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Section 28 - Daleville (US 220/VA 816) to VA 624 Displayed from North to South

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Daleville (US 220/VA 816)
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Trail crossing of US 220 is about 0.5 miles northwest of Exit 150 of I-81, about 10 miles north of Roanoake. A Park-and-Ride lot is located on US 220 about 0.2 miles south of the crossing at jct. with VA 816. 6/24/06 Ample parking at lot
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On the satellite view of the attached map, the A marker indicates where the traill crosses US 220. Click on the camera icon by A in the directions to get a street view. Rotate the view to the southeast to see where the northbound trail leaves the highway. This is the strip of trees just left of the gas station. Rotate to the norhwest to see where the the southbound AT leaves the highway. It reeneters the woods just north of the asphalt business entrance.
The commuter parking lot is indicated by Marker B. Click on the camera icon by B to see the lot. 11/28/2009
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37 deg 23 37 N 79 deg 54 25 W The Valley Cleaners on US220-S (the business adjacent to where NB exits the woods and prepares to cross the road) are extremely friendly and had zero problem with me parking my car (in the shade!!) for a couple of nights. You never know until you ask! There is ample room for quite a few vehicles - I only had the one, so it's hard to say how willing they would be for a caravan to stay, but they were extremely easy-going. 05/07/18 1 1
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Trail to Parking Lot
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See Mile 0.0 for information about parking lot Unmarkd trail (old trail route) leads 0.2 miles to the Park and Ride lot. For southbound hikers, this junction occurs when the AT turns right. The spur goes left. The green arrow on the attached map indicates the intersection. 6/24/06 Ample Parking 1
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Scorched Earth Gap
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This 3.1 mile yellow-blazed Andy Layne Trail climbs from a gravel parking lot off VA 779 to meet the AT in Scorched Earth Gap. Coordinates at the AT intersection are 37.44016 -79.9953. At the intersection the southbound trail goes right, while the northbound trail goes more or less straight ahead (east) 6/24/2006 Ample parking
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From 1-81 (Exit 150) go north on US 220 towards Daleville. In 1.6 miles go left on VA 779. For at least part of its route, this is also known as Catawba Road. This goes along the north then west side of Tinker Ridge. The gravel parking lot for the Andy Layne Trail is on the left in 9 miles. This is about 0.3 miles north of the junction of VA 779 and VA 600. Alternatively the parking area is about 8 miles from Catawba via VA 729 and probably about the same distance via VA 600. The attached map shows the parking area, not the junction of the Andy Layne Trail and the AT in Scorched Earth Gap. 07/18/09 10-15 1
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I hiked the Andy Layne Trail four times in the past three days with a GPS. The correct length of the trail is 2.7 miles. The sign at the Scorched Earth Gap end erroneously says 3.1 miles. The sign at the trail head parking area, surprisingly, says 2.3 miles. The parking area on 779 also provides access (across the highway on the north side) to an extensive set of continuous trails along North Mountain. 01/02/12
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Here are some more recent and more detailed directions to the trailhead. These have been supplied by the Roanoake Appalachian Trail Club.
(From Roanoke and points north)
Take I 81 to Exit 150B in Daleville
Stay right and turn right at the light on US 220 North
Go 1.5 miles and turn left on Virginia 779/ Catawba Road
Go 8.4 miles to the trailhead, on the left. If you cross a bridge here, you have gone too far.
The trailhead is almost exactly halfway between Catawba and Daleville on Virginia 779.
(From Salem)
Take Virginia 311 from I-81 at Salem (Exit 140)
Go west 8 miles, taking a left at the first light to stay on Virginia 311 and passing the AT parking lot at the crest of the mountain before descending into Catawba
Turn right on Virginia 779 at Catawba
Go 8.3 miles to the trailhead, which is located on the right just past a bridge and a turn in the road.
08/02/15 1
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VA 311
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Catawba is 1.0 mile to the west on VA 311. From Roanoake (Exit 141 off 1-81), go west on VA 419 following signs to VA 311 Take VA 311 northbound for approximately 6 miles. The parking lot is at the crest of the climb out of either Roanoke or Catawba. It is on the the left side if coming from Roanoke. There are signs such as a hikeer logo indicating the proper lot. Rotate the street view on the attached map to the north to see the northbound AT to McAfee Knob. Rotate to the southwest to see the parking area. The southbound trail crosse the parking lot and reenters the woods at the southwest corner. This is at the far end of the lot in the view. 2/27/10 1
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Ample parking 04/14/07 20 or more
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4/3/08 1
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FOR CORRECT DIRECTIONS IN GOOGLE MAPS, search for “McAfee’s Knob Parking Lot.” Entering “McAfee Knob” will take you to a private, dead end road that is miles from the trail. RATC has reported the problem to Google Maps.

(From Roanoke) Take I-81 south to exit 141. Go left on Virginia route 419, Electric Road. Go .4 miles to Virginia route 311. Take right and go 5.6 miles to A.T. access parking lot on left at top of Catawba Mountain.

(From Salem or Christiansburg) Take I-81 north to exit 140. Go left on Virginia route 311. Turn left at the first stop light to stay on Virginia 311. Go 5.6 miles to A.T. access parking lot on left at top of Catawba Mountain.
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RATC here again. The 311 parking lot has become very overcrowded on any nice weekend day from April through November. Earlier comments calling the parking ample no longer apply on many days, Advise hiking on a weekday or early in the day if possible. Also, it is illegal to park on VA 311 roadside. If a group is going to use the lot for multiple nights, consider leaving as many cars as possible at the Exit 140 Park and Ride on I 81 near Salem and using leaving as few vehicles as possible at 311, especially April through November. This location is one of a small number of serious "Hot Spots" identified by NPS and ATC. 12/26/15 1
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VA 785
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See directions to the AT Parking Lot on VA 311 (Mile 19.6). This highway runs east-west in this area. Go 1 mile further west on VA 311 North to Catawba. Go left (south) on VA 785 (Blacksburg Road). Look for stiles on either side of the road about two miles from VA 311. The AT crosses here. VA 785 is a paved but narrow road with very little shoulder. I saw no places whee one could safely park. It is best treated as a drop-off point only. If driving from Catawba, the northbound trail goes left over a stile and enters a pasture. The southbound trail goes right, crosses a stile and enters another field. On the attached map, the location of the Appalachian Trail shown is slightly off. The marker indicates the actual crossing. Rotate the street view to the west to see the southbound stile. Rotate to the east to see the northbound stile. . 11/28/2009 Very limited if any 1
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VA 624
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See directions to the AT parking lot on VA 311 (mile 19.6). Continue north (compass west) on VA 311 for approximately 3 miles (2 miles beyond Catawba). Go left (south) on VA 624. The trail crosses in 0.2-0.3 miles. There is limited roadside parking on the east side of the road for 2 or perhaps 3 cars. More extensive parking is available at the Dragon's Tooth Trail Parking Lot on VA 311. See Section 29. The southbound trail (to Section 29) goes west from the crossing, the northbound (to Section 28) goes east. 10/30/07 2--3
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The markers on the attached map indicate the trail crossing. Northbound to section 28 is east, southbound to Section 29 is west. Rotate the street view on the map to the north to see the trail crossing and the parking area. In this view the southbound AT goes left, the northbound goes right. 11/28/2009 1
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