Section 22 - Nantahala River to Tellico Gap Displayed from North to South

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  Nantahala Hiking Club info @ Wesser, N.C., at U.S. 19 to Bly Gap, N.C.

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Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) US 19/74
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Trail crosses US 19/74 in Wesser, NC. The Nantahala Outdoor Center is a good safe place to leave a car. 2/4/06


Nantahala Hiking Club
The Nanatahala Outdoor Center is on the south bank of the Nantahala River in the community of Wesser, NC. From the point where NC 28 diverges from US 19/74 southwest of Bryson City, coontinue on US 19/74 for 4.3 miles to the center which will be on the left. Major parking appear to be on the north side of the river. The large lot is obvious on the satellite view of the attached map. If planning long term parking, ask the staff where you should park. The official southern end of Section 21 and northern end of Section 22 is the south end of the footbridge visible in the center of the satellite view directly north of the main building. The northbound trail to Section 21 crosses the bridge and the parking lot and then goes into the woods. There is a street view of the Google map as well as several photos of the area available. 08/26/15 Ample


David Cullen
From the street view and pictures associated with the Google map in the previous listng, it appears that there is some pull-off parking on the south side of US74 across from the NOC complex. 08/26/15


David Cullen
Wesser Creek Trail
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The trail head for the blue-blazed Wesser Creek Trail, a former route of the AT, is on Wesser Creek Road. From the Nantahala Outdoor Center, go east on US 19/74 0.9 miles then go right on Wesser Creek Road. Continue to the end of the road in 1.5 miles. There is room for parking there. The marker on the attached map indicates this point. Note: The map does not recognize the road as continuing this far so the distance along Wesser Creek Road will be underestimated. From the end of Wesser Creek Road, follow the Wesser Creek Trail 3.6 miles to meet the AT. No elevations are given but the difference is probably over 2000 feet. Here the southbound AT goes left towards Wesser Bald. The northbound trail to the Nanatahala Outdoor Center goes right. Note this information is book information taken primarily from a web page of the Nanatahala Hiking Club which maintains the trail in this area. Unfortunately this page no longer exists. 08/22/15 Several


David Cullen
Tellico Gap NC 1365
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Reached from SR1310 (see above) or from US28 that runs from Franklin to US19 near Bryson City. The road in from 1310 (Otter Creek Rd.) is a good dirt road, while the road in from US28 (Tellico Rd.) starts fine, but is a very steep, rough road before reaching the Gap. From 1310, turn at sign for Tellico Gap, and follow Otter Creek road to Gap, which is top of climb, and has parking areas bounded by railroad-tie walls. 2/4/06


Nantahala Hiking Club
GPS: N35 16 05.3 W83 34 20.2 11/30/08


BeauregardTD @
Here is a little more detail on the route via Otter Creek Road. From the Nantahala Outdoor Center go west on US 19/74 (compass southwest) for 7.7 miles then go left on NC 1310 (Wayah Road). In 5 miles go left on NC 1365 (Otter Creek Road) for 4 miles to Tellico Gap. The are at least five small parking areas, one on either side of the road at the actual trail crossing, one further to the east and two to the west. The marker indicates the trail crossing.

From Franklin go 4 miles west on US 64 and go right on Patton Road (NC 1442) AKA Old Murphy Road. In about a quarter mile go left on Wayah Road (NC 1310) and proceed west 23 miles to Otter Creek Road. Go right and continue as above.
Zoom in on the satellite view on the attached map to see the parking areas from above. Rotate the street view to the south to see the southbound trail (to Section 23). Rotate to the north to see the northbound trail (to section 22). The parking areas can also be seen as the view is rotated. 06/26/14 about 10 total


David Cullen
N. from Franklin on Hwy 28 to Tellico Rd. 12 miles. This road starts paved continues to climb on dirt. Becomes very narrow steep 8 miles to Tellico Gap Not for the faint of heart. Needed 2nd gear in Buick van-overheated. Many blind sharp turns on rough gravel NARROW road. Need 4 wheel & strong nerve. Much easier to come in from Nantahala / NOC side Hwy 19 via Wayah & Otter Creek Rd. Good parking at top. Seems safe--saw cars from day before OK. 05/10/14


kingpete @

This section is described as Section 6 in the "Appalachian Trail Guide to North Carolina-Georgia"
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