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Section 19 - Salt Log Gap (USFS 63) to Long Mountain Wayside (US 60) Displayed from North to South

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Salt Log Gap (USFS 63)
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Directions from South: VA 634 meets US 60 8 miles east of Buena Vista, 4 miles east of the Blue Ridge Parkway (mile 45.6), and 19 miles west of Amherst (on US 29). It is 1 mile west of the Long Mountain Wayside. Go North on VA 633. At approximaetly 1.5 miles, road forks with VA 634 continuing left. At 3.0 miles from US 60 the intersection with VA 633 is reached. Go right, still on VA 634. When state maintenance ends, this becomes USFS 63. Salt Log Gap is 4 miles from the intersection of VA 633, 634. Parking area is on the right (south) side of road. The route from Long Mountain Wayside on US 60 to Salt Log Gap is shown in blue on the attached map. It is the route described as being via VA 634. 02/12/2018 6 1
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Directions from North: Follow Blue Ridge Parkway south to Irish Gap (at approximately mile 37.5 of BRP). Go left on VA 605. This eventaully heads south. At 3.5 miles from Parkway, go sharp left (almost 180 degrees) on VA 633. At approximately five miles from Parkway, the junction with VA 634 is reached. Continue straight ahead on what is now VA 634. This becomes USFS 63. Salt log Gap is about 9 miles from BRP and 4 miles from VA 633/634 intersection. After leaving the paved BRP, the route is over good gravel roads. The AT crosses USFS 63 here. See satellite view of attached map. The parking area is just east of the intersection of what are labelled VA 634 (AKA USFS 63) and Wiggins Springs Road. The marker indicates the location. 02/12/2018 6 1
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Hog Camp Gap
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Hog Camp Gap may be approached from US 60 at Oronoco, Tourn onto VA634 from US 60 1mile west of the south end of the section. In 1.7 mile turn right on VA 755, Wiggins Springs Road, and follow 1.4 mile to the end of State maintenance - continue on jeep road (barred in winter and spring) 1.5 miles to Hog Camp Gap. This latter portion may be signed as USFS 48. The southbound trail crosses the field visible in the satellite view and then crosses the road. On the other side it reenters the woods and begins the climb to Cold Mountain. 11/24/2009 1
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Long Mountain Wayside (US 60)
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17.3 miles west of Amherst and US 29 and 9 miles east of Buena Vista and US 501 3/3/2006 ample parking
The wayside is 5 miles east of the intersection of US 60 and Blue Ridge Parkway. Right here the highway runs north to south. The parking area is on the east side of highway. Rotate the street view on the attached map from southeast to northeast to see the Wayside and parking. The northbound AT from Section 19 comes out of the woods on the east side, goes right and follows the wayside access road to the highway. It goes north along the highway for a short distance before going left (west) into the woods and towards Section 20. 11/24/2009 1
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