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Section 3 - VT 12 to Sherburne Pass Displayed from North to South

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VT 12
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The AT crosses VT 12, 4.4 miles north of Woodstock. 3/3/2006
The crossing is also 12.2 miles south of VT 107 in Bethany. There is an AT parking lot just north of the AT crossing. It is not easily visible from the highway, particularly northbound. The lot is on the west side, Look for a break in the guard rails. A short but steep driveway descends to the parking lot. The lot is indicated by the marker on the satellite view of the attached map. From the lot the northbound trail (to Section 2) goes south then bears east and crosses the road. The southbound trail (to Section 3) goes west, crossing a footbridge. 8/1/06 5-6 1
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King Camp Road
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See directions for Lookout Farms Road (mile 5.3) See Mile 5.3. Follow the eroded old road from the parking area. At the Y, take the left fork which is King Camp Road. In about 0.1 mile, The northbound AT comes in from the right, turns right on King Camp Road and follows it south for about 0.2 miles before going left off of it. 8/1/06 See Mile 5.3
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Lookout Farm Road
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From the intersection of US 4 and VT 12, proceed north on VT 12 for approximately 6 miles. Go left (west) on Lakota Road. This and subsequent roads are good gravel roads. In 0.2 miles turn left (south) on Schoolhouse Road. In another 0.4 miles go right on Green Gate Road. Somewhere this changes name to Lookout Farms Road. Continue another 1.5 miles to where the gravel road makes a sharp right turn. There is a parking area on the left. An eroded old road continues west from the parking area. It is unblazed but the route is clear. This turns slowly to the south and climbs 0.4 miles to an Y intersection, Take the right fork which actually goes more or less straight ahead. The grade moderates and the crossing of the AT is reached in about 0.1 mile. Left is northbound, right is southbound. 7/31/06 4-6
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W 72.62848 N 43.67039 08/18/08 1
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Chateauguay Road
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Chateauguay Rd is .6 mile from the AT at a point 9.2 miles from VT 12. To reach the AT via Chateauguay Rd., proceed 2.2 miles north on hard-surfaced road from Bridgewater Corners at us 4 to Bridgewater Center, continue north on dirt road along the North Branch of the Ottauquechee River to fork at 7.1 miles. Follow the right fork to house on right at 7.8 miles. Continue on foot to the AT junction at 8.4 miles. From the fork, the road may be too wet to be passable by car. 3/32006
The GMC suggests approach from the south (see above) but from what I have read and heard, access from the north is easier, though still difficult. Follow Route 12 north about 10.5 miles from Woodstock to the intersection with West (or West Hill) Road in Barnard. Go left (west) on this road for 1.2 miles to an intersection. Take the road to the left which is Chateauguay Road. This is initially a very good quality gravel road which starts to get narrower and a little more bumpy. In approximately 2.3 miles, a road (the name of which I have forgotten but according to maps may be Morgan Hill Road) comes in from the left. Continue on Chateauguay Road. In another half mile or so, the quality of the road dramatically decreases. There might be parking at this spot. I have heard of people making it to the AT crossing in passenger cars, but I would never do it unless I had a high clearance vehicle. On my first experience when I got on the road by mistake, my power steering fluid line got cut by a rock in the road. On the second visit I drove another half mile from the end of the good road, found a place where I could pull of the road and park, then walked the rest of the way. It is about a 1.5 miles from the end of the good road to the AT crossing. The road near the crossing is actually in pretty good shape. If one does drive all the way, there is a small clearing on the left (east) side of the road where parking is available. There are white arrows marking the crossing. (Note: I have not been back since 2003 so conditions may have changed.) The northbound AT goes east, crossing Mink Brook. The southbound AT goes west and starts to climb a hill. 8/1/06 6-8 1
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I just hiked this section last week and the approach from the south is wrong. It is not .6 miles from the house at 7.8 miles in from VT 4 (site says VT 12). It took me at least a 40 minute hike mostly uphill and it was confusing because the road looks like it ends but turns right into a partial jeep road. They are logging that area also and when we were there they had dropped a tree blocking the road. The approach from the North is much better and your directions are accurate. From the north (Barnard) I ended up parking on the side of the road though. There was one bad long (30 feet) rute so I didn't take the chance on getting stuck. After that the road was pretty good all the way to the trail. There is a fork to the right you need to take. I initially took the left fork, appeared more traveled and there was a house up that road. From where I parked it was a 25 minute walk. 06/07/07
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Stony Brook Road
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Stony Brook Road goes south from VT 107 near the small community of Riverside. It officially is in the town of Gaysville. The intersection is about 10 miles west of Exit 3 off I-89 and about 3 miles east of the interesection of VT 100 and VT 107. Initially it is a good gravel road. At 3.4 miles Smith Hill Road comes in from the left. Continue on Stony Brook Road. It becomes progressively narrower and more bumpy. Approximately 2.5 miles from Smith Brook Road the there is a large clearing on the left, the site of the old village of Notown. In 2003 it was full of logging equipment. Stony Brook Road bears right and noticeably deterioates after this point but is negotiable with passenger cars. It is probably another quarter mile to the trail crossing. There is small clearing on the left where parking is available. There is an old bridge on the east side of the clearing. Note: Conditions of road may have changed for better or worse since 2003. The northbound trail comes in from the west, turns right onto Stony Brook Road then in a short distance left across the clearing and crosses an old logging bridge across Stony Brook. 8/2/06 3-4 1
