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Section 37 - Brushy Mountain (US 52) to Garden Mountain (VA 623) Displayed from North to South

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Brushy Mountain (US 52)
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On US 21 and US 52 (combined), 2.5 miles north of Bland, 1.8 miles south Bastion, 4 miles south of the US 21 and US 52/Bastion exit on I-77. 3/3/2006 ample parking
The markers on the attached map indicate the parking area. 4/2/08 1
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Take Exit 52 off I-77. Go about 0.5 miles east to downtown Bland. Go left and follow US 21, 52 north for 2.9 miles (according to my odometer). The road crosses under I-77. At the point where the highway curves right and begins to descend, there is a cluster of buildings. A road (USFS 282) comes in from the left. Parking is just north of this intersection. The building immediately to the south seems to be a Senior Center.
The northbound trail (to Section 36) follows the highway north, soon turning onto VA 612 and crossing I-77. See northeast street view on the map in the previous listing for a view up the highway. The southbound trail (to Section 37) follows gravel USFS 282 west. This road is not signed s USFS 282. I have forgotten the actual name on the street sign. It can be seen in the west street view on the map. 11/30/09 8-10
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USFS 282 (South Junction)
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See directions to the US 52 trailhead (Mile 0.0). Follow the gravel road (USFS 282) to the west for about 0.5 miles. Shortly after passing a communications tower complex, the road descends into a small hollow. Here the southbound trail goes right into the woods. There is a pull off good for 1-2 cars just across from the road. The marker on the attached map indicates this point. The northbound trail follows the road back to US 52. 10/26/09 1-2 1
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Side trail to FS 282 parking and primitive camp site
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There is parking here for 2 or 3 cars in an off-road ridge-top turn-out, perhaps more along the shoulder of FS 282 (Wyrick Trail). From the parking area a short unmarked trail leads directly down to the AT, and a more well-used trail follows a woods road past two dirt mounds to obliquely intersect with the trail at a post that formerly held a sign. This parking area is not marked with a sign. It is 3.4 miles by road from the intersection of FS 282 (called Wyrick Trail - no sign identifies the number) with VA 615 in the Laurel Creek Valley. It is 3.9 miles by road from the intersection of US 52 with Wyrick Trail/FS 282. The Mile Marker for this access is estimated. It is approximately 1.3 miles trail north of the intersection with the Trail Boss Trail. 01/23/12 2-3 with possibly more along road 1
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VA 615
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From I-81 near Wytheville, take Exit 72 to I-77 North. Go 11.5 miles on I-77. The first exit on the far side of the Big Walker Mountain Tunnel is Exit 52. Take this exit towards US 52/VA 42 and Bland, Va. Turn left (west) onto to US 52/Va 42 and go about 3.2 miles. Turn right onto VA 615. Go 1.2 miles on VA 615 (here paved). Turn right to stay on VA 615 and go another 1.5 miles. The southbound trail comes out of the woods on the right just before the road crosses Laurel Creek on a bridge. There is a small parking pull -off just to the south of this point. There is also an area with camping sites just across the road that could provide several parking places. This is designated by the green arrow on the attached map. 06/23/08
See directions
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There is a large parking lot just south of the stream crossing of Laurel Creek. There is room for about fifteen to twenty cars. Also picnic tables in the woods. To get to the trail, leave the parking lot and walk south about fifty yards to the trail. Also, the trail now crosses Laurel Creek on a new bridge. With regards to the reroute, it is still in existence, but is now blazed blue. 11/20/11 15-20 1
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The newest reroute of the section south of VA 615 apparently follows neither the old route along Little Wolf Creek or what was called the High Water Trail. While the route is shown on the maps for the newest edition of the AT Guide for SW Virginia, the guidebook itself does not give the description for the new section. 12/17/11
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The parking lot mentioned by alfrednai above is quite new (circa 2011). It is a graveled lot. See pictures. 01/23/12
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VA 615 (High Water Trail)
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See Mile 6.9 for directions to the point where the southbound trail meets VA 615 just before the road crosses Laurel Creek. Continue another 0.6 miles. The trail follows the road for this distance, then goes left up a set of steps into the woods. There is one dirt parking area that can accommodate 4-5 cars on the left side of the road and a pull-off that accommodate another 2 cars on the right side. The trailhead is marked by the green arrow on the attached map at Mile 6.9. 07/10/09 See directions 1
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AT no longer passes by this location. There is however an access via a blue blazed trail - the old AT - from this point. Use parking area south six tenths of a mile for direct access to AT. 11/20/11 1
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As noted in the previous listing, the trail has once again been rerouted. See Mile 6.9. The previous route along the so-called High Water Trail is now blazed blue. The 7.5 number for the milemarker is undoubtedly no longer correct, but I do not know where the now blue-blazed route meets the new AT. One can either follow the blue-blazed route or walk back along the road for 0.6 miles to pick up the trail near Laurel Creek. 12/17/11 1
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Garden Mountain (VA 623)
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The south end of this section is on remote, winding, gravel VA 623 on the crest Garden Mountain, 4.5 miles south of Burkes Garden and approximately 7.5 miles north of a point on VA 42 which is 6.5 miles west of US 21 and US 52 and 11 miles west of Bland. 3/3/2006
4/2/08 1
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One landmark that indicates the parking area is close coming from VA 42 is a mailbox high on a pole on the right side of the road. The attached map shows the parking area marked by the green arrow. The parking area is on the left (west) side of the road. The northbound AT to Section 37 goes east, the southbound to Section 38 goes west. 07/10/09 4-6 1
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Sep. 12, 2013. Drove up road 623 from Hwy 42 --TERRIBLE road , VERY narrow barely one lane &you may meet traffic coming south--someone has to back up to a wide spot--rare. There is a 100 ft drop off one side and only 12-18 inch before culvert other sid. -I feel this road should NOT be taken. To go 15 miles up 623 to Walkers' Gap access took me 55 min. Over 20 sharp hairpin blind turns. I was constantly honking horn to not run into someone. 09/13/13 1
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