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Section 1 - Maine-New Hampshire State Line to Androscoggin Valley Displayed from North to South

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Me-NH State Line
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Access to this point from New Hampshire is via the Success Trail (2.4 miles, 1550 feet elevation gain). See Mile 1.3. Once at the AT (Mahoosuc Trail) go north 1.3 miles to the state line. Closest access from Maine is via the Carlo Col Trail (2.7 miles, 1550 feet elevation gain. See Maine Section 7, Mile 47.8. Once at the AT go south 0.5 miles to the state line. 7/24/06
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Success Trail
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At 5.4 miles from Hutchins Street and the right turn on the Success Pond lumber road, (see directions to this point in Maine section 7, mile 38.3 - Speck Pond MM) the spur road to the trailhead is on the right. The sign for the trail on Success Pond lumber road is gone! Make the right turn on the spur road .4 mile after the yellow tag - milemarker 5. Go up the spur road and you will then see AMC trail signs. From Success Pond Road, take the Success Trail 2.4 miles. The lower part of this trail must be followed with care through logged areas. When ascending at 1.6 miles, a looppath 0.3 mile long diverges right to a spectacular ledge outlook with fine views of the Presidentials. In a little more than 100 yards the loop trail rejoins the main trail (Success Trail). After a final short steep ascent you come to the AT (Mahoosuc Trail) along the main ridge crest. Southbound to the summit of Mt. Success (0.6 miles) is right, northbound to the state line (1.3 miles) is left. 7/24/06 4
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Update: (7/10) Most of the yellow mileage mrker signs that used to be along Success Pond Road are gone. There is what appear to be a paper sign for the Success trail at the intersection of the spur road. The spur road can be followed a half mile to a clearing where there is ample parking. A short distance there is a side road to the left which should be ignored. I was able to negotiate this spur road in my Buick Century. The blue-blazed Success trail leaves from the back of the clearing. Starting hear decreases the length of the trail by half a mile to about 2.4 miles. 08/01/10 10-15
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The green arrow on the attached map indicates the clearing mentioned above. Coordiantes at the intersection of Success Pond Road and the spur road are 44.4842 -71.0766. For a GPS determined route of the trail see . Coordinates at the intersection of the Success Trail and the AT are
44.4781, -71.0395. Here the southbound AT to Mt. Success goes left, the northbound towards the NH/ME state line goes right. 08/01/10
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Austin Brook Trail
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The trail head for the Austin Brook Trail is on North Road about 2.8 miles from the intersection of North Road and Hogan Road (See Mile 16.0). It is also 0.6 miles west of Meadow Road. The trail head is not well marked. Look for a white fence on the north side of the road. There is also a sign for a conservation easement. There is a dirt parking lot on the south side of the road. I don't know if overnight parking is allowed. Ther is a No Parking sign on the north side of the road. To start the trail go through a turnstile in the white fence. Blue blazes are evident once you start. The trail initially follows a dirt road. The Austin Brook Trail climbs 1450 feet in 3.5 miles to reach the Genetian Pond Shelter. Due to a fiarly recent relocation the shelter is no longer directly on the AT. One must continue 0.2 miles further to reach the Mahoosuc Trail (AT). There the southbound AT goes straight ahead, while the northbound trail goes right. Coordinates at the shelter are 44.4517 -71.0696

The Austin Brook trail follows roads for most of the first 2 miles, including a mile on Mill Brook Road, a good quality but private logging road. The one tricky turn is when this is first reached coming from North Road. Go left at this point. 8/27/09
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Peabody Brook Trail
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The trail head for the Peabody Brook Trail is on North Road about 0.8 miles beyond the intersection of North Road and Hogan Road (See Mile 16.0). According to the AMC White Mountain Guide, 27th ed. roadside parking is allowed as long as you do not block driveways. I saw a parking pull-off for 2 cars on the south side of the road. Overnight parking is not allowed. Remember that there is parking at the Hogan Road Trailhead which is about a mile away and at the intersection of Hogan Road and North Road. The Peabody Brook Trail is marked by a sign on the north side of North Road. This side trail climbs 1900 feet in 3.1 miles to meet the AT (here called the Mahoosuc Trail) at Dream Lake. I have not hiked this trail, but have checked out the trailhead. I did not have exact coordinates, but the trail starts right after eastbound North Road reenters woods after crossing the open area seen in the satellite view of the attached map. The markers indicate the approximate location of the trail head. 8/27/09 1-2 1
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Junction Centennial/ Mahoosuc Trails
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The Mahoosuc Trail formerly started in Gorham and climbed to meet the AT near the summit of Mt. Hayes. Part of the route involved crossing a dam. Access to this dam is now closed and the first portion of the Mahoosuc Trail has been abandoned. The trail now starts on Hogan Road. This information is in the current edition (28th) of the White Mountain Guide, but not in earlier editions. One can still access the trail from Gorham by an informal route. See the comments by Peakbagger in the following thread on ( or consult the following (

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Hogan Road Trailhead
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From the intersection of US 2 and North Road, follow the latter about 0.5 miles to the intersection with Hogan Road. Go left on this gravel road 0.3 miles to the point where the AT which has been following the road goes into the woods. There is a parking lot on the left here. For the next 3.1 miles to the intersection with the Mahoosuc Trail, the northbound AT follows the Centennial Trail. The south bound AT follows Hogan Road and North Road a total of 0.8 miles to US 2. 7/26/06 3-4
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Junction North Road/ Hogan Road
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From the intersection of US 2 and North Road, follow the latter about 0.5 miles north to the intersection with Hogan Road which goes left. There a small dirt parking area here. The northbound AT follows Hogan Road. The southbound AT follows North Road back to US 2. 7/26/06 3-4 1
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US 2
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The AT crosses US2 3.6 miles east of Gorham, NH. Parking is available .8 mile north of US2 on Hogan Rd where the AT turns right into the woods on the Centennial Trail or at the junction of Hogan and North roads. 2/25/06 1
The official southern end of the section is at the intersection of North Road and US 2. There is probably no parking here. In addition to the parking noted above, there is also parking at the trailhead for the Rattle River Trail portion of the AT about 0.2 miles from this point. The southbound AT follows US 2 east for 0.2 miles then reaches the trailhead on the right. The intersection is indicated by the A marker on the attached map. On the satellite view, the parking area can be seen on the south side of US 2 just south of the B marker. . 7/26/06 0 at this point, 10-12 in Rattle River Trail lot. 1
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