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Section 13 - Devil Fork Gap (NC/TN state line) (NC 212) to Allen Gap (NC 208/TN70) Displayed from North to South

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Devil Fork Gap
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GPS N36.009898 W82.609742 The location on the Google map is close but not exact. 1/28/08 1
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From I-26: Take Exit 50 in TN. At the end of the ramp go left (west) on Upper Higgins Creek Road. Go about 0.6 miles to a T intersection and go right on Old Asheville Highway for about 2 miles to TN 352. Take a sharp left and follow TN 352 4.2 miles to Devils Fork Gap at the state line. Beyond the state line the road becomes NC 212. The crossing is about 200 feet past the state line.

From Hot Springs NC, take US 25/ 70 east then north east for about 5 miles. Go left and take NC 208 N for 3.5 miles then right on NC 212( northeast) 14 miles. The crossing is just before the state line.
The attached map more exactly indicates the trail crossing. The area of the crossing is indicaated by the marker. The satellite view clearly shows the parking area. The Appalachian Trail overlay appears to be off. Rotate the street view to the west to see the southbound trail to Section 13 as it leaves NC 212 and initially climbs a set of steps. Rotate the view to the south to see the northbound trail to Section 12 which initially involves a climb over a stile. The view to the east shows the parking. Remember that in this region that trail directions and compass directions are reversed. The northbound trail goes south while the northbound trail goes south. GPS N36.0102 W82.6088 12/24/15 6-8 1
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Round Knob Trail
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From downtown Greeneville, TN, follow route 350 about 6 miles to a crossroads with route 351, then proceed straight for about 4 miles to a right turn onto Round Knob Road. This is paved for about a mile and then turns in to a good gravel road for another 4 miles. There is a large parking area at the picnic grounds. There are tables, trash cans, a pavilion, and a privy. The dirt road up to the A.T. is an extension of this road. The A.T. is accessible by this 1200 ft climb up from the Round Knob Picnic Area that follows a steep dirt road. The guide book says it is 3.0 miles, but it seems more like 2 miles. You can shorten this to a 250 ft climb if you have a 4WD vehicle with high ground clearance and extra low gears, ending at a cul de sac about 0.4 miles below the A.T. The road seems impassible to any vehicle beyond that point. There is a very sharp switchback left at about 0.5 miles up from the picnic grounds. I parked my vehicle there and walked the rest of the way up. But if you can negotiate this switchback, your vehicle can probably make it the rest of the way. There was a sign at the picnic ground saying this road is closed to vehicles in late fall and winter.
Side trail to Jones Meadow Area
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we were shuttled from Allen Gap to Jones Meadow area. The road past the meadow to the to the fire tower is in very bad shape and virtually inaccessible. The shuttle driver walked us left down a grassy bank to an old jeep road out of the meadow crossing a trail junction where we reached the AT. We then we took a side trail left to Blackstack Cliffs. The access trail was only a 5-10 minute walk from the parking at Jones Meadow. We then backtracked to the AT a very short distance from the Cliffs and went right toward Camp Creek Bald area and Allen Gap making sure to follow the blazes. It is approximately 8.2 miles from Blackstaff Cliffs to Allen Gap and nearly two miles from the Cliffs back to the Camp Creek Bald area but only a short distance from the Jones Meadow parking area. The AT skirts below the fire tower area. The forest service roads in this area are in really bad shape or either gated with the exception of the road up to Jones Meadow which is locally known as Viking Mountain Road. 08/15/11 1
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The poor quality dirt road mentioned at MM 12.6 is actually accessible to 4WD vehicle with high ground clearance. Starting where the pavement ends, in about 5 minutes of rough driving you reach a crossroads where a couple of vehicles could park. From the crossroads, both the blue blaze trail straight ahead and the blue blaze trail to the right provide a short walk to the A.T. between White Rock Cliffs and Blackstack Cliffs. 11/15/17 1
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Upper Paint Creek Road
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See directions to the intersection with the access road to communication towers in Jones Meadow (Mile 13.3). The road is paved through Jones Meadow. Continue straight ahead at this point compass east through Jones Meadow. The road climbs a hill. Just before the paved road ends at the summit (0.3 miles from the intersection), a road goes right. This is paved for a few feet then turns to a poor quality dirt road. This is the access trail. There is a blue blaze indicating this purpose. The marker on the attached map indicates this point. Continue to the end of the road for parking. There is a pull-off on the right good for 2-3 cars. There is a large open area on the right that might be suitable for parking if caution is taken. The pavement ends here and there is a 2-6 inch drop-off onto the dirt surface. There are also rocks in that open area. Several more cars in theory could park here.
I have checked out the trailhead but have not hiked this side trail to the AT. The following is from the AT Guide to TN-NC, 13th edition. These directions instruct drivers to continue through Jones Meadow to its summit, "then turn right on a dirt road to the base of a hill. Follow right fork over a small knob to a sag. Pass ruins of stone AT shelter to east. AT is to right on a very faint trail in sag. " 08/29/14 See directions 1
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Old Lumber Road/ Jones Meadow
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From the TN/NC state line and the AT crossing at Allen Gap, follow TN 70 west for about 0.3 miles, then go north on paved Viking Mountain Road. The road becomes gravel in about 4 miles. While there are a couple of rough spots, the road is of reasonably good quality. Somewhere in this vicinity, according to the Google map, the name changes to Bald Mt. Road. (The AT Guide calls it Upper Paint Creek Road). At 7.8 miles from TN 70 the terrain flattens out and the road enters a large open area (Jones Meadow.) A junction with another road going to the right is reached. This is the access road to the communication towers which are visible to the right. Roadside parking is available at the intersection and a short distance along the side road.

