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Section 4 - Sherburne Pass to VT 103 Displayed from North to South

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US 4 - Sherburne Pass
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GPS: 43.666214, -72.848619
The AT/LT no longer crosses US 4 at the Inn at the Long Trail which is at the summit of Sherburne Pass. It crosses the highway 1.0 miles to the west of the Inn and about 0.2 miles west of the entrance to Pico Peak Ski Area. The crossing is 8.6 miles east of Rutland and 2.4 miles west of Killington. There is a relatively new parking area just east of the AT crossing. See pictures.
A trail goes west from the parking area along the side of the highway for a couple of hundred feet to meet the AT/LT. The northbound AT/LT (to Section 3) crosses the highway and goes north. The southbound AT/LT (to Section 4) goes south (left) into the woods. 8/24/17 09/13/17 8-10 1
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1.6 miles east on 103 from Sherburne Pass, the Killington Welcome Center has a park and ride, and is very willing to welcome section hiker vehicles. It seems like a busier, safer area to leave a vehicle than by the Inn. 12/04/17 1 1
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Sherburne Pass Trail (South Junction)
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This is the old route of the AT/LT which crossed US 4 at the Inn at the Long Trail at the crest of Sherburne Pass. It is now a blue-blazed trail.The trailhead is on US 4, 9.3 miles east of US 7 in Rutland and 1.4 miles west of VT 100. There is ample parking in a large dirt lot on the south side of US 4 across from the Inn. This can be seen on the satellite view of the attached map. Also see pictures for this section. The Trailhead is just to the east of the parking area. This climbs steadily, then contours around the east side of Pico Peak, passes Pico Camp and reaches the junction with the AT/LT at 2.9 miles from the start. The northbound AT/LT goes right, the southbound AT/LT is straight ahead. 8/3/06 Ample Parking 1
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Bucklin Trail
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I have not checked out this trail nor the trailhead. Info from GMC 'Long Trail Guide', 25th edition. From Sherburne Pass follow US 4 west 4.3 miles. Turn south onto Wheelerville Road. Go 4.0 miles to a sharp turn (Brewers Corners) and the trailhead. Roadside parking is reportedly possible here, Do not block woods roads when parking. The 'Long Trail Guide' gives directions to this point from Rutland, but these are complex and will not be reproduced here. This trail provides access to the AT/LT and Mt. Killington from the west. From the trailhead it is 3.3 miles to the AT/LT, reaching it about 0.1 miles north of Cooper Lodge. 08/16/06 Roadside parking
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Between Wheelerville Rd and Killington has a marked trailhead and parking area off Wheelerville. I hike this trail often. 07/04/10
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Killington Spur
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This access uses the Killington Gondola to get to the top of Killington peak, then this trail descends to the AT/LT. Follow the road into the Killington Resort. This leaves US 4 on the east side of Sherburne Pass. Follow the road to the gondola station at the end. Ample parking, but I do not know the situation regarding overnight parking. Take the K1 Gondola to its upper terminal almost to the top of Killington. This runs most 10AM-5PM most of the summer (weather permitting). As far as I can tell from their website, a single ride costs $15 (as of Aug. 2006). Take the short trail to the actual summit of Killington. On the top the blue blazed Killington Spur descends VERY steeply to the west, reaching the AT/LT in 0.2 miles just south of Cooper Lodge. Northbound is to the right, southbound is to the left. 8/2/06 Ample parking at gondola station
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On the satellite view of the attached map, the base for the K1 Gondola is at the end of the road in the upper right. The summit end is the larger of the two small light areas in the lower left. The smaller white area is probably the actual summit reached by a short trail from the lift. The Killington Spur descends steeply west from the summit. 08/05/08 1
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Shrewsbury Peak Trail
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I have not taken this trail and have only passed by the trailhead. Info from GMC 'Long Trail Guide', 25th ed. The trailhead is on the gravel CCC Road which connects North Shrewsbury and VT 100. The junction with the CCC road and VT 100 is 10.7 miles north of the junction of VT 100 and 103 and 3.1 miles south of the junction of VT 100 and US 4. The trailhead is 3.0 miles east of North Shrewsbury and 3.5 miles west of VT 100. There is a parking lot at the trailhead. This trail leads generally west crossing the summit of Shrewsbury Peak, then continuing to meet the AT/LT 4.0 miles from the start. The junction is on the south side of Little Killington. The nortbound AT/LT is right, the southbound is left. 08/16/06 Several in parking lot
