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Section 14 - Jarman Gap to Rockfish Gap (I-64/US 250) Displayed from North to South

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Jarman Gap
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Jarman Gap is at Mile 96.8 on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. This is 8.6 miles north of Rockfish Gap. Parking area is on east side of road. See attached map. Follow gated dirt road (Bucks Elbow Mt. Fire Road) that goes uphill from the southeast corner of the parking lot. Rotate the street view on the attached map to the southwest see the parking area. This road can clearly be seen. This intersects the AT in 0.1 mile. There the northbound to Section 13 goes left and the southbound trail to trail to Section 14 goes right. 11/22/09 8 1
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Beagle Gap
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Beagle Gap is at Mile 99.5 on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park (5.9 miles north of Rockfish Gap). Parking Area is on the east (compass northeast) side of the road. Rotate the street view on the attached map from southeast to northeast to see the parking lot and Calf Mountain. Trail crosses the drive here. Northbound goes northeast, southbound goes southwest. 11/22/09 10-15 1
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McCormick Gap - overlook
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McCormick Gap Overlook is at Mile 102.4, 3.0 miles from Rockfish Gap. This provides alternate parking for people wishing to access the trail at McCormick Gap (next listing). The attached map is the similar to the one for the trail crossing at McCormick Gap (next listing) but the green arrow and rotating man here are at McCormick Gap overlook 0.3 miles further 'north' on Skyline Drive (compass southeast). Rotate the street view from northeast through north to northwest to see the overlook parking. 1/14/10 20-25 1
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McCormick Gap - roadside parking
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McCormick Gap is at Mile 102.1 of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, 3.3 miles north of Rockfish Gap. Several cars can park on the grass. More extensive parking is available at the McCormick Gap Overlook which is 0.1-0.2 miles south (compass west) of the crossing on Skyline Drive( See previous listing) Trail crosses road here. If driving from Rockfish Gap the northbound trail will be on the left, the southbound on the right. See attached map. Rotate the streeet view to the southwest to see the grassy area where there is parking and the southbound AT. It initially follows the gated road on the right side of the view. Rotate the view to the north to see the northbound trail. 01/14/10 Several on grass at trailhead 1
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Rockfish Gap Commercial Area (I-64/US 250)
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Take exit for Blue Ridge Parkway/Skyline Drive off I-64 (about 5 miles east of Waynesboro). Ample parking in parking lots for defunct restaurant/motel on south side of freeway. Trail comes in from north across two overpasses then bears left downhill. The markers and street view on the attached map show the extensive parking possible at the mostly defunct businesses at the gap. Rockfish Gap Visitors center has list of "Trail Angels" who will shuttle hikers into Waynesboro. 1/22/09 40-50 1
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4/4/08 1
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Three hikers from Richmond parked their car at Rockfish Gap -Skyline Dr. MP 105- on Monday, noon. Took their other car to Tye River. Monday night the drivers window was Blown Out, and a GPS, Camera, and a Road Emergency Kit were stolen. Park LE has all the information and photos.

What a shame. Many hikers use that parking space for day-section hikes. Also, overseers use it when working. I hope it was not the beginning of a new trend. There were many cars at the Visitor Center that night, with no damage. The drivers side window was broken, - the most visible side, and left a hole about the size of a volley ball. I cleaned up the glass, and swept the parking lot. The hikers returned early Wed. morning they told me they broke camp at 3am so the could get home early and after talking to Park Officials, returned to Richmond. ... Bill

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In view of the above vandalism report, the following advice from Earl Arnold of the Dutch Haus B&B might be germane. He runs shuttles in the area.

We have heard of several parking issues at Rockfish over the years. When the visitor center closes at night, the place is deserted. There are no lights and no people. Plus any troublemakers have easy access to the interstate, the parkway or the state highway. We have always suggested to anyone parking in that area overnight to use the parking lot at the Inn at Afton. They do not charge. It is staffed 24 hours and is well lit. Just check in with the front desk and let them know how long you will be gone and give them your tag number. Unfortunately, it appears the Inn at Afton has been in decline for many years now. No restaurant, many rooms are not usable, terrible online reviews. Accordingly, it may not be available in the future. But as of now, it is a far better alternative. I would even suggest parking at the parking area on the Parkway/Skyline Drive would be safer than at the visitor center. It is farther away from the highway or interstate.

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The attached map shows the section of Skyline Drive/ Blue Ridge Parkway which the trail follows. The southbound trail from Section 14 comes in from the east at Marker A. Click on the camera icon by A and rotate the street view to the northeast to see the trail at this point. The ril then follows the road to marker B, then goes left (east) at Marker B. Click on the camera icon and rotate the street view to the northeast. The southbound trail to section 15 goes through the break between the stone wall and the wooden guard rail and then parallels the road but at a lower elevation for a few hundred feet. 01/14/10 1
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Rockfish Gap (Hiker Parking Area)
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See directions to Rockfish Gap above. In view of the reports of vandalism at Rockfish Gap above, I have included a map that shows the hiker parking area that Earl Arnold mentions. The markers and the street view are at this lot. It is on the east side of Skyline Drive just south of the I-64 overpass. 01/14/10 10-15 in hiker parking lot 1
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This section is described as Section 9 in the "Appalachian Trail Guide to Shenandoah National Park"
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