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Section 25 - Jennings Creek Road (VA 614) to Bearwallow Gap (VA 43) Displayed from North to South

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Jennings Creek Road (VA 614)
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From Exit 168 of I-81, go east on VA 614. Eventually this bears south. The trail crossing is 4.6 miles from I-81. Parking area on south side of the VA 614 bridge (Panther Ford Bridge) across Jennings Creek. The northbound trail (to Sec. 24) goes into the woods from the entrance to the parking area. Click on the camera icon by B on the attached map and rotate the street view to the south to see the northbound trail. Rotate the street view to the east to see the parking area. The southbound trail (to Sec. 25) crosses the bridge then goes left into the woods at Marker A. The blue line on the map is the route of this the short road walk. Click on the camera icon by A and rotate to the northwest to see the southbound trail. 6/20/06 10-15 1
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From the Blue Ridge Parkway at Powell Gap (Mile 89.1) follow VA 618 north for 4.1 miles to the intersection with VA 614. Continue straight ahead on VA 614 to the trail crossing. Total distance from Powell Gap 5.9 miles 6/21/06
Buchanan Trail
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I have not hiked this trail but have checked the trailhead. Actual Trailhead is 1.8 miles from Buchanan on VA 43, but no parking possible there. Use nearby Bearwallow Parking Area for Glenwood Horse Trail. Go 1.6 miles east then south from Buchanan on VA 43. Turn onto VA 625 and go 0.4 miles to parking area. An access trail leads 0.2 miles to the Glenwood Horse Trail. Head left on this 0.2 miles to VA 43 and the Buchanan Trail. The green arrow marks the parking area. The street view shows the entrance road. This trail is 3.8 miles long. For all but the upper 0.2 miles, the route coincides with the Glenwood Horse Trail. 11/26/2009 1
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Little Cove Mt. Trail
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See directions for AT crossing of VA 614 (Mile 0.0). Trailhead for this trail is 0.7 miles further south on VA 614, (0.4 miles south of the junction of VA 614 and 618). The trailhead is 5.3 miles from I-81 and 5.1 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway at Powell Gap. Look for the footbridge spanning Jennings Creek. Ther is also a large sign for the trail and a hiker logo sign. Parking is in a pullover on the right (coming from I-81). The street view to the west on the attached map shows the footbridge . Rotate from southwest to southeast to see the parking. This 2.8 mile trail crosses the footbridge and then climbs 1500 feet to meet the AT. I have not hikd the trail but have checked out the trailhead. 11/26/2009 3-4 1
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Bearwallow Gap (VA 43)
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Junction of VA 43 and VA 695, mile 90.9 of the Blue Ridge Parkway, may be approached on VA 43 from Buchanan (I-81 exits 162 and 167), 5 miles north of the AT, or on VA 695 from Montvale on US 221 and 460, 9.5 miles south of the AT. 3/3/2006 Limited parking on VA 43 just off the Parkway and on VA 695, south of the Parkway overpass.
There are two possible parking areas in Bearwallow Gap. Both are dirt. Coming from Buchanan the first parking area (on VA 43) is on the left just before the Parkway overpass. The marker and street view on the attached map are at this point which is the official southern end of Section 25. See the next listing for more information about the alternate parking area. When I hiked this section, the southbound trail to Section 26 turned right and followed VA 43 for about 0.1 miles before going left into the woods. I understand that there has been a relocation in this area avoiding the road walk, but I have not checked it out. Presumably the trail can still be accessed from this parking area. 11/27/2009 4-5 in each of the two areas 1
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Update: According to the 'Appalachian Trail Guide to Central Virginia' (2nd ed., 2010) the trail crossing of VA 43 is now 0.1 miles compass north of this parking area. No mention is made of whether there is dierect access to the northbound trail from the parking area. 06/23/11
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Bearwallow Gap (VA 695)
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Coming from Buchanan the alternate parking at Bearwallow Gap can be reached by following VA 43 to the Blue Ridge Parkway. On the other side of the overpass, the road becomes VA 695. (Southbound VA 43 joins the parkway until near the Peaks of Otter.) The dirt parking area on VA 695 is on the left only a short distance after the overpass. The marker shows the location of this. The street view to the east to southeast shows the parking area. Follow the highway back under the parkway to the dirt parking lot on the right. This used to be the southern terminus of Section 25 and the northern terminus. See the previous listing for information about a recent relocation. 02/10/10 5-6 1
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