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Section 11 - Spivey Gap, NC (US 19W) to Sams Gap, TN/NC (US 23) Displayed from North to South

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Spivey Gap - trail crossing
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At crosses US 19W near Spivey Gap 1.5 miles from the TN/NC state line. 2/4/06 6
Take Exit 43 off I-26 and follow US 19W southbound. From the exit it isbout 9 miles to the trail crossing.

GPS N 36.03210 W 82.42035
US 19W at Spivey Gap is the south end of Section 10 and the north end of Section 11. The marker on the attached map indicates the trail crossing. Rotate the street view to the east to see the northbound trail to Section 10 on the left. The southbound trail to Section 11 is less clearly defined but a bit of treadway can be seen on the right in the south view. Either view also shows the parking a short distance away. 12/25/15 6-8 1
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Spivey Gap - Recreation area
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On Route 19W there is parking at the Spivey Gap Recreation Area. This is about a quarter mile north of the AT trail crossing on Rt 19W. (See above.) The street view from south to southeast shows the entrance road to the recreation area. 01/08/10 1
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Big Stamp
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Access to this point is through the gated community of Wolf Laurel. There is a maze of roads in this area. One needs to get to the point indicated by the marker on the attached map. AT this point there is a parking area off Bald Mountain Road. Use the Get Directions option to find a route. I stayed at Bald Mountain House (a Bed and Breakfast) which got me into the gated community. Tony Martin, the owner, shuttled me to the trail head. To reach the AT continue up the road from the parking area. There is a gate just past the parking area. Follow the road about 0.2 miles to the AT at Big Stamp, a shallow gap just north of the summit of Big Bald. The northbound trail goes right (east) while the southbound trail goes left and begins the final climb to the summit of Big Bald. 08/07/11 6-8 1
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Here are directions to Wolf Laurel. Take Exit 3 off I-26 in North Carolina. If coming from east (Asheville) Turn right at bottom of off-ramp. If coming from west (Erwin), turn left. Proceed 0.2 miles to a T intersection. Turn right onto US 23. In 0.5 miles turn left onto Laurel Valley Road just before large Wolf Laurel sign. In 0.2 miles turn left on Puncheon Fork Road. Go 3.6 miles then turn right onto Wolf Laurel Road. The gate is 0.7 miles further. 08/08/11
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Street Gap
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01/29/08 1
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I have never driven to Street Gap so this is all book information. Follow the directions to Wolf Laurel (mile 6.6). However instead of turning onto Wolf Laurel Road, continue on Puncheon Fork Road for 1.3 miles. Beyond this point, the road is Street Gap Road. There is a Google photo labeled Street Gap Road that shows this transition point. It appear that this is where the good paved/gravel road deteriorates to a dirt road. It is about 0.6 miles to the gap. Warning: The AT Guide to TN/NC warns that this last piece of road is barely passable to low clearance vehicles.

Note: The Google map shows the road continuing into Tennessee. However the road does not continue but ends at the gap
For a view of the parking at the gap, see the pictures for this section. 12/25/15 3-4 in gap 1
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Sams Gap
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From Asheville, NC, take I-26 north to exit 3 (Wolf Laurel). Turn right, then left on old US 23 (US 23A) for about 3 miles to Sams Gap. The highway crosses under I-26 here.

From Erwin TN: Take Exit 50 off I-26. Go left on Upper Higgins Creek Road for 0.6 miles, then go left on Flag Pond Road for 5.6 miles to Sams Gap.
Parking available 2/4/06
The marker on the attached map indicates the parking area on the south side of Sams Gap. Rotate the street view to the south to see the lot. To see the trail route, rotate to the north. The southbound trail comes down the grassy road on the left in the view, turns right and goes under the overpass. GPS reading for parking lot N35.95247 W82.56085 12/24/2015 10-15 1
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This map shows the view on the north side of Sams Gap. The street view to the south shows the northbound trail which follows the road under the overpass. The parking lot is on the other side. The street view to the east shows the route of the southbound trail. It initially follows the paved side road, then goes into the woods. 12/25/15 1
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