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Section 20 - Long Mountain Wayside (US 60) to Blue Ridge Parkway (Punchbowl Mt. Crossing) Displayed from North to South

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Long Mountain Wayside (US 60)
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17.3 miles west of Amherst and US 29 and 9 miles east of Buena Vista and US 501 3/3/2006 ample parking
The wayside is 5 miles east of the intersection of US 60 and Blue Ridge Parkway. Right here the highway runs north to south. The parking area is on the east side of highway.. Rotate the street view on the attached map from southeast to northeast to see the Wayside and parking. The northbound AT from Section 19 comes out of the woods on the east side, goes right and follows the wayside access road to the highway. It goes north along the highway for a short distance before going left (west) into the woods and towards Section 20. 11/24/2009 1
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4/3/08 1
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See entry for USFS 39 (Mile 6.4). Take USFS 39 for five miles to the intersection with USFS 38. Go left on the latter for approximately 1.2 miles to the trail crossing. (Mileages estimated from map). GPS coordinates from web page maintained by Backpacker magazine. . The B marker indicates the approximate trail crossing.
I have not driven to this trail crossing, but have hiked this section. The ATC map indicates this as a parking option, but even roadside parking would be difficult right at the crossing. There may be better further up or down the road. There is ample parking at the intersection of USFS 37 and 38 where there are campsites. 3/15/06 Very limited at best near trail crossing 1
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Drive about 3.5 miles on US 60 from the intersection with the Blue Ridge Parkway. VA 605 goes north here, USFS 39 goes south towards Pedlar Dam. Take the latter and drive approximately 7 miles on a good gravel road past the access road to the dam. Look for a suspension foot bridge on the left. Parking is on east side of road. The approximate location of the crossing is indicated by the green arrow on the attached Google Map. The southbound AT parallels the east then south shores of Pedlar Reservoir though seldom in sight of it. Due to a recent relocation the A T then crosses the new foot bridge and reaches USFS 39 just north of the parking area. The bridge can clearly be seen on the satellite view of the map just east of the green arrow. On the west side of the road the AT starts the climb to Rice Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway. 11/24/2009 4-5 1
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Robinson Gap Road (VA 607)
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VA 607 (Robinson Gap Rd) intersects the AT at a point 7 miles southeast of Buena vista and 14.2 miles (via. VA 610 and VA 727) north of VA 130. 607 passes unter the Parkway - there is no road connection between these 2 roads. USFS 311 also intersects here.
As I recall there might be roadside parking for a few cars at this point. The AT crosses Robinson Gap Road (VA 607) diagonally. The southbound trail goes southwest and climbs toward the Blue Ridge Parkway. The northbound trail goes northeast and east starting the climb to the multiple summits of Rice Mountain. 11/25/2009 Limited roadside parking 1
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Blue Ridge Parkway (Punchbowl Mt. Crossing)
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Blue Ridge Parkway mile 51.7 which is 5.9 mile south of US 60. A park ranger should be notified if you plan to leave your vehicle overnight. 3/3/2006 ample parking
Parking area for 6-8 cars is on east side of road at the Punch Bowl Mountain Overlook. The northbound AT to Section 20 leaves from the south side of the overlook parking and descends east toward Robinson Gap. The southbound AT to SEction 21 goes west from the north side of the overlook beginning the long climb to Punchbowl Mountain and Bluff Mt. The green arrow and rotating man on the attached map indicate the location of the parking area. Rotate the street view from northeast to south to see the overlook parking. 1/20/10 6-8 1
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