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Section 36 - VA 608 to Brushy Mountain (US 52) Displayed from North to South

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Lickskillet Hollow Road (VA 608) South Jct.
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Take VA 608, .8 miles north of Brandon and VA 42. Via VA 42, Crandon is 13 miles west of VA 100 and 10 miles east of Bland and I-77. The markers on the attached map indicate the north end of this section. Parking is 0.1 miles north (See Mile 5.2 of Section 35). At this point the southbound trail goes west into the woods towards Section 36. The northbound trail to Section 35 follows VA 608 north for 0.1 miles, then goes east. 10/26/09 1
VA 611
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From the AT crossing it is approximately 1.5 miles north to VA 612 in Kimerling Creek Valley and approximately 1.5 miles south to VA 42, 2.5 miles west of Cramdon. 3/3/06 limited parking
The marker on the attached map indicates the trail crossing. 4/2/08 1
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Take Exit 52 off I-77. Go about 0.5 miles east to downtown Bland. Go left and then in a short distance go right (east) on VA 42. From this point it is about 6.4 miles (by my odometer) to the intersection with VA 611, which is also called Slide Mountain Road. . Go left on the VA 611 for 2.2 miles (again according to my odometer) to the trail crossing which occurs on a curve in the road. Parking is on the right side of the road. It is only a small pull-off good for 2-3 cars. If coming from VA 42, the northbound trail goes to the right at the crossing while the southbound trail goes left. 10/25/09 2-3
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VA 612
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See directions to the parking on US 52 ( Mile 13.3). From there continue north on US 52 for another 0.1 miles.. Take the first right onto VA 612.. This descends ands crosses I-77 on an overpass. Three is an intersection with a Forest Service Road, formerly VA 640) just beyond. continue approximately 0.3 miles further on VA 612 to a parking area on the right. The green arrow on the attached map indicates this parking area. The route described from the parking on US 52 is also that of the AT. AT the parking area, the northbound AT goe sright and reenters the woods, beginning the ascent to Brushy Mt. 12/07/10 6-8 1
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According to the AT Guide to SW Virginia, parking is available a the intersection of VA 612 and VA 640 just east of the I-77 overpass. The road that was formerly VA 640 has lost that state designation and is now a dead-end Forest Serrvice Road. . More importantly I saw no possibility of parking at this intersection. Closest Parking is about 0.3 miles further on VA 612. See previous listing. 12/07/10
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Brushy Mountain (US 52)
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On US 21 and US 52 (combined), 2.5 miles north of Bland, 1.8 miles south Bastion, 4 miles south of the US 21 and US 52/Bastion exit on I-77. 3/3/2006 ample parking
The marker on the attached map indicates the parking area and trail head. Rotate the street view to the north to see the parking area. 4/2/08 1
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Take Exit 52 off I-77. Go about 0.5 miles east to downtown Bland. Go left and follow US 21, 52 north for 2.9 miles (according to my odometer). The road crosses under I-77. At the point where the highway curves right and begins to descend, there is a cluster of buildings. A road (USFS 282) comes in from the left. Parking is just north of this intersection. The building immediately to the south seems to be a Senior Center.

The northbound trail (to Section 36) follows the highway north, soon turning onto VA 612 and crossing I-77. See northeast street view on the map in the previous listing for a view up the highway. The southbound trail (to Section 37) follows gravel USFS 282 west. This road is not signed s USFS 282. I have forgotten the actual name on the street sign. It can be seen in the west street view on the map. 11/30/09 8-10
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the Towns of Bland and Bastian are roughly equidistant from trail mile-marker 13.3 walking along US Rt 52. From the AT /US 52 intersection walk North on US 52 aboy 2.5 miles to the Bastian Post office, or South along US 52 to the Bland Post office. There is plenty of parking area at Rt 52, for day-hikers, but if I were hiking overnight, I'd try and leave my vehicle in one of the towns. There are small "pullover" parking areas on Slide Mountain road, WildernessRoad, and Sharon Springs road, in Bland County. I would not recommend these for leaving vehicles overnight. If you want to hike from Bland, your best bet is to ask the proprietor of Big Walker Motel, (off exit #52 off Interstate 77) or someone at the Bastian Post Office or the Bland Post Office, to recommend a safe parking spot. There are several in these towns. These are small, hiker-friendly towns. Folks are friendly, approachable and helpful. There are streams and springs all thru this area, but there are lots of ups and downs and some dry ridgewalks
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