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Section 2 - Raven Rock Hollow to Wolfsville Road Displayed from North to South

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Raven Rock Hollow
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From I-70 exit 35, take MD 66 north. In 4.8 miles, turn right onto MD 64 then in another 1.6 miles, turn right onto onto MD 491 (Raven Rock Rd). The trail crossing is 1.9 miles further. This is about a quarter mile west of the intersection with Ritchie Road. 1/29/2006
From US 15, take MD 77 west. Turn right onto MD 64 and right onto MD 491 (Raven Rock Rd) 1/29/2006 4 cars may park on the shoulder of Ritchie Rd.
Trail was realigned several years ago, and now crosses Raven Rock Rd about 0.2 mi west of Ritchie Rd. There is parking on the shoulders of Raven Rock Rd. 8/12/06 many
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GPS N39.66469, W77.53604 The Google map link shows the parking as pretty far from the AT. I took the reading on my GPS and we were parked right at the AT crossing of MD 491. There is a lot of available parking along the shoulder of the road. 11/01/08 Many 1
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This is the same map as in the previous listing, but showing the street view. Rotate the street view to the southeast. The southbound trail goes behind the guard rail on the right side of the road, parallels the highway for a bit before bearing right into the woods. Rotate the street view to the northeast. Note the post with white markings on the left side of the road. This s the trailhead for the northbound AT. The street view also shows the availability of roadside parking. 01/16/10 1
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Warner Gap Road
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From MD 491 take Warner Gap (Hollow) Rd. - a gravel road - take 1 mile east the parking is between the the stream and the AT crossing. We observed at least one car parked along side of the road. You could probably get more along here. 11/2/2008 a few 1
The northbound trail meets the road, turns left and follows it west for a couple of hundred feet then goes right and starts to climb a hill. 09/23/09
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Foxville Road (MD 77)
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From I-70 exit 35, take Mapleville Rd. (MD 66) north. In 4.8 miles, turn right onto MD 64 then in another 1.2 miles, turn right onto Foxville Road (MD 77). Go about 2 miles to the trail crossing. There are Appalachian Trail highway signs marking the crossing. This is just east of the intersection of MD77 and Hopkins Lane. A fairly recent relocation has moved the trail crossing further east. The old crossing was in a built up area and there was no parking available. Some roadside parking is possible at the new crossing. You should be able to get off the pavement. Overnight parking would certainly be unwise. 1/16/10 1-2
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The northbound AT meets Foxville Road (MD 77) in the forested area just east of Hopkins Lane on the satellite view of the attached map. The marker on the map indicates the crossing. The AT then crosses the field on the north side of the highway. A thin line may be seen going north to south across the field. This is the trail. Rotate the street view to the south to see the southbound trail and the available roadside parking. Rotate to the north to see the northbound trail entering the field. 01/30/08 1
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Wolfsville Road
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From I-70, take Myersville exit (exit 42). Turn right onto Wolfsville Rd. (MD 17) in the center of Myersville and go about 9.5 miles to the trail crossing. The intersection of Garfield Rd and Loy Wolfe Rd. will be passed 0.4 miles before the crossing. Parking (see below) is 0.1 miles before the crossing. 1/29/2006 There is room for 4 cars to park in the small gravel lot on the south side of MD 17 and for 8 cars along the shoulders of the gravel road where it joins MD 17
From I-70 exit 35, take MD 66 north. In 4.8 miles, turn right onto MD 64 then in another 1.2 miles, turn right onto Foxville Road (MD 77). In about 0.1 miles turn right again on Wolfsville Rd. (MD 17). The AT crosses the road in 1.4 miles. There is no sign here except for a sign to the "Free State Hostel". thre is also no parking at the crossing. Proceed another 0.1 miles to gravel driveway on the left This apparently is the driveway for 11405 and 11409 Wolfsville Road. There is parking for perhaps 7-8 cars here. Across the road is a small dirt parking are for 3-4 cars. (See pictures for the end of this section) A blue blazed trail parallels Wolfsville road for 0.1 miles back to the AT. The northbound trail goes right to Section 2. The southbound trail goes left and crosses the road entering Section 3. 11/07/07 See directions
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The gravel driveway is the narrow open area on the east side of Wolfsville Road on satellite view on the attached map. The marker indicate its position. Rotate the street view to the northeast to see the driveway. Rotate to the southwest to see the smaller parking area on the other side of the road. 01/15/10 1
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The markers on the attached map are at the actual trail crossing. A blue-blazed access trail parallels the east side of the road going 0.1 miles south to the parking area which can be seen on the satellite view. Rotate the street view to the northeast to see the northbound trail to Section 2. Rotate the street view to the west to see the southbound trail to section 3. 01/16/10 0 at crossing 1
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