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Section 12 - Dicks Creek Gap to Unicoi Gap Displayed from North to South

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Dicks Creek Gap
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The trail crosses US 76/ GA 2 10.5 miles east of Hiawassss, GA and 16 miles west of Clayton, GA. There is a large paved USFS lot on the north side of the road. her is also a picnic area. Reportedly a parking fee is charged, which is waived for holders of Golden Eagle passes. There are several pictures of the immediate area at the bottom of the attached map. Northbound hikers (to Section 11) follow trail through picnic area and ascend along a small stream. Southbound hikers (to Section 12) cross road and enter woods. 1/28/2008 Ample 1
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Addis Gap
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From the intersection of US76/GA 2 and GA 197 go south on the latter for 5 miles, then turn right onto Wildcat Road (AKA FS 26-1). This turn is 1.3 miles south of Moccasin Creek State Park. Proceed on Wildcat Road for 7.5 - 8 miles to the point where the road is gated.
See pictures for GA Section 12 for a sketch map of the route. To reach the AT walk past the gate and continue up the road for 0.5 miles in Addis Gap. Here the northbound trail is to the right, the southbound is to the left. 07/20/12 1
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Here is a good link giving detailed directions to the trailhead.

Note the warnings about following the Google directions. I do not have the GPS coordinates for the trail head so the marker on the attached map is at the AT crossing. Remember that you cannot drive this far.
I have never been to this trailhead so everything here is book information. Does anybody have more information particularly the GPS coordinates of the trailhead. 06/22/14 Not known 1
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Tray Gap
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The community of Mountain Scene, Georgia is 7 miles south of Hiawassee or 11.5 miles north of Helen on GA 17/75. There go east on Corbins Creek Road (AKA FS 698). Go southeast for 10 miles to the intersection with FS 79 (Tray Mt. Road) in Tray Gap. The AT Guide to NC/GA says this gravel road is usually passable by cars. Other sources warn that portions of it are steep. The trail crosses Tray Mt. Road a short distance to the east (right). There is a fairly large dirt parking in the gap. There is a picture of it in the views at the bottom of the map.
The northbound AT to Dick Creek Gap goes north, southbound to Unicoi Gap goes south. 06/21/14 8-10 1
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An alternate route is to follow directions to Indian Grave Gap. Continue south on Indian Grave Gap Road for 0.6 miles to the intersection with Tray Mt. Road (FS 79). Go left and proceed 1.8 miles to Tray Gap I have not visited this area so everything is book information. I know nothing of the quality of the road. 06/22/14 1
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Tray Mountain Road (FS 79)
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The AT crosses Tray Mountain Road (FS 79) here. The position may only be approximate. It does match the position on the overlay on the attached map, but I tend not to trust that. The coordinates are from the picture submitted by To reach this point see instructions to Indian Grave Gap, Mile 14.0. Continue south another 0.6 miles on Indian Grave Gap Road to the intersection with Tray Mountain Road, take a sharp left turn and proceed approximately another 0.7 miles to the crossing. I do not know anything about the parking situation here. At the crossing, the northbound trail goes east (right if driving from Indian Grave Gap), while the southbound trail goes west (left). 01/01/10 Not known 1
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Indian Grave Gap
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Follow GA 17/75 south 9.5 miles from Hiawassee or 11.3 miles north from Helen to the intersection with Indian Grave Gap Road (FS 283). If coming from the north, bear left onto Indian Grave Gap Road. If coming from the south, make a sharp right hand turn. This turn is about a quarter mile south of the intersection of GA 17/75 and GA 180. Proceed 3.7 miles to the AT crossing (Marker on map) . I know nothing about the quality of this road. There is a dirt parking area at the crossing.(See Pictures for Ga Section 12). Tray Mountain Road (FS 79) is another half mile further south on Indian Grave Gap Road. If you zoom in on satellite view on the attached map, the parking area is visible. At the crossing, the northbound trail to Tray Gap goes east, the southbound to Unicoi Gap goes west. 06/20/14 Several 1
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The Indian Grave Gap road has a stream crossing with a bit of a steep bank that could be a problem for some vehicles. i was glad I had my 4wd in May 2014 04/27/15 1
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Rocky Mt. Trail
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Following information is from: />

See directions to Indian Grave Gap (Mile 13.4). The trailhead for the Rocky Mountain Trail is on FS 283, 2 miles from GA 17/75. Since I do not have exact coordinates, the marker on the attached map indicates only the approximate location of the trailhead. Parking is reportedly very limited. I know nothing about the condition of the road here.
The Rocky Mountain Trail is a blue-blazed SIDE TRAIL which leads 1.0 miles to the AT on Rocky Mountain. Since this intersection is only 0.9 miles from the highway at Unicoi Gap, its utility as a access is probably llmiited. Coordinates at the intersection are 34.9041. -83.7324. 06/20/14

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Unicoi Gap
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Go south on GA 17/ 75 11.6 miles from Hiawassee or north 9.2 miles from Helen to a large parking area on the east side of the road. The street view on the attached map show the parking area. The northbound trail leaves from the south end of the parking area and goes east towards Section 12 and Dicks Creek Gap. The southbound trail to Section 13 crosses the parking area to the north end, goes left (west) to cross the highway and re-enter the woods. 12/31/09 Ample 1
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