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The bridge was still out and we had to up upstream about 250 feet to get across. Parked my car on Saturday morning and then hiked to VT 12. Sunday, I hiked from Gifford Woods Part back to my car. No problems with it being there overnight. Noticed another car was there at least as long and did not see any problems with that one either 08/13/12 1 - could maybe park four there. 1
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October 2017. From its intersection with Vermont Route 107, Stony Brook Road heads 6.2 miles south to the AT. The first 5.5 miles is a well-maintained Class 3 gravel road. At 5.5 miles it narrows to a Class 4 road, less maintained, but still passable for many vehicles. I had no problem in a Subaru Forester. At Notown, 5.9 miles from Rt 107, there is a large clearing with plenty of space to park. You can walk the final 0.3 mile to the AT crossing in 6 minutes. You could drive the final 0.3 mile, but there is less room to park at the AT. The coordinates of the AT crossing are N 43.69122, W 72.72037. Stony Brook Road is in better shape than Chateauguay Road, making this AT crossing the better choice for those who do not have a high clearance off-road vehicle. Although there is evidence of logging in this area, as of 2017 it does not interfere with accessing the AT. The AT now crosses Stony Brook on a footbridge that GMC volunteers built in 2006. 11/07/17 10 or more could park at Notown. Maybe 2 could park at the AT crossing. 1
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River Road
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River Road goes north from US4/ VT 100 in the community of Sherburne Center. This is 2 miles east of the point where the routes split and VT 100 goes north. It is 4.3 miles northwest of the pont where the routes split and VT 100 goes south. The AT crosses River Road about 1.6 miles north of the highway. and 0.1 miles north of the intersection of River Road and Thundering Brook Road. Limited roadside parking (2-3 cars) is available. There is also parking for 2-3 cars at the Thundering Brook Road intersection. Ample parking is available at the Sherburne Town Hall/ Recreation Complex 0.4 miles south on River Road. Until recently the northbound AT reached and then followed Thundering Brook Road about 0.5 miles to the intersection with River Road, then re-entered the woods on the other side of River Road and started to climb a hill. A new very nice relocation bypasses the road walk. The northbound relocation now reaches Thundering Brook Road, crosses it directly and then descends to the east passing very near scenic Thunder Brook Falls. It then uses board walks and bridges to cross the Ottauquechee River and its flood plain to reach River Road about 0.1 miles north of the former point. It then start climbing to rejoin the old route. The old stretch of AT from the Thundering Brook Road/ River Road intersection to the place where the new relocation begins is now blazed blue. 08/01/08 See directions
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The trail has been relocated (Great new AT bridge). 275 yds north of Thundering Brook Road and 225 yds south of Archie Baker Road. W 72.78219 N 43.68059 08/18/08 1
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Thundering Brook Road (West Junction)
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The AT partially follows Thundering Brook Rd west to Kent Pond. It is approximately .3 miles south from Kent Rond to US 4 on Thundering Brook Rd. 3/3/2006
VT 100
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The AT crosses VT 100 at the maintenance driveway of Gifford Wods State Park which is .3 mile north of the intersection of US 4 and VT 100. 3/3/06
Start at the intersection where VT 100 goes north from US 4 in Killington. This VT 100/US 4 intersection is just across from the main entrance road to the Killington Ski Area. Go north on VT 100 for approximately 0.3 miles. There is a large parking lot on the right with a sign for Kent Pond Access. This is primarily for fishermen and boaters, but I saw no signs prohibiting either hikers or overnight parking. There is a parking pull off a few feet further north where parking is also possible. The sign there only prohibits winter parking. Both these areas can be seen on the satellite view of the attached map. The northbound AT reaches the west side of VT 100 just north of the road to the maintenance shops for Giffords Woods State Park. It crosses the smaller parking lot then goes through a short area of brush to the bigger parking lot. See attached map. 08/07/08 Many 1
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Sherburne Pass Trail (North Junction)
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This is the old route of the AT/LT which crossed US 4 at the Inn at the Long Trail at the crest of Sherburne Pass. It is now a blue-blazed trail. There is ample parking in a large dirt lot on the south side of US 4 across from the Inn. This can be seen on the satellite view of the attached map. Also see pictures for Section 4. The trail runs just east of the parking lot. Be VERY careful crossing the highway. It is one of the scarier road crossings I have encountered. Traffic moves very fast and sight distances are short. On the north side of the highway, the trail climbs 0.5 miles to meet the AT. This used to be Maine Junction where the AT and Long Trail separated, but because of the relocation, Maine Junction is now 0.9 miles west in Willard Gap. 8/2/06 Ample Parking 1
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The trailhead is on US 4, 9.3 miles east of US 7 in Rutland and 1.4 miles west of VT 100. 8/2/06
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US 4
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The AT/LT no longer crosses US 4 at the Inn at the Long Trail which is at the summit of Sherburne Pass. It crosses the highway 1.0 miles to the west of the Inn and about 0.2 miles west of the entrance to Pico Peak Ski Area. The crossing is 8.6 miles west of Rutland and 2.4 miles west of Killington. There is a relatively new parking area just east of the crossing. See pictures for Section 4. A trail goes west from the parking area along the side of the highway for a couple of hundred feet to meet the AT/LT. The northbound AT/LT (to Section 3) crosses the highway and goes north. The southbound AT/LT (to Section 4) goes south (left) into the woods. 08/06/08 6-8 1
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There has been vandalism at the parking lot across from the Inn at Long Trail. For example, recently the catalytic converter and a portion of the tailpipe were taken off my my Toyota Tacoma truck while it was parked there for a couple of weeks. 10/02/10
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