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Section 6 - US 19E at Bear Branch Rd. to Carvers Gap (TN 143 - NC 261) Displayed from North to South

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Bear Branch - US 19E
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2.5 miles west of Elk Park, NC on US 19E. This trailhead is .9 mile west of the NC/TN state line. Overnight parking is discouraged due to past incidents of vandalism. 2/3/06 8
The AT crossing of US 19E near Bear Branch Road is 3.8 miles east of the intersection with TN 143 (Bear Branch Road) in Roan Mountain, TN. There is parking at the intersection but see the above warnings. The B marker on the attached map indicates the intersection. Click on the camera icon by B and rotate the resulting street view to the northwest to see the intersection and possible parking. The AT now crosses US 19E southeast of Bear Brach Road. The A marker on the attached map indicates the crossing. Click on the camera icon by A to get a street view. The view to the west shows the southbound trail (to Section 6) which initially follows the road visible in the view. The northbound trail (to section 5) is harder to see. If the view is rotated to the north the trail can barely be seen as it climbs some stone stops in the center of the picture. 12/5/09 8-10 at roadside 1
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Safer long-term parking may be available at the Mountain Harbour B&B located 0.3 miles west on US 19E. I believe they charge a very reasonable fee for parking. The owners, Terry and Mary Hill, are very hiker-friendly ad have a hiker's cabin (hostel) in addition to the B&B. 11/11/08 Ample at Mountain Harbour
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Parking is also available at the point where the southbound trail leaves US 19E. Click on the camera icon for point A on the map given above. Rotate to the west to see this parking. The same warnings given for the actual intersection of Bear Branch Road and US 19E about possible vandalism apply. 06/06/11 2-3 1
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Yellow Mountain Gap
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3.5 miles from US 19E at Roaring Creek, NC to Roaring Creek Road. .8mile side trail. 2/3/06
01/29/08 1
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From the TB/NC state line continue southeast on US 19E. On the south side of Elk Park, there is an intersection with NC 194 which comes in from the left. The two routes coincide for a short distance, then US !9E goes right while NC 194 goes straight ahead. From this intersection continue 8.5 miles (by my odometer) to the intersection with Roaring Creek Road. I saw no road sign here, but there is a historical marker for Yellow Mountain Road. Go right onto Roaring Creek Road. At approximately 2.5 miles there is a potentially confusing iY intersection. Take the right fork, soon passing a church with a name something like "People's Church". Follow the road to the end. The pavement ends in another 1.3 miles. Continue straight ahead on the gravel road for 1.2 miles. Parking for several cars at end of road. There is a post with the Overmountain Trail symbol on one of the two dirt roads leading from the parking area. Eventually the trail turns off the road (another post here). Te blazes have faded badly, but the route is clear. Eventually this meets the trail to the Overmountain Shelter. Go right a short distance to the AT in Yellow Mountain Gap. Total length of this access trail is about three-quarters of a mile. 06/12/11 5-6 1
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The other road at the parking area is an extension of Roaring Creek Road. This is quite rough and is gated at the parking area. This can be hiked to near the old barn which is the Overmountain Shelter. Turn right on the blue-blazed shelter trail and follow it 0.2-0.3 miles further to the AT. Total distance is about the same as the Overmountain Trail. 06/06/11 1
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The Overmountain Victory Trail is a horrible trail. Do not use it. Instead, use the parallel gravel road. The OVT is not maintained except for the portions where it follows an old road used for mowers to access fields. There are no markings. The diamond markers have probably all been stolen for souvenirs. It is easy to get lost on the OVT. 10/02/17 1
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Carvers Gap
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The AT is 14 miles south of Roan Mountain, TN on TN 143 and 14 miles north of Bakersville, NC on NC 261. 2/1/06 25
01/29/08 1
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There is an official USFS parking lot at the gap which is right at the NC/TN state line. Here the highway (TN 143/NC261) is running N-S. The parking area is a short distance down the side road to the Cloudland rhododendron gardens (right side). That can hold 15-20 cars. There is also a dirt parking area right at the intersection where 8-10 cars can park easily. Rotate the street view of the map in the previous listing to the west to see the entrance road to the USFS lot and some of the parking roadside. A view to the northwest shows more. The southbound trail to Sec. 7 goes into the woods just to the north of the pull-off. The northbound trail to Sec. 6 crosses the road and then parallels it on the other side of a split rail fence. In a few feet a side trail from the parking pull-off comes in from the right. This short side trail can be seen in the street view to the east. 12/05/09 See comments
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