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The GMC 'Long Trail Guide' (25th ed.) suggests the Black Swamp Trail as an easier alternative to Shrewsbury Peak and the AT/LT. I have not checked out the trail or the trailhead. The trailhead is at the intersection of Black Swamp Road and CCC Road 4.5 miles east of North Shrewsbury, 1.3 miles east of the Shrewsbury Peak Trail and 1.4 miles west of VT 100. Black Swamp Road is apparently gated much of the year. Follow it 0.8 miles to its end then continue another 1.3 miles on a blazed trail to meet the Shrewsbury Peak Trail 0.1 miles north of Shrewsbury Peak and 2.1 miles south of the LT/AT. 08/17/06 Not known
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Upper Cold River Road
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There is access to both Upper and Lower Cold River Roads from Clarendon and Rutland to the west, but I have always come via Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury can be accessed from VT 103, 0.7 miles east of the AT/LT crossing of that highway (See Mile 17.4). Follow Lincoln Hill Road 2.5 miles east to Shrewsbury. Alternatively, take Town Hill Road north from the community of Cuttingsville. This meets Lincoln Hill Road in 1.8 miles. Go right 0.3 miles further to Shrewsbury. From there follow the paved road which makes a sharp left just to the east of town. It is 2.8 mile further to North Shrewsbury. Go left on Cold River Road. There is an old grocery store on the right. Just past the fire station, go right on gravel Upper Cold River Road. The AT/LT crossing is 2.2 miles from the intersection of the Upper and Lower Cold River Roads (mileage estimated from Maptech software). Parking is limited. I parked on the south side just to the west of the trail crossing on the remnants of what was a farm road. 8/5/2006 1-2 1
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Exact Address for GPS: 3500 Upper Cold River Road 08/18/08
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Cold River Road (Lower Road)
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Upper Cold River and Cold River Roads Connects North Clarendon on US 7 to the west of the AT, and North Shrewsbury, to the east of the AT. 3/3/2006
See directions to Cold River Road in North Shrewsbury (mile 11.9). Stay on Lower Cold River Road. It is 2.4 miles west to the crossing of the AT/LT. This route is all on paved roads. Alternatively, one can follow gravel Kieffer Road from Shrewsbury. This goes north from the main road through Shrewsbury just before the latter makes a sharp left turn. It is 2.2 miles to the intersection with (Lower) Cold River Road. The crossing is about 0.2 miles to the right. I have not parked here, but as I recall, there wasn't much in the way of places to park. The GMC 'Long Trail Guide' (25th ed.) there is limited parking on the north side the road just past a bridge. Note: The "Long Trail Guide" says it is 7.3 miles west to US 7 in Rutland, but I have never taken this route so don't know details. The northbound AT/LT reaches Cold River Road, turns right on the road to cross the Cold River on a bridge, then goes left onto a wood road. 08/17/06 Limited roadside parking. 1
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Exact address for GPS: 7500 Cold River Road 08/18/08
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Kieffer Road
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See directions to Shrewsbury (Mile 11.9) and Kieffer Road (Mile 13.4). Follow gravel Kieffer Road for 2.0 miles (distance estimated from Maptech software) to the trail crossing. I don't recall seeing many places to park. Any parking would be roadside. The northbound AT/LT bears left on Kieffer Road, then goes right into a field and descends towards Cold River Road. 08/17/06 Limited parking at best 1
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Lottery Road
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See Mile 11.9 for directions to Shrewsbury, which is a very small town. If coming from the west, turn left at what pases for the town green, then immediately go left again on Lottery Road. If coming from the east bear right on Lottery Hill road at the east end of the green. Go west on the gravel road for 2.0 miles (estimated from Maptech Software) to the AT/LT Trail crossing. 8/5/06 Limited roadside parking
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In Cuttingsville, Vermont
W 72.89967 N 43.52770
08/18/08 1
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VT 103
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The AT/LT crosses VT 103 at the Green Mountain RR crossing by Clarendon Gorge 2.2 miles east of US 7, 7.7 miles east of Rutland and 3 miles west of Cuttingsville. There is a large dirt parking lot on the south side of the highway. The southbound AT/LT goes south from the east side of the parking lot descending in a short distance to the impressive Clarendon Gorge. The northbound AT/LT crosses the highway and starts to climb towards Clarendon Lookout. 8/5/06 ample parking 1
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WARNING: A hiker had an unfortunate experience in Vermont. Started a week-long section hike with brother and parked their vehicle at VT 103 (Clarendon Gorge)on Sat. June 2nd. Parked other vehicle at Vt 11/30 and hiked north. Arrived at Vt 103 on June 4th to find passenger window smashed and vehicle vandalized. Vt State Trooper who investigated the crime indicated that this happens frequently at this location. 6/5/07

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