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Section 5 - Franconia Notch to Kinsman Notch Displayed from North to South

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Franconia Notch Bike Path
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The official northern end of this section is where the AT joins the Franconia Notch State Park Bike Path and crosses the Pemigewasset River on a bridge. There is no automobile access to this point. There is a hiker parking lot just north of the Flume area in the park. From I-93 take the Flume exit onto US 3 southbound. The hiker parking area in on the east side of the freeway. It is north (left) of the US 3 shortly after leaving I-93. The parking lot is indicated by the marker on the attached map. The Whitehouse Trail goes north as a footpath for 0.6 miles to reach the paved bike path. Continue north on this for another 0.2-0.3 miles. The AT is reached just before the bike path crosses the Pemigewasset River on a bridge. To go southbound to Section 5, go straight ahead on the Cascade Brook Trail (the route of the AT) when the bike path bears right to cross the bridge. 7/3/06 20-25 1
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An alternative approach to this point is from the Basin parking lots. Take the exit off I-93 (Franconia Notch parkway) for the Basin. Follow the paved bike path south from parking lot on the east side of the parkway. It is about 0.5 miles to the junction with the AT. The northbound AT goes left. Continue on the bike path a short distance until it crosses the river on a bridge. Just beoynd this, the southbound AT to Section 5 goes right. If using the parking lot on the west side of the parkway, follow the bike path south and under the freeway to the east side lot. The attached map shows the area of parking for the Basin. The marker indicates the northbound lot on the east side of the Parkway. The southbound lot can be seen further north on the west side of the Parkway. 7/3/2006 Ample parking. 1
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Basin-Cascades Trail
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See mile 0.0 for directions to parking lots for the Basin. Follow the paved bike path south from the west lot and north from the east lot 0.2 miles to the pool known as the Basin. This trail is 1.0 miles long and climbs 550 feet. It intersects the AT just south of where the latter crosses Cascade Brook. 7/1/2006 Ample parking
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Lonesome Lake/Cascade Brook Trails
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If going north on I-93 take the exit for Trailhead parking across from Lafayette Place Campground. If going south on I-83, take the exit for Lafayette Place Campgound. Bear right at the end of the ramp. Parking near the hiker information booth. From the east lot follow the pavedpath thorugh thepedestrian underpass to the west lot. The attached map shows the area on either side of the parkway Follow signs for the Lonesome Lake Trail through the campground. This is a heavily used trail so the route is clear once past the campground. It is 1.2 miles to the northeast corner of Lonesome Lake, involving 950 feet of elevation gain. At this point go left (south) on the Cascade Brook Trail which follow the east then south shores of the lake, meeting the AT in 0.3 miles. The Cascade Brook Trail goes left (compass south, trail north) here and becomes part of the AT. The southbound AT goes straight ahead as the Fishin Jimmy Trail. Lonesome Lake Hut is about 0.1 mile further on this trail. 6/30/2006 20-25 on east side and ample on west side 1
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Mt. Kinsman Trail
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Information from the AMC "White Mountain Guide", 27th ed. Trail head for this trail is on the east side of NH 116 at the Franconia-Easton town line, about 4.4 miles south of NH 18 in Franconia and 2.0 miles north of the Easton Town Hall. There is a sign for the town line a few yards north of the trail, but there may not be a sign for the trail itself. According to the White Mountain Guide, the trail starts by following a logging road closed by a chain gate between two granite pillars opposite a house. When scouting this trailhead, I found the town line sign, but there are no granite pillars. There appears to be a road which leads past a town maintenance yard. I saw no blazes, but even the White Mt. Guide says the trail is sparsely blazed. Roadside parking would be very difficult. There was parking by the town maintenance shed, but I do not know if hikers can use this. If found, the Mt. Kinsman Trail climbs 2900 feet in 3.7 miles to meet the AT (here part of the Kinsman Ridge Trail). To the right (southbound) it is 0.4 miles to the summit of North Kinsman. 7/13/06 limited roadside parking
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Reel Brook Trail
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Trail head for this trail is on a gravel road (Reel Brook Rd.) that leaves NH 116 3.7 miles north of the junction with NH 112 at Bungay Corner and 1.1 miles south of the Easton Town Hall. There is a hiker logo at the intersection. The road is passable for cars to a fork at 0.6 miles from NH 116. The right fork apparently leads to a home. There is another hiker logo pointing to the left branch. This left branch is very poor quality and a high clearance vehicle would be advisable. However it is only 50 feet to a clearing where there is parking. The satellite view of the attached map shows Reel Brook Road and the two forks at the end. This trail starts on the east side of the clearing. There is currently no sign. After a few feet it is apparent you are on a old road. The trail follows old roads of various quality for most of its distance. It climbs 1200 feet in 2.9 miles to meet the AT in the col between Mt. Wolf and South Kinsman. Northbound is to the left, soutbound to the right. 7/13/2006 6-8 1
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Dilly Trail
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Following information from AMC White Mountain Guide, 27th ed. I have checked out the trail head but have not hiked the trail.

Trail head is for this trail is on Lost River Reservation south of Kinsman Notch on NH 112 is on a parking area access road directly across from a gazebo. The trail is open only during the hours and seasons that the Lost River reservation is open and closed to the public at all other times.
This trail is reportedly very steep and rough. It climbs 650 feet in 0.5 miles to meet the AT (here part of the Kinsman Ridge Trail). Southbound is to the left, northbound is to the right. Ample parking
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NH 112 - Kinsman Notch
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The AT crosses NH 112 6.2 miles west of North Woodstock - 2.8 miles east of Bungay Corner (junction of NH 112 and NH 116), and 17.7 miles east of Woodsville. Do not leave valuable in your vehicle since theft and vandalism have occurred here. 2/25/2006
here is a large paved parking lot on the west side of the highway just south of the crossing. White Mountain National Forest Parking Permit (or equivalent) is required. A short spur trail at the northwest corner of the lot leads past a bulletin board to the AT. Soutbound to Section 6 goes left, northbound to NH 112 and Section 5 goes right. 7/19/07 The lot is very large 1
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