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Section 40 - Great Valley (US11/I-81) to Brushy Mountain (VA 16) Displayed from North to South

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Great Valley (US11/I-81)
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Official northern end of section is at junction of US 11 (Lee highway) and VA 683 0.1 mile south of Exit 54 of I-81 (Groseclose Exit). The marker indicates this intersection. Roadside parking might be difficult at best. Parking is reportedly available in the lot for The Barn restaurant which is at the intersection. See mile 0.1 for more parking in this area.

Northbound AT (to Secction 39) goes north on VA 683 under freeway overpass. The north view on the street view shows this road. Southbound AT (to Section 40) goes west on US 11/VA 683 for 0.1 mile before going left (south) up an old farm road. Rotate the street view to the west to so see the route along US 11. 12/30/10 1
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US 11/Middle Branch Holston River
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See mile 0.0 for directions to the intersection of US 11 and VA 683 in Groseclose. From here the soutbound trail follows US 11 west for 0.1 miles. Just before the highway crosses the Middle Fork of the Holston River (here a rather insignificant stream), the trail goes left up an old farm road. Relax Inn, which is nearby, will allow parking for a very nominal fee. I saw at least three cars at the motel which were obviously parked long term. Short term parking may also be possible at the Shell Truck Stop just east of the motel. The markers on the attached map are at the point where the southbound trail leaves US 11. Rotate the street view to the southwest to see the overgrown farm road that the trail initially follows. Rotate to the north to see the view back up US 11 towards its intersection of VA 683. 12/30/10 1
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VA 729 (Kegley Road)
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See directions to the Settlers Museum of Southwest Virginia (Mile 2.7). Kegley Road goes left from Rocky Hollow Road (VA 615) just across from the old school house. Continue on gravel Kegley Road for 0.3 miles. The AT crossing is just after the road bears right. The crossing is marked by the green arrow on the attached map. Roadside parking might be possible here for 2-3 cars. 6/18/2006 2-3 carsa 1
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VA 615 (Settlers Museum)
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Follow signs for Settlers Museum of Southwest Virginia. West from the intersection of VA 683 and US 11 which defines the start of section 40, the two route coincide. Go past the truck stop and motel, cross an overpass over the railroad tracks and then go left (south) on VA 683 (Phillipi Hollow Road). In 1.7 miles go left on Rocky Hollow Road. The Settlers Museum is about a quarter mile further. Follow signs for parking. On the attached map the marker indicates the trail crossing. The parking area can be seen to the right. Parking safety ratings refer to this parking area. The southbound AT goes past the east side of the old schoolhouse. The northbound AT enters the field on the other side of Rocky Hollow Road. This is just past the intersection with Kegley Road. 6/18/2006 Ample parking. 1
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According to the AT Guide to SW Virginia, parking is available at this crossing. However the crossing of the AT cannot be accessed by vehicle from FS 86. FS 86 is closed at both ends - the NFS does not have right-of-way. They are posted and enforced by the private owners. (Could ask for permission from private landowner - but I didn't try.) Went to confirm these closings at Mt Roger's Rec Area HQ on 16 and they said that only legal way to get in was to use FS 644 from Va 615, and go all the way around the mountain - but this route gets locked up for the winter. After a brief discussion, it was deemed easier to hike via the AT to Route 86 if one must get to that crossing 09/04/11 1
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VA 622
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From Mt. Rogers NRA headquarters go west on Va 16 for approximately 0.5 miles, then go left (north) on gravel VA 622. The trail crossing is about 0.5 miles up VA 622. Note: In May 2008 VA 622 was under construction and was closed off at the intersection with VA 16. I have no idea how long it will be closed. The marker on the attached map indicates the trail crossing. The built up area in the lower left is the Mt. rogers Headquarters. 12/02/09 Possibly roadside parking for 2-3 cars 1
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The road is now open but reports indicate that parking is no longer possible there. At best it should be considered as a drop-off point only. 02/04/12 Probably 0
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Brushy Mountain (VA 16)
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7 miles south of Marion (I-81, exit 16) and 3 miles north of Sugar Grove. Beware of theft from car. 3/3/2006 ample parking
Trail crossing of VA 16 is at Mount Rogers National Recreation Area headquarters. Some roadside parking is possible across from entrance to the headquarters but probably not good for long term. Ample parking in headquarters parking lot (must get permit for long-term) but gate is closed and locked after 4:30 PM weekdays and on weekends, so plan accordingly. Driving south on VA 16 from Marion, the northbound AT (to Sec. 40) is to the left. The southbound AT (to Sec. 41) follows the west edge of the parking area at the headquarters, then goes into the woods. 6/24/06 See directions
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The marker on the attached map indicates the trail crossing. Rotate the street view to the north see the northbound AT (to Section 40). This view also shows the parking pull-off. Rotate to the south to see the entrance road to the Mt. Rogers headquarters. The southbound AT to Section 41 follows the road on the right. 12/02/09 1
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