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Section 8 - NH 25A to Lyme-Dorchester Road Displayed from North to South

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NH 25A
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The AT crosses NH 25A 1.8 miles easst of the Mt. Cube House, 4.3 miles west of Wentworth and 20.2 miles west of I93. This crossing is also 10.8 miles east of Orford (NH 10) and 11.2 miles east of Fairlee, VT (I91) difficult parking at roadside. 2/25/2006
The AT Guide does make the comment about "difficult" parking, but there is now a large parking pull off which can accomodate several cars. To go north on the AT to Section 7, walk east along NH 25A, then go left into the woods on the Atwell Hill Trail. The southbound trail to Section 8 leaves the parking area and follows the Mt. Cube Trail. The marker on the attached map indicates the parking area. 7/7/06 7-8 1
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Cross Rivendell Trail
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Following information from AMC White Mountain Guide, 27th ed. The trail head is on Baker Road. This road meet NH 25A 8.3 mi. west of NH 25 in Oroford and 7.1 miles east of NH 10 in Oroford. The Trail head is 0.9 mi. south of NH 25A. Park north of the trailhead on the west side of the road. I have not scouted this trailhead so do not know the number of parking places available. This trail is part of the proposed Cross Rivendell Trail which is projected to cross the Rivendell School District. It is also known as the South Cube Trail nd the Mount Cube Section. It climbs 1500 in 2.1 miles to meet the AT at the summit of South Cube. The northbound AT (AKA the Mt. Cube Trail, goes straight ahead at the intersection. The southbound AT (AKA the Kodak Trail) goes right. This access trail is blue-blazed. 7/7/06 Roadside parking.
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Approximate location based on other comments. N 43.886415 W 72.047911 1
S. Jacobs Brook Road
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Follow NH 25A 3.8 miles east from its junction with NH 10. There are signs for Thomson Tree Farm and Quinttown Road. Go right on Quinttown Road. Follow this good gravel road 1.8 miles to an intersection. Continue straight ahead on Jacobs Brook Road about another 0.6 miles to a locked gate. The last quarter mile (past the last house) may be a bit rough but with care, it is easily managed with passenger cars. Roadside parking for several cars is possible just before the gate. To reach the AT continue on foot past the gate up the road. A second gate is passed. In approximately 0.5 miles the AT crossing is reached. In 2004 there was (and may still be) a bench on the north side of the road. Right is the southbound AT towards Smarts Mt; left is the northbound AT towards Mt. Cube. 5/18/06
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W 72.04564 N 43.86839
When we arrived at noon the gate was not locked. Luckily, we did not drive through because when we got back at 6:00 p.m., the gate was locked.
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Daniel Doan Trail
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I have not scouted this trail or the trailhead. Most information is from AMC White Mountain Guide, 27th ed. Follow NH 25A 3.8 miles east from its junction with NH 10. There are signs for Thomson Tree Farm and Quinttown Road. Go right on Quinttown Road. Follow this good gravel road 1.8 miles to an intersection. Turn right on Mousley Brook Road south 1.0 miles to the trailhead. This trail climbs 1900 feet in 3.0 miles to meet the AT at the summit of Smarts Mt. The northbound AT (AKA the J Trail) goes left, the southbound AT (which is the combined Lambert Ridge/Ranger Trail) goes right. 7/7/06 Not known
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Ranger Trail
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See Mile 14.0 for directions to the parking area for this trail. It has the same parking area as the Lambert Ridge Trail (AT). This trail starts by following an old road north from the parking area. It was the old access trail to the fire tower on Smarts Mt. It is reportedly poorly maintained. It climbs 1500 feet in 3.0 miles to meet the Lambert Ridge Trail (AT) on the south side of Smarts Mt. The southbound AT goes left. The northbound At continues straight ahead on the combined Lambert Ridge/ Ranger Trail to the summit of Smarts Mt. The section between the junction and the summit is very steep, climbing 600 feet in about half a mile. 7/7/06 See Mile 14.0 1
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Lambert Ridge/Ranger Trail Pkng.
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Follow directions to the trailhead at the southern end of the section (Mile 16.0). Follow the northern fork of Lyme-Dorchester Road. Coming from the west, this would be the left fork. Continue 2 miles on this gravel road to a parking area on the left. This can be seen on the satellite view of the attached map. The northbound AT leaves from the southwest corner of the parking area as the Lambert Ridge Trail. To go southbound, go left on road across a road bridge, then immediately go right into the woods. 7/7/06 10-15 1
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Lyme-Dorchester Road
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Starting in Lyme on NH 10 (Lyme-Dorchester Road). This road leads east 3.2 miles to a road fork and the AT. the Dartmouth Skiway, .1 mile beyond on the right fork has ample parking. 2/25/2006 1
There is also parking right at the fork. The southbound AT (to Section 9) crosses the road at fork and goes into the woods as the Holts Ledge Trail. The northbound trail (to Section 8) follows the northern fork for a short distance, then goes right into the woods. The marker on the attached map indicates the ifork. On this map the roads are identified as Grafton Turnpike and Dorchester Road. 7/6/06 4-5 at fork 1
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There is no longer parking allowed at the fork in the road near the Dartmouth Ski Way. I did contact the parking police at Dartmouth College and they do allow parking in the dirt parking area at the ski way. 10/22/10
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