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Section 9 - Lyme-Dorchester Road to Connecticut River Displayed from North to South

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Lyme-Dorchester Road
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Starting in Lyme on NH 10 (Lyme-Dorchester Road). This road leads east 3.2 miles to a road fork and the AT. the Dartmouth Skiway, .1 mile beyond on the right fork has ample parking. 2/25/2006 1
There is also parking right at the fork. The southbound AT (to Section 9) crosses the road at fork and goes into the woods as the Holts Ledge Trail. The northbound trail (to Section 8) follows the northern fork for a short distance, then goes right into the woods. The marker on the attached map indicates the ifork. On this map the roads are identified as Grafton Turnpike and Dorchester Road. 7/6/06 4-5 at fork 1
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I parked at the spur trailhead at Velvet Rocks Drive off Greensboro Rd in Hanover NH for several days while I hiked the AT notthbound and hitchhiked back to Hanover. When I returned my car was untouched. 08/14/12 1 1
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Goose Pond Road
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From the intersection of Wheelock St. and Main St. in Hanover, continue on Wheelock Street to the intersection with NH 10. Go left on NH 10. At approximately 7.5 miles from Hanover, go right on Goose Pond Road. In about a quarter mile, go left staying on Goose Pond Road. Accoridng to my estimates from Maptech Software, the trail crossing is 3.6 miles from NH 10. The AT Guide says 3.3 miles. There is a parking area on the left at the trail crossing. The northbound AT, known as the Holts Ledge Trail, leaves from the northwest corner of the parking lot. To go southbound on the AT, which in this section is known as the Moose Mt. Trail, go left from the parking lot onto the road. The trail goes right into the woods in a short distance. 7/8/2006 5-6 1
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The marker on the attached map indicates the location of the parking area. Rotate the street view to the north to see the lot and the northbound trail 10/05/11 1
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Three-Mile Road
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See instructions for Etna-Hanover Center Road (Mile 11.7). At the intersection of Trescott Road and Etna Road (AKA Hanover Center Road), go left. In approximately 0.7 miles go right on Ruddsboro Road. This turn is about 0.3 miles before the cemetery. In approximately 1.6 miles go left on Three-Mile Road. The trail crossing is approximately a mile further on gravel Three Mile Road. There is a small parking area on the left at the trail crossing. The southbound AT, here known as the Hanover Center Trail, leaves from the parking lot. The northbound AT, known as the Moose Mt. Trail, continues on the other side of the road. 07/21/08 3-4
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Etna-Hanover Center Road
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See directions for the Trescott Road crossing. Mile 13.1. Continue east on Trescott Road another 0.8 miles to a T intersection. Turn left here. This is Hanover Center Road, also known as Etna Road. Continue through the small town of Etna. In about a mile, there should be a cemetery on the left. Roadside parking for several cars here. The trail crosses the road just to the east. Walk back along the road to the trail crossing. The AT here is called the Hanover Center Trail. Northbound is to the left, southbound is to the right. 07/21/08 Roadside parking for a few cars
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4/23/2010 1
Trescott Road
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From the intersection of Wheelock St. and Main St. in Hanover, continue east of Wheelock Street. Continue straight at intersection with NH 10. Somewhere the name of this road changes to Trescott Rd. It makes a sharp right turn. At approximately 3.5 miles from Hanover, the AT crosses the road. There is a parking lot on the north side just west of the crossing. Some roadside parking might also be possible. A short unblazed trail leads east to the AT or you can walk along the road. The northbound AT (to the left) is called the Hanover Center Trail. The southbound AT (to the right) is the Velvet Rocks Trail. 7/8/2006 6-8 1
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Oli's Eagle Trail
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From the intersection of Wheelock St. and Main St. in Haover, go east on Wheelock. In 0.2 miles go right onto NH 120. In another 1.3 miles go left onto Greensboro Road. In another 0.4 miles go left onto Velvet Rocks Road. This would be the second left after leaving NH 120. Continue 0.4 miles to the end of Velvet Rocks Road where there is a parking area. I have not checked out this trailhead nor hiked the trail. See A 0.9 mile blue-blazed trail leads to the AT at approximately mm14.8. This mile marker is approximate since I do not believe there is mention of this relatively new trail in the AT Guide. 1
Trescott Road Spur Trail
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I have not scouted this trail or its trailhead, through I have seen the intersection with the AT. See directions for Trescott Road (Mile 13.1). The trail head is reportedly 2.3 miles from Hanover. This would be before Trescott Road makes a sharp right turn. This 0.6 mi blue-blazed trail leads to the AT near the high point on Velvet Rocks. 7/8/2006 Not known.
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Connecticut River
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The AT crosses the Connecticut River on a highway bridge .2 mile east of US 5 and I-91 (Exit 13) in VT. The official south end of this section is the west (or Vermont) end of the bridge over the river. There does not appear to be much parking available here. There is a parking lot on the north side of the road on the east (NH) side of the river, but there is a sign that says that at least some if not all of this is permit parking for Dartmouth College. The placement of the sign makes it unclear if this applies to the whole parking area. The AT follows West Wheelock St. for 1/2 mile between the river and NH 10 in Hanover (difficult metered parking), south on NH 10 (Main Street) to the next traffic light where it turns left (east) onto NH 120 (Lebanon ST). It then follows NH 120 for .6 mile to a service station. There, the AT turns left, leaving Lebanon St, and skirts the edge of a playing field for a short distance before turning into woods. Parking is not permitted in this area, but a Dartmouth College parking lot is available for hikers, who should stop at the DOC office in Robinson Hall on the green for instructions. 7/15/2008 1

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