Section 30 - Craig Creek Valley (VA 621) to Sinking Creek Valley (VA 42) Displayed from North to South

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Craig Creek Valley (VA 621)
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Craig's Creek, Craig County, VA take US 460 West from Christiansburg, VA, East from Bluefield VA/WVAturn right if westbound, left if eastbound, just outside Blacksburg, Va, onto Craigs Creek Road (VA 621) and go about 14 miles. VA 621 is now all paved roughly following Craig's Creek thru woodlands and low, farming country. Look for the AT crossing with a substantial bridge over the creek to the right, and a small parking area on the left, right on the trail. Both North- and Southbound from here is steep and pretty dry after Craig's Creek. The Creek is a trout stream, fishing licenses are required. updated 07/15/20


Cecil.Sink @
Start at the intersection of VA 621 (Craig Creek Road) and US 460. This is about 2 miles south of Newport via US 460. Follow Craig Creek Road east for about 14 miles (14.1 according to Google map).. The road is now all paved. The parking area is on the left. There is no sign. The marker on the attached map indicates the location of the trail crossing and the parking lot. GPS:N37.3792 W80.2499 The northbound trail goes right (if coming from US 460) to Section 29. The street view from the point of the marker to the south shows the northbound trail. The southbound trail crosses the parking lot toward Sinking Creek Mt. and Section 30. Rotate the street view of the map to the west to see the lot. Updated 07/15/20


David Cullen
Directions to Va 620/Lee Hollow parking from Salem/Roanoke/I81. From McAfee Knob parking on Va 311: Head west on VA-311 N for 6.5 mi., passing Dragon's Tooth parking. Turn LEFT on Va 621/Upper Craig Creek Road and proceed 6.5 mi. to AT parking on the RIGHT. LARGE parking lot 03/27/23 15-20


dchristop @
Sarver Trail
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From the intersection of US 460 and VA 621 which is about 2 miles south of Newport, follow VA621 east for 8.7 miles (by my odometer). At the USFS sign for Caldwell fields, turn left on an unsigned gravel road. In 0.7 miles this crosses a power line right-of-way. Just beyond that is a grassy area that is suitable for parking. The marker on the attached map indicates this parking area. GPS:N37.3472 W80.3259 Sarver Trail TO AT: From the parking area walk back to the right of way. where there is a sign for the Sarver Trail . Go past a gate and follow the right-of-way for about 0.2 miles. Look carefully for a trail to the right. Take this and re-enter woods. After this there are infrequent yellow blazes. After a brief level stretch, the trail climbs STEEPLY to the Sarver Cabin. On the left side of the cabin is a walled spring. A blue-blazed trail begins there. In about 0.1 miles, a junction is reached. To the left is the Sarver Hollow Shelter. Straight ahead in about 0.3 miles is the AT. Northbound is right, southbound left.
Sarver Trail FROM AT: Take the blue-blazed trail towards Sarver Hollow shelter. At a junction in about 0.3 miles, go straight ahead towards water. After passing a walled spring, keep the ruins of a building and a creek on your right. A side=hill trail can be seen on the left hand side of the hollow. Once on this, the trail is clear. It is infrequently lazed with yellow blazes. Descend steeply, leveling off just before entering a power line right of way. Turn left and descend to the gravel road and parking.
Length of the trail from Sarver Cabin to the road is about a mile. Coordinates at the cabin are 37.3547 -80.3374. 06/12/10 Updated 07/20/19


David Cullen
VA 630
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Follow VA 42 7.4 miles east from "downtown" Newport to the intersection with VA 629. This is 0.3 miles beyond the Level Green Church and about 50 yards beyond the AT crossing of VA 42. Go right (south) on VA 629 for 0.6 miles, then go right on VA 630. When this road crosses Sinking Creek in about 0.3 miles, look for a small parking area on the left. Both VA 629 and Va 630 are paved. If you are driving west on VA 42, the intersection with VA 629 is about 21 miles south of New Castle. On the attached map, the marker indicates the location of the parking lot. The southbound AT crosses this lot. goes right across the highway bridge, then goes left back into the woods towards VA 42. There are some photos of the lot and the area around it in the PIctures for this section (30). 07/23/19 4-5


David Cullen
We drove to this location from Newport, VA. The entire way is paved. The coordinates provided by the map link above is where the AT crosses VA-630. The actual parking lot is located on your left a few hundred feet further down directly after you cross the bridge over 'Sinking Creek'. Don't get fooled by the lot (to your right) directly across from the AT Parking lot. It is private property, and currently has a number of old rusted cars parked there. 10/10/20 10


WardandDA @
Sinking Creek Valley (VA 42)
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Follow VA 42 7.3 miles east from "downtown" Newport to the trail crossing. This is 0.2 miles beyond the Level Green Church. VA 629 intersects VA 42 a short distance beyond the crossing. and about 50 yards beyond the AT crossing of VA 42. Parking is very limited here. I would certainly never use it for long term parking. Any parking is roadside. The 3rd edition of the AT Guide to Central Virginia (2014) makes the following statement."Park on the northeastern side of the road only. Do not park alongside driveway. " Given the conventions of the AT Guides, northeastern probably means the compass east side of VA 42 (which runs roughly north-south right here) and south of the trail crossing. The driveway mentioned is on the compass west side of the road. Note: If you are driving west on VA 42, the crossing is 21 miles from New Castle. The marker on the attached map indicates the trail crossing. GPS: N337.3542 W80.3916 The southbound trail (to Section 31) goes west (left if coming from Newport) from VA 42. It starts down a driveway, then goes left. This can be seen on the street view to the north from the point of the marker. The view to the east shows the northbound trail to Section 30 heading east (right if coming from Newport) from VA 42.. There is a sign here. 08/01/19 Very limited


David Cullen

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