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Section 7 - Glencliff to NH 25A Displayed from North to South

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NH 25 - Glencliff
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The AT crosses NH 25 about .5 mile north of Glencliff. It is best to park cars in Glencliff. 2/25/2006
There is actually a large dirt parking area at the trail crossing. It would be on the left coming from Glencliff. It can be seen near the marker on the satellite view of the attached map. The northbound AT reaches the highway at the south end of the parking area, goes left along the road for several hundred feet, then just beyond the north end of the parking area, goes right into the woods, immediately crossing Oliverian Brook. This can be difficult crossing in high water, but I had no problem. The AT to Section 7 which goes from this parking area is the Wachipauka Pond Trail. The AT north (to Section 6) is the Town Line Trail. 7/5/2006 15-20 1
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NH 25C
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NH 25C intersects the AT 4 miles west of Waren and 10 miles east of Piermont. 1/29/2008
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The trail crossing occurs where the highway crosses a power line right-of-way. There is roadside parking for several cars at the right-of-way. The southbound trail comes out of the woods on the east side of the right-of-way, turns right along the then goes left to cross the highway and go back into the woods on the west side of the right-of-way. This latter point is indicated by the marker on the attached map. The section of trail from here north to NH 25 is the Wachipauka Pond Trail. The section to the south to Atwell Hill Road is the Ore Hill Trail. 7/6/06 Several 1
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Atwell Hill Road
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Atwell Hill road goes west from NH 25 in Wentworth. It is the first road north of the intersection of NH 25 and NH 25A. In 3.3 miles an intersection with Cape Moonshine Road is reached. Go right, still on Atwell HIll Road. The trail crossing is another 0.6 miles. There is a parking pull-off for 2 or 3 cars. Alternatively one can take NH 25A east from the south end of the section (See Mile 9.8). In 1.8 miles go left on Cape Moonshine Road. The intersection with Atwell Hill Road is about 1.2 miles further. Continue straight ahead on Atwell Hill Road. Note: On the attached map the road at the crossing is still called Cape Moonshine Road. The northbound trail to NH 25C is known as the Ore Hill Trail. The southbound trail which starts directly across the road is known as the Atwell Hill Trail. 7/6/06 2-3 1
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I left a car at this location overnight in July without a problem. The parking area however (pull-off) is really only large enough for one car. 10/22/10 1
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NH 25A
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The AT crosses NH 25A 1.8 miles easst of the Mt. Cube House, 4.3 miles west of Wentworth and 20.2 miles west of I93. This crossing is also 10.8 miles east of Orford (NH 10) and 11.2 miles east of Fairlee, VT (I91) Difficult parking at roadside. 2/25/2006
The AT Guide does make the comment about "difficult" parking, but there is now a large parking pull off which can accomodate several cars. To go north on the AT to Section 7, walk east along NH 25A, then go left into the woods on the Atwell Hill Trail. The southbound trail to Section 8 follows the Mt. Cube Trail. The marker on the attached map indicates where the northbound trail leaves the highway. The parking area can be seen just to the west on the south side of the road. 7/6/06 7-8 1
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