Section 5 - Manassas Gap to Chester Gap Displayed from North to South

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VA 55 - Manassas Gap
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Take Rte 55 east from Front Royal to jct. with VA 725 (about 1 mi east of Linden). Parking at intersection or continue north on VA 725 0.2 miles under I-66 overpass to PATC lot. See Mile 11.6 of Section 4. 2/5/2006


David Cullen
Safety ratings here are for the parking at the intersection of VA 55 and Tuckers Lane (VA 725). See Mile 11.6 of Section 2 for information on the PATC lot. GPS 38.90966, -78.05341 Rotate the street view on the attached map to the north to see the view down Tuckers Lane (VA 725). Note the parking area on the left hand side of the road. The PATC lot is not visible, but is on the right on the other side of the freeway overpass. The northbound trail to Section 4 follows Tuckers Lane as far as the PATC lot. Rotate the street view to the south to the southeast to see the parking on the south side of VA 55. The southbound trail to Section 5 leaves from the west side of the parking area. Note the small trash can hanging on a tree. This is at the southbound trailhead. 10/16/09


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VA 638
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Drive south on VA 638 from Linden for a little under a mile. The southbound AT meets the road, turns left on it for a short distance, then goes right (west) into the woods. There was a PATC parking area on the left just past the point where the trail from the north meets the road. All PATC/ATC literature state this parking area is closed. While it appeared open in May 2005 with no signs indicating that it was closed, it should probably not be relied on as a parking possibiity. Roadside parking might be possible but difficult. 3/13/2006


David Cullen
The trail can be seen on the east side of VA 638 on the attached map. It is a darker green line against the lighter green of the field. The southbound trail comes in from the northeast, crosses a stile, and meets VA 638 at the point indicated by the marker. It then goes left along the road for about 100 feet before turning right (west) and going back into the woods. Recent reports indicate that the parking area mentioned above is now blocked off with large boulders, so it is indeed closed. Since it is still an access point, a map is attached. The approximate location of the section of VA638 which the AT follows is indicated by the marker. 5/18/06 0


David Cullen
US 522 - Chester Gap
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The AT crosses US 522 3.2 miles east of the junction with VA 55 at the southeast edge of Front Royal. The crossing is just past the National Zoological Park. There is a dirt parking area on the right at the crossing suitable for several cars. The trail crossing is indicated by the marker on the attached map.GPS: N38.8780 W78.15072 The parking area can be seen i the satellite view on the south side of US 522. The street view to the south from this point shows the parking area and southbound trail to Section 6. See also the pictures for this section. The street view to the north shows the northbound trail to section 5. 1/4/2010 Updated: 08/21/18 Several in large pull-off


David Cullen

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