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Section 7 - Tyringham to Massachusetts 23 Displayed from North to South

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Tyringham - Main Road
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Stores, restaurants, motels and bus connections are 5 miles away in Lee.. 5/17/06 1
From the end of the exit road from Exit 2 of the Msss Pike in Lee, go left on US 20, then in a short distance, go right onto MA 102. Almost immediately take a left onto Tyringham Road. This road igenerally goes southwest. Once in Tyringham, the name changes to Main Road. The trail crossing is approximately 5.2 miles from MA 102. It is 0.9-1.0 miles south of 'downtown' Tyringham at the junction with Jerusalem Road. There is a small dirt parking area a short distance north of the trail crossing on the west side of the road (right if coming from Lee). The markers on the attached map indicate the approximate trail crossing. The northbound trail to Section 6 goes east (left if coming from Lee) and starts to ascend. The southbound trail to Section 7 goes west and descend into the wetlands on the valley floor. 09/22/09 4-5 in lot 1
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A car parked on Jerusalem Road was vandalized on 11/11 or 11/12/09. Front and rear windows were smashed by rocks, luggage rack was broken, car body was dented. 11/25/09
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Jerusalem Road
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From the end of the exit road from Exit 2 of the Mass Pike in Lee, go left on US 20, then in a short distance, go right onto MA 102. Almost immediately take a left onto Tyringham Road. This road generally goes southeast. Once in Tyringham, the name changes to Main Road. Go 4.3 miles to 'downtown' Tyringham, then go right on Jerusalem Road. The trail crossing is 0.7 miles further on Jerusalem Road. Tere is an AT symbol sign just before the crossing. A few roadside spots are available on the right side of the road. The marker indicates the approximate location of the crossing. The crossing seems to be in some sort of utility right-of-way. The southbound trail comes up from the Valley floor, goes right on the road for about 100 fett, then goes left and ascends towards the Cobble. 09/22/09 2-3 1
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Used this site twice for day hikes from route 23 to here and one to US 20 at Lee. No problems either time. 9/29/2012 was the last one. 09/30/12 1 1
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Jerusalem/ Fernside Road
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See mm 1.1 for directions to the intersection of Jerusalem Road and Main Road. Follow the former aaout 1.0 mils to the intersection with McCarthy Road. Go right staying on Jerusalem Road. Somewhere the name changes to Fernside Road. Go approximately 1.5 miles to the trail crossing. The last 0.2 miles are on gravel road. There is a AT symbol sign marking it. There is a spring a few hundred feet before the crossing. There is probably room for 1-2 cars park roadside at the crossing with a couple of more at the spring. The green arrow on the attached map marks the approximate location of the trail crossing. There is no easily recognizable landmark at the crossing, so I used coordinates from Backpacker magazine. At the crossing, the northbound trail goes right (east) descending towards Shaker Campsite. The southbound trail goes left (west) and starts to climb a hilll. 09/22/09 See directions 1
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Beartown Mountain Road
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Use the attached Bing map to get directions to this crossing. Thi shows the route from South Lee, MA to the north, but it can be modified. The use of Google maps is not recommended. There is an intersection that the Google Maps does not recognize. The route is following Beartown Mountain Road south from MA 102. About 2.5 miles south of town, Beartown Mountain Road goes left. I can not remember if this intersection is signed or not. One can also refer to the map at the following link: Roadside parking for 3-4 cars. Beartown Mountain Road is gravel for at least part of its length. 11/21/16 3-4 1
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Benedict Pond Access Trail
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Mile Marker 10.3 From Great Barrington follow Rt 23 East towards East Mountain Ski area. Drive 4.5 miles, turn left at Brett Rd. Continue .5 miles, turn left on Blue Hill Rd. Go 1.5 miles, turn right onto Benedict Pond Rd (Beartown SF). Continue .5 miles, parking is on right. Two dollar fee is charged sometimes. Park at first lot that accesses the boat launch ramp. Beach and showers are a few hundred yards further on. Take blue blaze trail to right from parking area for a half mile to intersect with AT. 01/10/10 20 1
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Update: I was here on a Tuesday in early August 2011. Nobody was collecting money, but a sign said that parking fee was now five dollars. 08/04/11
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Blue Hill Road
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From the intersection of MA 23 and MA 57/183 in Monterey go east on MA 23 for 1.1 miles, then go left on Brett Road. In another 0.5 miles go left on Blue Hill Road. The trail crossing is 1.3 miles further. The turnoff to Benedicts Pond is another 0.2 miles or so further west. The markers on the attached map indicate the crossing.. While it may appear from the street view to the south that there is a small parking pull off, the AT Guide to MA-CT (12th ed.) notes that there is no parking here since the land on both sides of the road is private. It could be used as a drop off point. Rotate the street view on the attached map to the southeast to see the southbound trail. Rotate to the north to see the northbound trail. 0 See directions 1
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MA 23
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MA 23 Parking is available at Trailhead lot. Lodging is just east of the AT. Great Barrington, 4 miles west, has many stores, laundry, backpacking store, cobbler, lodging, restaurants and bus service. Monterey, 4 miles east, has a market and restaurant. 5/17/06
GPS coordinates for this parking area is 42.1845
, -73.29067 05/01/09
approx 20 1
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The parking area is on the north side of MA 23 just a short distance west of the intersection of MA 57/183. A sign that indicates the Monterey town line is just across the road from the entrance. If coming from Great Barrington, the entrance is 3.8 miles from the intersection where MA 23 goes east from US 7. There is a large sign announcing this is parking for the Appalachian Trail. The green arrow on the attached map indicates the entrance to the parking area. This area suffered extensive damage in an ice storm in the 1990's. Most of the vegetation right here is now brush and small trees. The entrance road can be see by rotating the street view to the east.The northbound trail (to Section 7) initially follows this road. from the parking lot. the southbound trail to Section 8 crosses the road and heads towards East Mountain. Rotate to the southwest to see this. 07/31/11 12-15 1
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