1/2 mile from the parking to the trail. If you want to park overnight you must register with the borough manager/secretary ahead of time at 610-562-7821 Monday through Friday between the 8AM and 5 PM. All violators will be cited.

Going on the trail south of this area it is quite rocky with no vistas until you get beyond the steep climb up from Pocahontas springs (GPS: N40.34.924 W75.59.232). There are two fairly large campsites at the spring area. These campsites may be accessed from either route 61 or Reservoir Rd. The Windsor Furnace trail parallels the AT to Pocahontas springs from the Hamburg Reservoir Rd. There is another side trail from Pocahontas springs that goes to a YMCA camp.
about 20 cars 1
at @
Here are more detailed directions:
From the east on I-78: Take Exit 35 and go south on PA 143. In about half a miles turn right on Penn Street. In another 0.3 miles this joins Old Route 22. Continue west on Old Route 22 for 2.8 miles, then go right on Fisher Court. Shortly this becomes Reservoir Road. Cross back under I-78. It is about a mile from Old Route 22 to the parking area which is indicated by the markers on the attached map.
From the west on I-78. Take Exit 30 toward Hamburg. In a short distance, turn right onto North 4th St. In another quarter mile go left on Franklin St. In half a mile this joins Old Route 22 going east. In 1.7 miles just beyond St. Pauls Lutheran Church. go left on Fisher Court and proceed as above.
The map attached here shows an expanded view of the region. 02/22/10 1
dlcul @
Route 61 and Blue Mountain Rd.
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From I-78 take the route 61N exit. Turn right onto Blue Mountain Rd. Trail head and parking area is right after the turn.
N40.574462 W76.019935 Steep long climb going north. The views are all filtered through the trees on this section but if you are traveling north slightly wander off of the trail on the right side for some great views. This should really be made into a marked vista - worth the short side trip.

Going north the trail gets quite steep down to Pocahontas springs and campsites. The springs are right on the trail. It is 3.7 miles from Pocahontas springs to Port Clinton.

Appalachian Outfitters is North of the trail head just off of 61 and Cabela's is further south on 61. Slack packing self contained campers may overnight park at Cabela's by registering with their customer service area. There is a sewer dump and fresh water fill - no facilities. 10/14/2003
about 5 cars

at @
CLOSED Locked car broken into and items stolen 9/18/2009 afternoon 10/28/09 1
jluthy @
Here are some more detailed directions. Take Exit 29B off I-98 and go 1.8 miles north on PA 61. Turn right on Blue Mountain Road. The trail crossing and parking are just a short distance down the road. Rotate the street view of the map to the northeast to see some of the parking at a pull off on the north side of Blue Mt. Road. A larger pull-off is on the south side out of sight in the street view. See the last two pictures for this section to get a better look at the parking.
The southbound trail descends to reach the north side of Blue Mt. Road. It crosses the parking area, descends the bank on the other side of the road, crosses under PA 61, then turns north towards Port Clinton. 02/21/10 1
dlcul @
Port Clinton (Route 61)
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The green marker on the attached map indicates the parking area. Rotate the streeet view to the southwest to see the parking area. It is only accessible from Route 61 southbound, so if coming from I-78, you will need to turn around in Port Clinton and go south. GPS N40.57846427 W76.02402815

A side trail leads west to the AT.
2 RV and 3 cars 1
yorkhikingclub @
It should be made clear that a.) the direct route from this parking site to the trail involves a very steep set of stairs, some of which are a foot or more high (my wife and I were distressed to find this out after completing a three-day hike in extremely hot weather), and b.) the trail leading up to the stairs was overgrown in June 2008, and from a distance, the steps just look like rocks in the hill, so make sure to look straight at the embankment from the double blue blazes to find the trail. If there's room, it might be easier just to park at the entrance to the train station in town. 11/21/08 8=10
davidperry1980 @
Off route 61 on Port Clinton Road at the Kendall Dam sign. The A.T. picks up across from the parking area. This was our starting point and we hiked to the state game land parking area (#106) of Pine Swamp Rd.
Port Clinton (Railroad Bridge)
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From I-78 take the route 61N exit. Go west on Broad St. over RR tracks. Parking on the left. For further parking in the Port Clinton area, see Miles 25.9 and 26.4 GPS N40.34.768 W76.01.627 Very steep climb going south. Very rocky section. Nice views from Auburn Vista and the pipelines. There are two grass campsites at Auburn Vista. 3-4 cars maybe more at the train station. We are not sure if you are permitted to park there. 1
at @>
Be sure to read the warning about parking south of the railroad bridge in the Parking Safety comments. Also note the above listing about alternate parking in the Port Clinton area. The railroad bridge is the boundary between Sections 4 and 5. To go south into Section 5, go south along the road past the railroad station then go right, cross the tracks and begin to ascend. To go north into Section 4, go north along the road to Broad Street, then go right. 02/20/10
dlcul @

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