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Section 3 - Wolfsville Road to Interstate 70 Displayed from North to South

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Wolfsville Road
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From I-70, take Myersville exit (exit 42). Turn right onto Wolfsville Rd. (MD 17) in the center of Myersville and go about 9.5 miles to the trail crossing. The intersection of Garfield Rd and Loy Wolfe Rd. will be passed 0.4 miles before the crossing. Parking (see below) is 0.1 miles before the crossing. 1/29/2006
From I-70 exit 35, take MD 66 north. In 4.8 miles, turn right onto MD 64 then in another 1.2 miles, turn right onto Foxville Road (MD 77). In about 0.1 miles turn right again on Wolfsville Rd. (MD 17). The AT crosses the road in 1.4 miles. There is no sign here except for a sign to the "Free State Hostel". There is also no parking at the crossing. Proceed another 0.1 miles to gravel driveway on the left This apparently is the driveway for 11405 and 11409 Wolfsville Road. There is parking for perhaps 7-8 cars here. Across the road is a small dirt parking are for 3-4 cars. (See pictures for the end Section 2) A blue blazed trail parallels Wolfsville road for 0.1 miles back to the AT. The northbound trail goes right to Section 2. The southbound trail goes left and crosses the road entering Section 3. 11/07/07 See directions
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The gravel driveway is the narrow open area on the east side of Wolfsville Road on satellite view on the attached map. The marker indicate its position. Rotate the street view to the northeast to see the driveway. Rotate to the southwest to see the smaller parking area on the other side of the road. 01/15/10 1
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The markers on the attached map are at the actual trail crossing. A blue-blazed access trail parallels the east side of the road going 0.1 miles south to the parking area which can be seen on the satellite view. Rotate the street view to the northeast to see the northbound trail to Section 2. Rotate the street view to the west to see the southbound trail to section 3. 01/15/10 0 at crossing 1
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Trail to Loy-Wolfe Rd & Black Rock Rd
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From the intersection there is a sharp ascent for .9 mile to the AT 1/29/2006
2 of the last 3 times I have parked there since 1-2006 I have received notes from the local residents that this is no longer an approved parking space and access point for the AT. No parking signs have appeared and there were threats of towing and/or vandalism to my car. 07/19/07
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If you do want to reach this trailhead, here are directions. From the south, follow directions to the south end of the section (Mile 8.5). Go east on US 40 less than a half mile, then go north on Plesant Walk Road. In about 2 miles, go left (north) on Loy Wolfe-Road. The intersection with Black Rock Road is two miles further. From the north, follow directions to the north end of the section. Loy-Wolfe Road goes south from Wolfsville Road (MD 17) about 0.4 miles southeast of the trail crossing. It is about 3 miles along Loy-Wolfe Road to the Black Rock Road intersection. I recently (11/07) checked out this trailhead. There is a good dirt pull-off on the east side of Loy-Wolfe Road south of the intersection with Black Rock Road, but as reported it is now decorated with No Parking signs. The last few feet of the trail seem to cross somebody's lawn. The current AT Guide suggests using the AT, this trail, and Loy Wolf Road for nice loop hikes either to the north or the south. I am not sure of the owners' feelings about people crossing their lawn. 11/08/07

Update 1/10: in the newest edition of the AT Guide (17th) all mention of this loop has been removed. It is noted that the last 0.,2 miles are on private land. Given all that, this should probably only be used as an emergency exit route.
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I own the land across the road from the trail access and my parents own the house next to the trail. We have lived at this location for 38 years. Through the years, we have given shelter to hikers and have participated in several rescue operations. Never have there been treats of vandalism as suggested in the other comment. Over the years, the property destruction, litter & erosion had advanced to the point of asking the County Roads department, AT and DNR for assistance. I did not care about the parking along Loy Wolf (LW) Road – continued parking over time had created a wide shoulder. I did not want the same to occur on Black Rock (BR) Road - parking on the down-hill sloped BR Road shoulder was causing erosion. Frederick County Maryland's "solution" was to install "no parking" signs along LW Road because of the danger of the blind hill. They did nothing for the BR Road issue. Therefore, I personally installed no parking along BR Road because the County signs forced people to park on BR Road and accelerated the erosion issue. If you want parking in this area, I suggest you contact the Frederick County Maryland, Maryland State Park (DNR) & the AT – get the facts before you admonish the land owner. 02/12/08 No Parking
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Pogo Memorial Campsite
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Take Exit 35 off I-70 and go south on MD 66 towards Boonsboro. The first left(to the east) should be Black Rock Road. In about a half mile an intersection is reached. Continue on Black Rock Road which goes left under I-70 here. At the next intersection on the north side of the freeway, go left again, still staying on Black Rock Road. This reaches a T intersection with Crystal Falls Road. Go left (north) once again. In less than a half mile, go right on White Oak Road. Follow this to the end of the paved road. There is parking for several cars here. Total distance from MD 66 is about 4 miles. A gravel road continues from the end of paved White Oaks Road. This is Bagtown Road, also shown on some maps as the Thurston Griggs Trail. It is about 0.9 miles to the AT, meeting it near the site of the old Black Rock Hotel and now near the Pogo Memorial Campsite. Northbound At is left, southbound is right. I have checked out the trailhead for this trail, but have never hiked it. 10/02/07 5-6
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The parking area is at the east end of White Oak Road as seen on the attached map. This point is indicated by the markers. On the satellite view, the trace of the old road that serves as the access trail can be seen continuing east. 02/18/08 1
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I-70 crossing
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From the east on I-70, take Myersville exit (exit 42). Turn right onto Wolfsville Rd (MD 17) then turn left onto US 40. From the parking area, cross the embankment and follow the closed section of old highway. At the end of the old highway, take path around the left side of the guardrail. Then bear sharply left and descend steeply to footbridge of I-70, on right. Distance is .1 mile from parking. Turn right onto dirt road between fence and hillside for north bound AT to Section 3, or go straight over footbridge for southbound AT to Section 4. 1/29/2006 There is room for about 20 cars to park at 2 pull-overs just before US 40 crosses over I-70
From the west, on I-70, take the US 40 exit south. Cross I-70 overpass and park at pullover on right immediately after the crossover. 1/29/2006
Another route to the trailhead from I-70 is to take Exit 35. Go south on MD 66 for 1 mile to the intersection with US 40. Go left (east) here o US 40. The road pases Greenbrier State Park and then crosses over !-70. Just beyond this on the right are the parking areas. This is about 3 miles from MD 66. See first picture in Section 4 for a view of part of the parking area. While there is room for many cars here, it is a very popular trailhead. On a nice November Saturday, the lots were full and people were parking along the road. 11/08/07 20-25 total.
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GPS N39.53516, W77.60314 Parking area Google Maps location 01/06/08 20-30 1
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The previous map is centered on the east end of the parking area. This one is centered on the west end. Rotate the street view from west through south to east to see the parking. The segment of old highway that acts as the access trail can be seen to the left of the current highway in the view to the southwest 01/15/10 1
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