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Section 6 - Kinsman Notch to Glencliff Displayed from North to South

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NH 112 - Kinsman Notch
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The AT crosses NH 112 6.2 miles west of North Woodstock - 2.8 miles east of Bungay Corner (junction of NH 112 and NH 116), and 17.7 miles east of Woodsville (near I91). ample parking 2/25/2006
There is a large paved parking lot on the west side of the highway just south of the crossing. White Mountain National Forest Parking Permit (or equivalent) is required. A short spur trail at the northwest corner of the lot leads past a bulletin board to the AT. Soutbound to Section 6 goes left, northbound to NH 112 and Section 5 goes right. 7/19/07 20-25 1
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Ridge Trail
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This trail starts from Dartmouths Ravine Lodge. Ravine Road goes north off NH 118 approximately 7 mi west of NH 112 and 6 mi. east of NH 25. It is about 1.6 miles to the lodge at the end of the road. There is roadside parking on the west side for a number of cars, but I can see that parking could be problem in busy periods. Do not park in the turnaround at the end of the road. The marker on the attached map indicates the approximate location of the turnaround in he vicinity of Ravine Lodge. While the trails in this area can be accessed from the lodge, the official way is to continue up Ravine Rd. (now a wide wood road) from the turnaround. In a short distance there is a sign labeled "All Trails" . Follow the rocky path to the left down to the Baker River and cross it on a foorbridge. The Ridge Trail goes right. This trail, refered to in some guide books as the Asquam-Ridge Trail, climbs 1700 feet in 3.9 miles to meet the AT, here called the Beaver Brook Trail. It is an additional 1.9 miles and 900 feet of elevation gain via the southbound AT to the summit of Mt. Moosilauke. 7/19/07 1
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For the Ridge Trail an easier access is just to stay on the woods road past the turn around. Continue straight ahead where the Al Merrill loop goes right. At 0.5 miles from the turnaround, the road ends. Cross the Baker River on a foot bridge. The intersection with the Ridge Trail is just on the other side. Left goes back to the lodge, right goes to the AT. 08/10/07
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Benton Trail
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To reach the trailhead, follow Tunnel Brook Road south from NH 112. This intersection leaves NH 112 0.5 mi. east of its junction with NH 116 or approsximately 8 miles north of its junction with NH 118.. In approximately 1.4 miles the road bears right and crosses a stream to a T intersection. Go left (south) here. Continue to the trail head 3.0 mi. from NH 112. The trail and a dirt parking area are on the left. There is a sign with a hiker logo just before the trailhead and one very small sign for the Benton Trail. Even though this parking area is on WMNF land, there was no sign that a parking permit was required. This trail climbs 2850 feet in 3.2 miles to meet the AT. The northbound AT goes left on the Beaverbrook Trail. The southbound AT continues straight ahead on the combined Benton/Beaverbrook trails, reaching the summit of Mt. Moosilauke in another 0.4 miles and an additional 250 feet of climbing. 7/4/06 5-6
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Gorge Brook Trail
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See listing for the Ridge Trail (Mile 1.9) including the attached map for directions and information about parking at Dartmouths Ravine Lodge. This trail climbs 2450 feet in 3.7 miles to meet the AT at the summit of Mt. Moosilauke. The northbound AT goes to the right on the combined Beaverbrook/Benton Trails. The southbound At goes left on the Carriage Road. 7/6/06
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Carriage Road
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Following information mostly from the AMC White Mountain Guide, 27th ed. The road to Breezy Point leaves NH 118 2.5 mi. north of its junction with NH 25. There is a sign for Moosilauke Carriage Road here. Follow the road for 1.6 mi, just past the left branching driveway to a former inn and park where the road descends slightly (sign). The White Mountain Guide warns that the road may be impassable before this point and people will have to park roadside and walk a short extra distance. I have not scouted this trailhead and do not know just how much parking is available. The attached map shows the approximate area where the driveable part of the road ends. This was the former carriage road to the summit of Mt. Moosilauke. The old road climbs 2750 feet in 4.2 miles to meet the AT. The southbound AT goes left on the Glencliff Trail. The Carriage Road becomes the AT northbound. Continue straight ahead 1 mile above treeline to the summit of Mt. Moosilauke. This involves another 350 feet of elevation gain. 7/5/06 Not known 1
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Another approach to this point is via the Snapper Trail which provides access from Ravine Lodge. See mile 1.9 (Ridge Trail) for information about this trailhead. A map of the lodge area is attached there. The Gorge Brook Trail is followed from the lodge. In 0.6 miles after climbing 250 feet, the Snapper Trail goes left. This climbs 750 feet in 1.1 miles to meet the Carriage Road. Go right on this. It is 1.2 miles and 1100 feet to meet the AT. This intersection is described above. 7/5/06 1
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High St (Formerly Sanitarium Road)
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This paved road goes east from NH 25 at the south end of downtown Glencliff. There is a sign indicating this is the way to the NH Home for the Elderly. At approximately 1 mile USFS 19 comes in from the left. This is referred to as North-South Road in the AMC "White Mountain Guide" , but the road sign says Long Pond Road. The northbound AT is following this road and at this intersection turns left and follows High Street. In 0.3 miles the AT goes right as the Glencliff Trail. Just beyond this point there is a parking area on the right. This is not a USFS lot and a parking permit is not required. Walk back along the road to the AT. The marker on the attached map shows the intersection of the Glenciff Trail (which is not a road) and Sanitorium Road (now High Street). Theparking area is on the right side of the road a short distance north of the intersection. The Glencliff Trail climbs 3000 feet in 3 miles to meet the Carriage Road (See Mile 4.8). From here it is 1 mile and another 350 feet of elevation gain to the summit of Mt. Mooosilauke. 10-15 1
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North and South Road (USFS 19)
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See the listing for High Street (Mile 7.8) for road directions to the intersection of USFS 19 and High Street. Go left on gravel USFS 19, which is also the route of the AT here. In about 0.3 miles, the southbound AT goes left into the woods on the Town Line Trail. There is a small USFS lot here. A White Mountian National Forest parking permit or its equivalent is required. USFS 19 is referred to as North-South Road in the AMC "Whte Mountain Guide", but the road sign reads Long Pond Road. 7/18/07 5-6 1
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NH 25 - Glencliff
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The AT crosses NH 25 about .5 mile north of Glencliff. 2/25/06
There is actually a large dirt parking area at the trail crossing. It would be on the left coming from Glencliff. The parking area is near the marker on the attached map. The northbound AT reaches the highway at the south end of the parking area, goes left along the road for several hundred feet, then just beyond the north end of the parking area, goes right into the woods, immediately crossing Oliverian Brook. This can be difficult crossing in high water, but I had no problem. The AT to the south of this parking area is the Wachipauka Pond Trail. The AT north is the Town Line Trail. 7/5/06 15-20 1
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