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Section 11 - Bly Gap to Dicks Creek Gap Displayed from North to South

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Blue Ridge Gap
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Take US 76 west from Dicks Creek Gap for 2.8 miles and turn right onto USFS 72. Narrow and rutted USFS 72 crosses the AT at Blue Ridge Gap. This road is normally only passable by 4-wheel drive vehicles. 1/30/2006


The attached map give the directions to Blue Ridge Gap from the intersection of US76 and Barefoot Road. Descriptions of USFS 72(AKA Charlies Creek Road) at Blue Ridge Gap include 'sometime passable', 'poor road', 'abandoned' and 'narrow and rutted'. Access by passenger car seems problematic at best. I am not sure where the bad portion begins, but I suspect it is the last mile where the road climbs out of the valley. I do not know if parking is possible at the beginning of the bad portion. If it is, the last piece could be done on foot. The marker indicates the AT crossing.
NoteI If coming from Dicks Creek Gap, the alternate route shown on the map might be better
At the gap, the southbound AT goes right, the northbound goes left. 12/30/09 Parking reportedly very limited in gap


David Cullen
We were shuttled by Bill's Wheels from Clayton to Blue Ridge Gap on 9/4. The section from the end of the paved road to Blue Ridge Gap is, some reports notwithstanding, not accessible by passenger car. Road is severely rutted with large exposed rocks, boulders. Four-wheel drive and strong stomach necessary to make it all the way to the gap. 10/02/10


rweaver @
Jan-26 2013: If you access from the west (so leaving Rt76 and heading NE on Upper Hightower Road) is OK until the pavement ends - but that last 0.7m or so of uphill dirt road is NOT easy ... you need 4WD, ground clearance and good driving skills ... or can walk to the trailhead from the end of the pavement. 02/20/13


tucker8ga @
Dicks Creek Gap
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The trail crosses US 76/ GA 2 10.5 miles east of Hiawassss, GA and 16 miles west of Clayton, GA. There is a large paved USFS lot on the north side of the road. her is also a picnic area. Reportedly a parking fee is charged, which is waived for holders of Golden Eagle passes. There are several pictures of the immediate area at the bottom of the attached map. Northbound hikers (to Section 11) follow trail through picnic area and ascend along a small stream. Southbound hikers (to Section 12) cross road and enter woods. 1/28/2008 Ample


at @
One of your earlier comments mentioned a possible parking fee. We parked there twice in the past 6 months and saw nothing about a parking fee anywhere. We didn't pay and had no issues. 07/09/20 10


kolin.traevon @
AT Editor, transcribing, with permission, a September 2020 incident posted on Facebook's Appalachian Trail Section Hikers Group: After hiking/camping a 40 mile section of the AT from Winding Stair Gap to Dicks Creek Gap over 3.5 days, the hiker returned to her vehicle parked at Dicks Creek to find it vandalized (catalytic converter was removed) 10/01/20


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