Section 19 - Salt Log Gap (USFS 63) to Long Mountain Wayside (US 60) Displayed from North to South

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Salt Log Gap (USFS 63)
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GPS: 37.7799483,-79.1818461
Coming off the Blue Ridge Parkway through the town of Alto, all but the last 2.5 miles of the road was paved. The last 2.5 miles was gravel and was in decent shape. No problems accessing in our minivan and sedan.
FYI, when coming from Spy Rock parking, our GPS wanted to take us down gravel roads to get to Salt Log Gap. I suggest you aim to get on the Blue Ridge Parkway without taking any of the gravel roads until the said last 2.5 miles mentioned above. It only adds about 5 minutes of travel time. Once on the Blue Ridge Parkway, your GPS should take you along paved roads for the most part.
The AT crosses VA 634 right at this location. NOBO goes North towards Spy Rock and SOBO goes South towards Hog Camp Gap. While only about 6 cars can park where the GPS coordinates bring you to, I noticed, within view, that there were parked cars not far off directly in front of this location on Wiggins Spring Road. You will see an obviously vehicle trail that takes you to that location for additional parking. 10/25/20 6


WardandDA @
Hog Camp Gap
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I have never driven to this access point so the following is "book" information mostly excerpted from the following:
In 1.6 miles, take a right on to State Route 755/Wiggins Spring Road. This road turns to gravel with large pot holes. Follow this for 2.7 miles until you reach the parking lot where the Appalachian Trail crosses." A google map showing this route can be found here: Note: The last portion of this route may be signed as USFS 48.
Any comments or updates about this access point, especially concerning the quality of the roads, would be appreciated. The description in the Directions was written in 2014. Another road description in in the Parking Safety comments. The marker on the attached map shows the area of Hog Camp Gap. The marker indicates the trail crossing of Wiggins Springs Road. GPS: N37.7596 W79.1953 Here the northbound trail goes north towards Tar Jacket Ridge. The southbound trail goes south towards Cold Mountain. 06/23/19 Several


David Cullen
Long Mountain Wayside (US 60)
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The wayside is 5.4 miles east of the intersection of US 60 and Blue Ridge Parkway. Right here the highway runs north to south. The parking area is on the east side of highway (left if driving eastbound on US 60. The marker indicates the wayside. GPS: N37.7231 W79.2498 Rotate the street view from this point to the north and east to see the wayside. The southbound AT from Section 19 comes out of the woods into the wayside, goes right and follows the wayside access road to the highway. It tuns right along the highway for a short distance before going left (compass west) into the woods and towards Section 20. the woods and towards Section 20. 11/24/2009 Updated 06/23/19 ample parking


David Cullen

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