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Section 10 - Jug End Road to Sages Ravine Displayed from North to South

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Jug End Road
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Jug End Road or Guilder Hollow Road intersects to the east with MA 41. The highway is between the village of South Egremont and Salisbury, CT. There is a small pull off for 2 - 3 cars on the south side of the road. 7/18/20 2-3


From the south. Follow MA 41 (Undermountain Road) north. From the intersection with Berkshire School Road go north one mile then go left on what I believe is signed Guilder allow Road. This soon become Jug End Road. The trail crossing is another 1.5 miles. The road becomes gravel after a mile or so. Berkshire School Road provides access to or from US 7. It is actually south of the actual Berkshire School.
From the north. Go south on MA 41 from the intersection with MA 23 in South Egremont, MA. In 0.1 miles go right (west) on Mt. Washington Road. In another 0.8 miles go left (south) what Google Maps calls The Ave. This merges with Jug End Road in 0.6 miles. The trail crossing is 0.4 miles further. I do not have exact coordinates for the crossing so the location is a bit approximate.
There is roadside parking for several cars, mostly on the west side of Jug End Road. (See pictures).
The northbound trail to Section 9 goes east from the crossing and starts to cross the valley towards US 7. The southbound trail to Section 10 goes west and begins the sometimes steep ascent to Jug End. 7/18/20 3-4 Roadside


David Cullen
Elbow Trail
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From the north go south on MA 41 from the intersection with MA 23 in South Egremont. Bershire School will be on the right in about 3 miles. From the south it is 9.5 miles on CT 41 (becoming MA 41 at the state line) to the school. Alternatively follow US 7 to Berkshire School Road and go west on the latter. At CT 41, go right (north) to the school. The west view on the street map shows the entrance and the extensive grounds of the school. Rotate the street view to the west to see the entrance and the school. I assume it is OK to park in Visitor Parking areas, but I don't know for sure. 6/21/20 The following is a link to a map of the Berkshire School.

I could not find the Elbow Trail trailhead when I was there, but I didn't have this map then. The map shows the Elbow Trail going west to meet the AT. The blue-blazed Elbow Trail is 1.5 miles long. At the AT junction, the northbound AT goes right, the southbound goes left. Coordinates at the intersections are 42.119099, -73.431282 . 7/18/20
Parking regulations unknown


David Cullen

Here is an updated link for the map of the Berkshire School. To find the Elbow Trail you must go behind the Bellas/Dixon Math and Science Building and keep taking the road uphill until the road turns dirt. There is a kiosk and map and limited parking. I would suggest parking behind the science building, but if staying longer than a day hike to start at a different trail, or contact the school for guidance for where to park. 04/02/16



silcassano @
Guilder Pond Parking
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Milemarker 3.9 Guilder Pond Picnic Area. From intersection of Rts 41 and 23 in South Egremont, take 41 south and immediately turn right towards Mt Washington. Follow this road for approx 7.5 miles until the sign for Mt Everett Reservation appears on the left. Overnight hikers, park at gate and hike approx 1 mile up gravel Mt Everett access road to AT. Day hikers, drive up road and park at AT sign. Gate is closed at night. Access road is closed in winter. 7/18/20 15-20


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Race Brook Falls Trail
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From the north. Follow MA 41 (Undermountain Road) south from the junction with MA 23 in South Egremont. At this intersection MA 23 goes west while the two routes merge to go east to Great Barrington. There is a parking area on the right in about 5.5 miles. This is just north of the intersection with Salisbury Road. From the south follow CT 41 (becoming MA 41 once the state line is crossed) for 7.7 miles to the parking area on the left. Rotate the street view from north through west to south to see the parking area. This is the parking area for the blue-blazed Race Brook Falls Trail. This climbs steeply at times for two miles to meet the AT in the saddle between Mt. Everett and Race Mt. It passes Race Brook Falls. At the AT intersection the northbound trail goes right, the southbound left. Coordinates at the intersection are: 42.093498, -73.4357837/18/20 10-12


David Cullen
Sages Ravine Brook Crossing
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The south end of MA section 10 is not at the state line, but a bit further north. The crossing of Sages Ravine Brook (AKA Sawmill Brook) has long been the boundary between the section maintained by the Berkshire (to the north) and the Connecticut (to the south) chapters of the Appalachian Mountain Club. It is not directly accessible by road. The only access to this point is via the AT. See above or CT Section 1 for access trails to the AT. Coordinates at the bridge are 42.0894, -73.4111. Extremely picturesque area with small beautiful waterfalls. Very worthwhile hike. 12/8/20 0


David Cullen

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