On the satellite view of the attached map Jones Meadow is the large open area. The marker indicates the intersection.
Follow the side road east for a few hundred feet. A blue-blazed trail goes to the left. There is a sign from the Camp Creek Trail. This is the access trail to the AT although there is no mention of it on the trail sign. Follow the trail about 0.1 miles to the AT. The northbound AT goes left while the southbound goes more or less straight ahead. At this point the AT is follows an old logging road for a short distance. 10/09/11
Several roadside at or near intersection 1
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Camp Creek Bald
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The marker on the attached map is at the summit of Camp Creek Bald where there are apparently communication towers. See Mile 13.3 for directions to the intersection in Jones Meadow with the road to this and other towers. From there go right (southeast) on the tower access road. The road overlay on the map does not show the road going all the way to the summit, but the satellite view shows that it does. According to that map it is 0.6 miles from Jones Meadow. Warning: The AT guide warns that this access road from Jones Meadow is very rough. There are view from the summit of Camp Creek Bald. From there an 0.2 mile long trail runs east to meet the AT. 08/29/14 Not Known 1
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Little Laurel Shelter/ Dixon Trail
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The intersection of TN 70 and Viking Mountain Road is 0.3 - 0.4 miles west of the TN/NC state line. Go north on Viking Mountain Road for 4.2 miles according to the attached Google Map. I have not been to this area so everything is 'book' information. According to the AT Guide to TN/NC the Dixon trail leads 1.5 miles from an access road off Viking Mt. Road up to Little Laurel Shelter. The marker on the map indicates the intersection of Viking Mountain Road with what is probably the access road. This is the road seen on the satellite view of the map going south from the marker across an open area. This position may only be approximate. I determined it from the topographical map at: . This shows the Dixon Trail whereas the Google Map does not. 12/11/09 Not known 1
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Nita and Jim Johnston have forwarded the following comment from a member of the Greenville (TN) Hiking Club.. It would seem to eliminate the Dixon Trail as a viable access route. Does anybody have any further information about this trail?
'In the past, AT hikers have asked about accessing the AT at the Little Laurel Shelter on the Dixon Trail which is shown on some maps. Forget this one as it is on private property and hasn't been maintained in many years, probably not in my lifetime.' 06/12/11
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Log Cabin Road
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See directions to Allen Gap (Mile 20.3). Viking Mountain Road goes north from TN 70 about 0.3 miles west of Allen Gap. Go about a mile and a quarter on this, then go right on Log Cabin Road. The AT is 0.6 miles further on this road. There is a small parking area. The marker on the attached map indicates the crossing. Log Cabin Road is a good quality road as far as what is apparently the state line. There the quality diminishes but is still easily passable by passenger car. The trail crossing is only a short distance from the end of the better quality road. The Google Map does not show the road continuing as far as the AT. Hemlock Hollow Campground is 0.6 miles west on this road. This offers a bunkhouse, cabins, and supplies and a small restaurant.

At the crossing the southbound AT goes right while the northbound goes left (assuming access from Viking Mt. Road. 08/29/14
4-5 1
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Allen Gap
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From the north: From Greenville, TN take TN 70 for 25 miles to the trail crossing in Allen Gap 0.1 miles west of the TN/NC state line. From the south: From Hot Springs NC take US 25 /70 east (compass northeast) for 5 miles. Turn left onto NC 208 north for 9 miles to the state line. The road becomes TN 70. The trail crossing is 0.1 miles beyond the state liine. The marker on the Google map indicates the trail crossing. Rotate the street view to the south to see the southbound trail to Section 14. Rotate to the north to see the northbound trail to Section 13. 08/23/14 1
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The trail crossing is very hard to see from the road. Parking appears to non-existent right at the crossing. The parking area of choice seems to be a dirt lot on the south side of the highway next to a defunct store/gas station. This is about 0.1 miles east of the crossing. The marker on the attached map indicates this area which appears to be right at the state line. Rotate the street view to the west to see the parking area. 08/23/14 0 at crossing. 7-8 in lot 0.1 miles east 1
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