Section 3 - TN 91 (Cross Mountain) to Wilbur Dam Road Displayed from North to South

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TN 91 Cross Mountain
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TN 91 is 4 miles west of Shady Valley. It is also 19 miles notheast of Elizabethton, TN 2/1/06 15
The markers on the map indicate the trail crossing of TN 91. Rotate the street view to the northwest to see the northbound trail (to Section 2). It follows the dirt road, then on the other side of the fence goes right. A view to the east shows the parking area. A view to the southeast shows the southbound trail (to Section 3). because of the shadows this is hard to see but a white blaze is visible. 12/04/09


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From Laurel Avenue in downtown Damascus, take Route 133 south. (This is the intersection immediately to the east of Mt. Rogers Outfitters.) Cross into Tennessee. In 14 miles a T intersection in the community of Shady Valley is reached. Go straight ahead on TN 91 for 3.8 miles (by my odometer). The AT crossing is at the intersection of TN 91 and Cross Mountain Road. There is a parking lot on the left side of the road. From this crossing the northbound trail (to Section 2) enters the open fields of what was the Osborne farm. The first 0.5 miles are now accessible to all. The southbound trail (to Section 3) enters the road on the south side of Cross Mountain Road. 07/12/09 10-12


David Cullen
Wilbur Dam Road
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From Elizabethton, take Hwy 91 toward Shady Valley, continue for approximately 4 miles and turn right onto Blue Springs Rd. When Blue Springs curves sharply to the left (approx. 1 mi.), go straight onto Steel Bridge Rd. After 0.8 miles, turn right and go across the Steel Bridge, then follow signs to Wilbur and Watauga Dams. The trail is .9 mile before Watauga Dam visitor building. picnic tables, restrooms, short walk to view of dam and "morning glory" valve. 2/3/06 4
The marker on the attached map indicates the point where the AT crosses the road to Watuga Dam. This is the south end of section 3 and the north end of section 4. 11/20/08


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From the intersection of US 19E and US 321 in Hampton, proceed northwest on the latter about 2 miles to the community of West Point. Go right on Siam Road. Thre is a sign for Watuga and Wilbur Lakes here. Follow Siam Road 4 miles to a T intersection. Go right here. I think this is still called Siam Road, but somewhere the name changes to Wilbur Dam Road. In about another mile at another T intersection, go right. Pass Wilbur Dam and cross a bridge over one arm of the reservoir. Just beyond this bear left. Again there is a sign for Watuga Lake. The road starts to climb. The AT crossing is at the top of the climb. I believe there are hiker logos just before the crossing. The parking lot alluded to in the AT Guide to TN/NC is about 5 parallel parking spaces on the north side of the road. Thre is a sign for the AT on the north side of the road announcing that this is Iron Mountain Gap (different from the one in Section 8/9).. Total distance from the intersection of US 19E and Siam Road is 8.8 miles (by my odometer). Note: One could also go southeast on US 19E from Elizabethton to West Point and the intersection with Siam Road. There are actually several routes that one could take but this is one I know works. The southbound trail meets the road at the parking area, goes right for about a hundred feet, then goes left into the woods. 07/03/11 5-6


David Cullen

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