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Section 3 - Cheshire to Dalton Displayed from North to South

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MA 8 - Cheshire
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MA 8 runs from Cheshire to Adams. There is no parking at the trailhead but parking is available at the closed AT hostel at St. Marys Catholic Church in Cheshire. Ask permission first. A convenience store is.2 mile south on MA 8. Groceries, lodging, restaurants, a post office and other services are also available in Cheshire. An outfitter is located along the road to Adams - several miles north of the AT. Bus service is also available. 5/16/06
The AT crosses MA 8 in Cheshire 0.5 miles north of the intersection with Church St. and Mountain Road. This is the official southern end of Section 2 and the northern end of Section 3. As can be seen by rotating the street view on the attached map, there is no parking available here. Parking is apparently still allowed with permission at the church mentioned above (see Parking Safety comments). Parking is also now available at the Asuwillticook Rail Trail. (See Mile 0.6) Rotate the street view to see the northbound trail. It leaves from the left side of the road just to the right of the dumpster. The southbound trail is less clearly visible, but can be seen by rotating the view to the south. As I recall it goes through the strip of trees next to the fence in the view. From there it crosses a field towards School St. 11/08/10 0 at crossing but see directions 1
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Ashuwillticook Rail Trail
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From the intersection of MA8 and Church St. in Cheshire, follow the latter east 0.4 miles to Railroad Street. I have not been to Cheshire since the Rail Trail opened, but there is clearly a parking area on the satellite view on the attached map . This area, marked by the green arrow, is a short distance to the right (south) on Deport St. The southbound AT follows streets through Cheshire. It comes south on School St., turns left onto Church St. and crosses Railroad St. one block later. It then continues east on Church St. towards Furnace Hill Road. 11/09/10 10-15 1
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Gulf Road
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The boundary between Section 3 and Section 4 is the intersection of MA 8 and 9. This is the intersection where MA 9 goes north from the combined MA8/9. To reach the Gulf Road parking from this point go west on Main St. (MA 8/9) for 0.2 miles, then go right on Daly St. In 0.2 miles go left on High St. The parking area is 0.7 -0.8 miles further, shortly past the intersection with Park Avenue. Somewhere the name of the road changes from High St. to Gulf Road. Overnight parking is available at the lot on Gulf Rd. in Dalton. Services available: laundry, grocery, lodging, post office and restaurants. 5/16/06 1
West of Dalton, MA 8 comes in from the north and meets MA 9. The two routes are combined through Dalton. From this intersection continue west on MA 8 and 9 for 1.5 miles to Park St. in Dalton. Go left on Park Avenue. In 0.5 miles, go left on Gulf Road. Go left 0.2 miles to the parking area which is on the right. Note: Somewhere in this area Gulf Road becomes High St. I'm of sure what the road sign at the intersection with Park Road reads. The northbound trail to Section 3 leaves from the west side of the parking lot. The southbound trail to Section 4 follows Gulf Road southeast. 08/15/11 4-6 1
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MA 8,9
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Throughout most of Dalton, MA 8 and MA 9 follow a combined route. The point where they split and MA 9 goes north along North St. is the official north terminus of Section 4 and south terminus of Section 3 There is no parking here. There is a hiker parking lot on Gulf Road (See Mile 8.3). Day parking might be possible along Dalton streets. From the intersection the northbound trail to Section 3 goes north west along a short abandoned section of road, then follows High St which becomes Gulf Road. Rotate the street view on the attached map to the northwest to see this route. The southbound trail to Section 4 goes east along MA 8, soon crossing the Housatonic River. Rotate the street view to the east to see this route. 08/15/11 0 here 1
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