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Section 7 - Weverton to Harpers Ferry Displayed from North to South

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From US 340, take MD 67 north. Then take first right, turning onto Weverton Rd. This is a .2 mile access road to actual Weverton Rd. Midway along the road, on the right is the AT parking area. Trail is on the left (east) side of the parking area. To go southbound (to Sec. 7) go south. The trail descends towards a small field and eventually to the C&O canal towpath. To go northbound (to Section 6) go east paralleling the road. It crosses teh actual Weverton Road then starts the climb to Weverton Cliffs. 1/11/2010
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From US Alt 40, follow MD 67 south approximately 12 miles (1 mile beyond Garrett Mill Rd on right) and turn left onto Weverton Rd (actually an access road to Weverton Road). Proceed as in the previous listing. 1/29/2006
large parking gravel area where trail crosses weaverton road 3/14/06 20
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N39.332967 W077.68325 The green arrow marks the parking area. The A marker shows the place where the northbound trail crosses the actual Weverton Road and enters the woods. 10/12/07 1
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On 9/16/2008, I parked my vehicle in the AT lot on Weaverton Road at 8:15 am. My partner and I hiked to Gathland Gap and back, returning to the lot at about 3:30 pm to discover that the catalytic converter had been stolen from my vehicle. I reported the theft to the Washington County Sheriff's office and was informed that theft of catalytic converters has reached serious proportions in the county. I thought that you might want to pass along this information to members. 10/15/08
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(week of 11/1/11) vehicle parked for several hours, catalytic converter stolen, reported to police 11/07/11
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There is now a paved Park and Ride Lot just off Weverton Road. Shards of broken car windows at one of these spaces indicates that security is still a problem. A blue-blazed trail, a couple dozen yards long, runs from the lot direct to the A.T. 08/23/12 27
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Take I-70 to US 340 south to Harper's Ferry. Turn left at shoreline drive to enter park. The Harper's Ferry National Historical Park has a fairly large parking lot that is protected inside the park boundaries. They still aren't liable for damages, but it is good to know that they exercise a fair amount of care with regard to your car. You pay the park entrance fee, 10 dollars, and proceed to the main information area. You tell them that you are parking for overnight and you fill a form with your car information on it. The Park Service will allow you to stay parked there for 14 days. You have to leave the receipt from the park entrance fee on the dash so they can see that. When you go to pick up the car, just tell them at the info desk.
There is also a shuttle bus leaving every 10 minutes or so from the information center to downtown HF, we got off and only had to go about two short blocks, take a right turn, and we were on the trail. 05/09/16
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Keeptryst Road
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Keep Tryst Road is the first turn north of the Sandy Hook (Rte. 340) bridge across the Potomac. Go east on this road until it makes a very sharp left turn (almost a switchback) and heads uphill. Parking is straight ahead on what are now abandoned sections of road. In addition there is a parking pull off on the south side of Keep Tryst Road a few hundred feet west of the main parking area. The AT crosses the parking area. Northbound it goes into the woods on the other side of Keep Tryst Road. To go southbound on the AT, go past gate on dirt road, cross railroad tracks and turn right on the C&O Canal towpath. 4/6/06 8
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N39.32975 W077.682133 10/12/07 1
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Loudon Heights Trail
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From US 340 go east on Keep Tryst Road. See Mile 0.4. Turn right onto Sandy Hook Road. This circles down and goes under the Sandy Hook (US 340) bridge. Immediately on the other side of the bridge in the community of Sandy Hook, there are some parking pullovers. Local residents often are parked here. The green arrow on the attached map marks the largest of these pullovers. Look for a faded white blaze on a post. This was old route of AT, now the Loudon Heights Trail. Cross the railroad tracks and follow blue blazes and arrows. The trail crosses a usually dry portion of the C&O canal and reaches the towpath and the AT at the abutment of the bridge. This is the northern terminus of the Loudon Heights Trail. To the right on the towpath is the southbound AT, to the left is the northbound AT. Note: The current AT Guide to MD/N. VA places the northern trailhead of the Loiudon Heights Trail near the intersection of Va 671 and US 340 on the other side of the river. Apparently the northernmost section which is entirely on roads is not longer considered part of this trail. However the access to the C&O towpath is still there. 1/11/2010 4-6 1
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E. End Byron Footbridge
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Follow Sandy Hook Road (See Mile 2.0) past the community of Sandy Hook. There are 3 parking areas past the railroad trestle. From these one can access the Chesapeake & Ohio towpath and follow that 0.4 miles to the railroad bridge over the Potomac. The Goodloe Byron Memorial Footbridge is part of this bridge. To go southbound on the AT, cross bridge into Harpers Ferry. 4/8/2006 1
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N39.19.754 W077.43.900 This parking is on Sandy Hook Road at the trailhead for Maryland Heights. 10/12/07 6-8 1
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This is an expanded view of the map in the previous listing. Follow the C&O towpath south to the intersection with the AT at the east end of the Goodloe Byron Memorial Bridge. The southbound AT goes west across the bridge, while the northbound goes east along the towpath. 01/11/10 1
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Harpers Ferry
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From US 340, turn onto Shenadoah St. at west end of bridge over Shendoah River. Continue about a mile east to the historical district at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. Parking here is very limited, especially for overnight parking. The options listed below are far better for parking. Even though parking is problematic in the historical section of Harpers Ferry, it is a good access point. The marker on the attached map is at the corner of Sheandoah and High Streets. From there the southbound trail to Section 1 goes up High Street, turns left on Church Street and at the point where that curves right, goes straight ahead and climbs some stairs. The southbound trail to MD Section 7 goes east and crosses the Potomac River on the Bryon Goodloe Memorial Bridge. 1/11/2010 Zero to very limited in historicaldistrict. 1
As you approach Harpers Ferry on US 340, follow signs to the entrance of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. The park entrance is on the south side of the only stoplight in the vicinity of Harpers Ferry. Parking is available for up to two weeks at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Visitor Center. You must register your vehicle with rangers at the visitors center or entrance station and pay a one-time $6.00 entrance fee. Gates are sometimes locked at night. For more information, call (304) 535-6298. Shuttle buses run every 15-20 minutes between the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Cavalier Heights visitors center and the lower town historic district. The A.T. is not marked prominently through the historic district, so a map is helpful. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy has a detailed map on their website (go to "About ATC," then "Visitors Center"). Contact ATC at (304) 535-6331 for information about day-hike parking in Harpers Ferry. Ample at Visitor Center
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From US 340, turn onto Shenadoah St. at west end of bridge over Shendoah River. There is a small parking lot on the right. For more details, including a map see Mile 1.0 of VA Section 1. The small parking lot at the end of the bridge on Route 340 is no longer free. It is now a fee area meaning they request you leave an envelope with $4.00 per vehicle + extra for each hiker. 4/24/06 20
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Parking at the Harpers Ferry visitors center. The center closes at 5 P.M. You have to get there before then to pay the 6 fee and get a parking pass. 07/30/08 many
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The attached map shows the Visitor Center and the accompanying parking. 01/11/10 Ample 1
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