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Section 5 - Turners Gap to Crampton Gap Displayed from North to South

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Turners Gap
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From the east on I-70, take Exit 49 onto US Alt 40 west. It is 9 miles to the trail crossing which is just east of the South Mountain Inn and the turnoff for Washington Monument State Park. 1/29/2006
From the west, US Alt 40 diverges from US 40 just outside of Hagerstown, but has no junction with I-70. US Alt 40 may also be reached, from I-81, via MD 68; or from Shepherdstown via MD 34. There is not dependable parking in the vicinity but the owners of Old South Mountain Inn (.1 mile west of the AT) often permit day hikers to park for free, behind the Inn, if permission is asked. 1/29/2006
Parking off of 40W or at Washington Monument State Park. Plenty of camping within a couple of miles from parking lot. Annapolis Rock can be reached with a good days hike North. Gathland St. Park can be reached with a good days hike South. 2/21/06 5 or more
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One way to reach this trail crossing from I-70 from the west is to take Exit 35 and go south on MD 66 for 5 miles to US 40A in Boonsboro. Go east on US 40A about 4 miles to the trail crossing. See above for landmarks. UPDATE: In October 2007 there was a sign on the east side of the South Mountain Inn Parking Lot indicating the area where AT hikers could park.. 12/06/2007
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The GPS Coordinates of the parking lot for South Mountain Inn are N39.483963, W077.620071 The green arrow on the map marks the actual trail crossing. Click on it and select street view. The view to the northeast shows the northbound AT to Section 4 Starting up a short set of steps. The northbound trail can also be seen crossing the field to the north of the road on the satellite view. Rotate the street view to the southeast to see the southbound trail to Section 5. It is less obvious than the north, but white blazes can be seen.

Click on the A marker, choose the street view and rotate from southeast to south to see the Inn and its parking. AT parking is in the left rear of the lot. 10/12/07
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There is currently an Appalachian Trail Parking sign on the far side of the gravel parking lot at the Old South Mountain Inn. I am assuming the owners of the Inn have allotted that area for hikers. I parked there for 4 hours the other day and no issues. In fact, the inn was not open (7/16/2016) 07/16/16 1
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Reno Monument Road
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From the trail crossing at Turners Gap on US 40A (See mile 0.0) go west about 1/4 mile, then go left (south) on Moser Road for about a mile to a T intersection with Reno Monument Road. Go left for about a mile to the intersection with Lambs Knoll Road (which would be on the right). The Reno monument is on the east side of Lambs Knoll Road. There is a dirt parking lot on the west side (See pictures). The northbound AT enters the lot on the south side and crosses it to the intersection of Reno Monument and Lambs Knoll Roads. The trail continues on the other side of the road. 10/02/07 5-7
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From the Harpers Ferry area to the south, follow MD 67 north ten miles from the intersection with US 340. Go right on Reno Monument Road for two miles to the intersection with Lambs Knoll Road. See above. From the west on US40A, go south on MD 67 east of Boonsboro. In two miles go left onto Reno Monument Road and proceed as above. 04/02/07 5-7
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On the atttached map rotate the street view to the southwest to see the dirt parking area. The southbound trail leaves from the far end of this lot. Rotate to the west to see the northbound AT on the right side of the road. 01/06/08 6-10 1
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White Rocks Trail
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See directions to the Bear Spring Cabin Trail including the map attached there. (Mile 4.4). Note especially the parking restrictions. Follow the blue-blazed Bear Springs Cabin Trail to the intersection with the White Rocks Trail, which is also blue-blazed. Go right (north). According to the AT Guide for MD. N VA, this trail is VERY steep, climbing 310 feet in 0.23 miles to meet the AT on the north side of the White Rocks viewpoint. Though I have not taken the trail I can attest that the part in view from the AT is indeed steep. Reportedly the footing is good except for this short stretch. The northbound AT goes right at the junction while the southbound trail goes left (south), but almost immediately bears right (west). 10/03/07 See Mile 4.4
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This map shows the location of White Rocks. The A marker is at the White Rocks themselves while the green arrow is near the intersection of the AT and the White Rocks Trail. The church is is the southwest corner of the view. 01/13/10 1
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Bear Spring Cabin Trail
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Option 1--From Crampton Gap at south end of section: Follow Arnoldtown Road north from the Arch in Gathland State Park. This road swings east. At the first stop sign (about half a mile), go left on Mountain Church Road. In another mile, the main road bears right, but continue straight ahead staying on Mountain Church Road, now still paved but narrower. In another mile, the Locust Valley First Church of God is on the left. Parking is on the grassy area behind the church. Parking space is ample, but it is for the church and people staying at Bear Spring Cabin ONLY. There are signs that make this very clear.
