Section 26 - Deep Gap to Bly Gap Displayed from North to South

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  Nantahala Hiking Club info @ Wesser, N.C., at U.S. 19 to Bly Gap, N.C.

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Deep Gap FS 71
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Parking and Trail Crossing: 35.039542, -83.552675 Reached via highway US64 and Forest Service 71. From Franklin, NC, go West on US64 13.6 miles (from overpass where US23 turns South toward Atlanta) to FS71. Turn is just past top of hill with Clay County sign. From West, follow US64 East past Hayesville, NC, make long climb up mountain, and near top of second climb, watch for sign for FS71 on right. FS71 is a 6-mile single-lane gravel road, normally quite passable for autos. Note that this road is closed during the Winter -- usually between Jan. 1st and March 15th. Follow FS71 to parking area at end; the AT crosses through this parking area. To go South on AT, head West out of parking area -- to go North, head East. (revalidated April 2022) 8-10


Nantahala Hiking Club
Chunky Gal Trail
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According to the NHC web page ( the trail head for this trail is in Glade Gap on US 64 at the top of the long climb ot of Shoorting Creek Valley. The beginning is marked with small signs and blazes, but is not easy to locate. The approximate location of the trailhead is indicated by the marker. This locates Glade Gap. I do not have exact coordinates for the trailhead. According to information from that map, Glade Gap is 6 miles south of Rainbow Springs and 6.3 miles north of the community of Shooting Creek. There is apparently only roadside parking.

Update (2015): The URL listed above is no longer available.
Given its length (5.5 miles), this is more of an alternate trail than an access. It follow the ridge of Chunky Gal Mountain, meeting the AT 3.0 miles south of Deep Gap. There the northbound AT goes left, the southbound goes right. Coordinates at the intersection are 35.02980 -83.57163. If you zoom in on these coordinates, there is a trail overlay for the Appalachian Trail. This may be slightly inaccurate. 06/29/15 Not known


David Cullen

This section is described as Section 10 in the "Appalachian Trail Guide to North Carolina-Georgia"
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