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Section 9 - US 7 to Jug End Road Displayed from North to South

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US 7
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There is no parking at the AT but available on Kellogg Road .9 mile north at the bridge over the Housatonic. See Mile 7.5 of Section 8. Sheffield ( 3.3 miles to the south) has lodging, restaurants and markets. 5/17/06 1
Where the AT crosses US Hwy 7 (S of Great Barrington), go North about 100 yards to the first small business on the East side of the road. They gave us permission to park our car in their parking lot for four days and there was no problem. 01/13/10
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The trail crosses US 7 2.5 miles south of the intersection of MA 23/41 and US 7 in Great Barrington and 9.5 miles north of the the point where US 7 goes north from US 44 in North Canaan. There is no parking right at the intersection, but see above listing for other possibilities The markers on the attached map indicate the crossing. The trail can clearly be seen on the satellite view. Rotate the street view to the west to see the southbound trail to Section 9. The northbound trail to Section 8 is less obvious in the east street view. 07/30/11 0 at crossing 1
The pulloff on Jug End Road accommodates at least 5 cars, and people do generally leave the car there overnight. The local Egremont PD does patrol that road. 05/21/15 5 1
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West Road
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The intersection of US 7 and Lime Kiln Road in Sheffield is 3 miles south of the intersection of US 7 and MA 23/41 (Maple Ave.) in Great Barrington. It is 9 miles north of the point where US 7 goes north from US 44 in North Canaan, CT. Go west on Lime Kiln Road for 0.6 miles, then go right (north on West Road for 0.4 miles. Parking is very limited. There is space for one car north of the trail crossing. The green arrow on the attached map indicates the approximate position of the trail crossing. Overnight parking would probably not be wise. At the crossing the northbound trail goes east while the southbound trail goes left and climbs a short steep bluff to reach the edge of a field. 07/30/11 1 at most 1
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South Egremont Road
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South Egremont Road (Sheffield Road) is west of US 7. Parking is available on the south side. Rotate the street view on the attached map to see the parking area. At this crossing there is a stone marker regarding the last battle of Shay's Rebellion which occurred here in 1787. The markers on the map indicate the trail crossing. 5/17/06

GPS N42.147133 W 73.3866 10/17/2011
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From MA 41: From the intersection of MA 41 and MA 23 in South Egremont, go east on the combined route for half a mile. When MA 23/41 goes left, go right on Sheffield Road. The trail crossing is 1.7 miles further. Somewhere the name changes to Egremont Road.
From the south on US 7: From the intersection where US 7 goes north from US 44 in North Canaan, go north on the former about 7.5 miles. Turn left onto Egremont Road. The trail crossing is about two miles further.
From US 7 from the north: From the intersection of MA 23/41 and US 7 in Great Barrington go south on the latter for three miles, then go right onto Lime Kiln Road. In 0.8 miles bear slightly right onto Rebellion Road. In another 0.3 miles go right onto Sheffield-Egremont Road. The crossing is 0.1 miles further.
The northbound trail crosses the parking lot, goes right on the road for a couple of hundred feet, then goes left past the monument. 07/30/11 1
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MA 41
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The AT crossing of MA 41 is 1 mile south of the intersection of that highway with MA 23 in South Egremont. It is 11.8 miles north of the intersection of CT 41 and US 44 in Salisbury, CT. NO Parking here. If you rotate the street view on the attached map, you will see that there is little if any shoulder, making this even a poor spot for a drop-off. Update: A bit further to the north near the ATC's Kellogg Conservation Center the shoulder is wider which would allow for a drop-off.

Rotate the street view to the northwest to see the southbound trail going west from the highway. Rotate to the east to see the northbound trail. Markrs on the map indicate the trail crossing. 07/30/11
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Jug End Road
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Jug End Road or Guilder Hollow Road intersects to the east with MA 41. The highway is between the village of South Egremont and Salisbury, CT. There is a small pull off for 2 - 3 cars on the south side of the road. 5/17/06 2-3 1
From the south. Follow MA 41 (Undermountain Road) north. From the intersection with Berkshire School Road go north one mile then go left on Guilder Hollow Road. This soon become Jug End Road. The trail crossing is another 1.5 miles. The road becomes gravel after a mile or so. Berkshire School Road provides access to or from US 7. It is actually south of the actual Berkshire School.

From the north. Go south on MA 41 from the intersection with MA 23 in South Egremont, MA. In 0.1 miles go right (west) on Mt. Washington Road. In another 0.8 miles go left (south) what Google Maps calls The Ave. This merges with Jug End Road in 0.6 miles. The trail crossing is 0.4 miles further. I do not have exact coordinates for the crossing so the location is a bit approximate.
There is roadside parking for several cars, mostly on the west side of Jug End Road. (See pictures).
The northbound trail to Section 9 goes east from the crossing and starts to cross the valley towards US 7. The southbound trail to Section 10 goes west and begins the sometimes steep ascent to Jug End. 11/15/10 Several roadside 1
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