Section 41 - Brushy Mountain (VA 16) to Dickey Gap (VA 16) Displayed from North to South

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Brushy Mountain (VA 16)
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Parking and Trail Crossing: 36.810856, -81.421190
Ample parking in the Visitor center lot. Pull-off parking (outside the gate) across from the visitor center holds only about 3-4 cars.
7 miles south of Marion (I-81, exit 16) and 3 miles north of Sugar Grove. The AT crosses Trail VA 16 at the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area Pat Jennings Visitor Center. Some roadside parking is possible across from entrance to the visitor center, but is probably not good for long term. Ample parking in the visitor center parking lot (must get permit for long-term). IMPORTANT: gate is closed and locked after 4:30 PM weekdays and on weekends, so plan accordingly.

Driving south on VA 16 from Marion, the northbound AT (to Sec. 40) is to the left. The southbound AT (to Sec. 41) follows the west edge of the parking area at the headquarters, then goes into the woods.

IMPORTANT: as of April 2022 the visitor center remained closed (COVID) and onsite parking unavailable. Be sure to check the website for opening. The 3-4 pull-off parking spots outside the visitor center gate remains available. PLEASE, if you learn that the visitor center is once again available for parking, provide an update to this site. Thank you! 06/10/22
Ample at Visitor Center


WardandDA @
VA 601
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VA 601 leads north 2.6 miles to VA 16 and southeast 2.5 miles to Teas on VA 670. 3/3/06


From Sugar Grove on VA 16 go west on VA 601 for 2.5 miles. Just after crossing Holston River, VA 601 goes right. Continue another 2.6 miles via switch backs to trail crossing. I have not driven from the Holston River to the crossing, but have seen the crossing from the trail. VA 601 is a good gravel road. The crossing is at the top of climb at a turn. There is parking pull-off on the south side (left if coming from Sugar Grove). Still assuming approach from Sugar Grove, the northbound AT goes right, the southbound AT goes left.6/11/07 2-3


David Cullen
VA 670
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From Sugar Grove on VA 16, take VA 601 west for 2.5 miles. Just after crossing Holston River, the intersection with VA 670 is reached. VA 601 goes right. Continue straight ahead on VA 670 for 2.6 miles to trail crossing. Very small parking area on left (south) side of road. The northbound AT goes west along the road for a few feet and then goes right, ascending into the woods. Te soutbound AT descends a few feet from the parking lot to the south fork of the Holston River, crossing this on an impressive foot bridge. 6/11/07 3-4


David Cullen
The marker on the attached map indicates the parking lot/trail crossing. Rotate the street view to the west to see the northbound AT start to sidehill up the slope on the right. Rotate to the east to see the southbound route which descends to and crosses the footbridge over the South fork of the Holston River. 12/02/09


David Cullen
VA 672
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From Sugar Grove on VA 16, take VA 601 west for 2.4 miles. Just before crossing Holston River, intersection with VA 672 (Slabtown Road) is reached. Go left on gravel VA 672 and continue for 3 miles to trail crossing. Trail from south comes up an old farm road then starts to climb hill on other side of VA 672. I saw some wide spots and pull-offs where roadside parking might be possible. Marker on the map indicates the trail crossing. Note on the satellite view that there is a car parked just west of the crossing. 6/11/07 3-4


David Cullen
Dickey Gap (VA 16)
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Trail cross Va 650 at its intersection with VA 16, 2.6 miles north of Troutdale and 5 miles south of Sugar Grove via VA 16. GPS N 36.7202 W 81.4614 The marker on the attached map shows the intersection of VA 16 and VA 650. Rotate the street view to the west to look down VA 650. This was taken before the installation of a parking area. (See next listing). The trail crossing is a short distance down VA 650. Here the northbound trail goes right to Section 41 and ascends. The southbound to Section 42 goes left and descends. 08/30/17


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The Sufi Lodge parking lot is located next t Sufi Lodge and the Traditional Cupping & Wellness Center at 67 High Country Lane, Troutdale, Virginia approximately 2.5 miles from Dickey Gap. Guests may call for our free shuttle otherwise shuttle fees from Dickey Gap are 10.00 with a max. of 6 passengers per trip. 03/29/17


SufiLodgeVA @
The Street View on the Google map shows a fence and grassy area. However an off-street parking lot has been installed at Dickey Gap with dedicated spots for 5 vehicles. It is likely that up to 8 can be parked there in a pinch. See pictures for this section. 08/30/17 Revalidated in April 2022 5-8


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