Section 8 - Hughes Gap to Iron Mountain Gap (TN 107 - NC 226) Displayed from North to South

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Hughes Gap
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rom Roan Mountain, TN go south 5.3 miles on TN 143 and then go west 3 miles on Cove Creek Road OR 4 miles northeast from Buladean, NC on paved Hughes Gap Road. 2/1/06 5


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The above directions are good except that the first half mile from Hughes Gap into North Carolina is gravel, not paved. Thereafter it is paved. A small parking pull off is on the north side of the road (right side if coming from Tennessee). The northbound trail goes south to Section 7 starting the long steep climb to Roan High Knob. The southbound trail goes north to Section 8, initially following a dirt road. Note that compass directions and trail directions are reversed in this area. 10/28/09 3-5


David Cullen
Greasy Creek Gap
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Access to Greasy Creek Gap is by following an old road from the Greasy Creek Friendly, a hostel run by CeCe (trail name) at the end of Greasy Creek Road. From the town of Roan Mountain, TN follow directions to Hughes Gap (Mile 0.0). Continue into NC on Hughes Gap Road. The first half mile is gravel, then it becomes paved. Go 4 miles, then turn right on Greasy Creek Road, In 0.7 miles at a Y intersection bear right, staying on Greasy Creek Road which now becomes gravel. Continue another mile to the end of the driveable road. The Greasy Creek Friendly is #1827 on the LEFT side of the road. Avoid the neighbor on the right who is extremely hostile to hikers and the Greasy Creek Friendly.

Alternatively one can follow Hughes Gap Road from its intersection with NC 233 in Buladean. In 0.7 miles go left on Greasy Creek Road.

I have attached a Google map, but it is useless for directions since Google does not recognize the road as going that far. The green arrow indicates the location of the hostel.

Be sure to ask permission to park.
The road is not passable to vehicles past the hostel. To reach the AT walk up this road. Take the obvious major road at all intersections. Eventually A T intersection with another road is reached. Go left here. That road switchbacks and eventually reaches Greasy Creek Gap and the AT. If coming from the AT look for a campsite in the gap. On the other side of that and down a slight slope is an old road. Take the right fork. About a hundred yards after the road switchbacks, look for a road going to the right. Follow this road down to the hostel. There was a cairn of rocks at that intersection when I did hike. Total distance from the hostel to the AT is about 0.6 miles. In places the road is rutted and steep. 10/28/09 Several in yard of hostel with permission


David Cullen
Iron Mountain Gap
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4 miles north of Buladean, NC on NC 226. 10 miles east of Unicoi, TN on TN 107. Dirt parking lot 2/1/06 15
The markers on the attached map indicate the trail crossing. If you rotate the map to the north, the northbound trail can be sort of seen. The trail sidehills up the slope on the right side of the road., initially following an old road. The southbound trail is not readily seen from this vantage point. Rotate to the southwestt to see the nearest parking pull-off. 12/05/09


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From the town of Roan Mountain, follow directions to Hughes Gap (Map 0.0). Continue on Hughes Gap Raod into North Carolina. In about 4.5 miles, a T intersection is reached in the community of Buladean. Go right (northwest on NC 236 for 4.0 miles to the gap on the state line. There is a parking pull-off on the left-hand side of the road near where the southbound trail leaves the highway. Thre is a larger one just beyond it on the North Carolina side. Coming from the North Carolina side, the northbound trail to Section 8 goes right, while thesouthbound to Section 9 goes left. 10/28/09 4-5 in nearest pull off.


David Cullen

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