Option 2: From US 340 to the south take the exit for MD 17and go north to Burkittsville. In the heart of downtown, go left onto Gapland Road. Just after the built up area ends, look for Mountain Church Road going to right. Follow this north, passing the intersection with Arnoldtown Road and continuing to the church.
Option 3: (from "AT Guide to Maryland/N, Virginia"). From north go right on Bolivar Road from US 40A east of Turners Gap. Go south and turn right onto Mountain Church Road. Follow this to the church on the right.
I have not hiked this trail, but have checked out the trailhead. The blue-blazed Bear Spring Cabin Trail initally follows an old road northwest of the church. It passes the cabin in 0.3 miles and climbs to meet the AT one mile from the church. Here the southbound AT goes left, while the northbound goes straight ahead. Coordinates at the At are 39.4444 -77.6238. Reservations for the cabin need to be made through the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club. 1/13/10 Several if staying at cabin but zero otherwise
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The markers on the attached map show the location of the church where parking for Bear Spring Cabin is located. On the satellite view the church is the building just to the northwest of the marker. The driveway is the beginning of the old road to Bear Spring Cabin. Parking is in the grassy area behind the church. 1/13/10 1
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Crampton Gap (North Lot)
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From the west on US Alt 40, take MD 67 south 7 miles to Gapland Road.(MD 572). Go left (east) on Gapland 1 mile to Gathland State Park in Crampton Gap. The most prominent feature in the park is a stone arch at the intersection of Gapland Road and Arnoldtown Road. Alternatively from the east on US 40A, take MD 17 south from Middletown for 6 miles . Turn right (west) onto Gapland Road (AKA W. Main St.) in the small town of Burkittsville and go about a mile to the park. If one goes north at the Arch onto Arnoldtown Road, there is a large parking lot (at least 25 cars) on the left. The entrance is a short distance down Arnoldtown Road. The northbound AT (to Section 5) crosses the field between the parking lot and a picnic area, passes the ruins of an old barn and enters the woods 1/12/10.
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From the west on US 340, take MD 67 north 5 miles to Gapland Road. Go right and proceed as above. Alternatively from the east on US 340 follow MD 17 north about 4.5 miles to Burkittsville Go left on W. Main St. which becomes Gapland Road. Go about a mile to the park. Parking is permitted 24 hours per day. Restrooms available during the summer. 1/29/2006
N39.406 W077.639267 10/12/07 1
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If coming north on Maryland State Highway 17 from US Highway 340, then turn left in Burkittsville on Main Street, which is a cobblestone street. Travel 1.1 miles up the hill (no RVs permitted) to the intersection with Arnoldstown Road. There is a stop sign here, with the War Correspondents Arch to the right and a museum to the left. Turn right onto Arnoldstown Road, and the entrance to the parking lot is on your left. The A.T. goes through the main park intersection, and then north and west of this lot. 05/02/11 Over 40 spots 1
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Crampton Gap (South Lots)
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See directions to the junction of Gapland Road and Arnoldown Road in Gathland State Park (Mile 7.2 above). See attached map. The A marker is at the intersection with the arch just to the east. At the Arch one can go south up a short hill on a park road (also followed by the AT as part of Section 6). There is a small parking area to the left (6-8 cars) and a larger one to the right (10-15 cars). The green arrow marks the larger lot. The smaller one is obscured by trees on the satellite view. The southbound AT crosses the smaller lot and then ascends into the woods on a footpath. Note: I have read reports that the gate to these lots is sometimes closed at night. You probably should check with the park staff. 01/13/10 See comments 1
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