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Section 6 - Danby-Landgrove Road to VT11/30 Displayed from North to South

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Danby-Landgrove Road - USFS 10
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.6 mile east of the Big Branch Picnic Area and 3.5 miles east of Danby on US 7 and 10.3 miles west of North Langrove. The road, not maintained during the winter, is paved from the AT crossing west to Danby but is gravel east to North Landgrove. 3/3/2006 1
The parking area is on the north side of the road. The northbound trail to Little Rock Pond (and Section 5) goes north from the parking lot. The southbound trail (to Section 6) goes east along USFS 10.
ample parking
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The AT/LT crosses Danby-Landgrove Road, also known as Mt Tabor Road. Access the road from Danby, VT located on Rt. 7. Take Danby-Landgrove Road/Mt Tabor Road east 2 ½ miles over a mountain on a twisting road. The road is paved most of the way. It does turn to gravel right before you reach the trail crossing. There is a very large paved parking lot on the right just after the road passes over a brook (called either Little Black Brook or Big Black Brook, depending on what map I look at). There is a gorgeous outhouse by the parking lot. One of the trail's finest. The parking lot is huge. 08/25/06 50-60
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On Sunday morning, July 25, there was a red Subaru with New York tags in the paved parking lot where the AT crosses USFS 10 with its passenger window broken and the radio missing. 08/01/09
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Danby-Landgrove Road (Upper Junction)
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From the northern end of Section 6 at the parking area for Little Rock Pond (see Mile 0.0), the southbound trail goes east on USFS 10 for 0.2 miles then turns right (south) and goes into the woods. There is a parking pulloff on the right side of the road that could accomodate a couple of cars.
8/15/06 2-3
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Old Job Trail (N. Jct.)
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I have checked out the trailhead for this trail, but have not hiked it. Follow USFS 10 east out of Danby, passing the AT/LT crossing. At 6.9 miles from Danby, go right on USFS 30, another gravel road. The driveable part of the road ends in 2.3 miles. This is an old route of the AT/LT which mostly follows an old wood road. From the end of USFS 30, go north. Eventually the trail bears west and meets the AT/LT 0.1 miles south of the Big Branch suspension bridge. Southbound is to the left, northbound is to the right. Total distance from the trailhead is 2.0 miles. (Information from GMC Long Trail Guide 25th ed.) 9/8/06 6-8
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Baker Peak Trail
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This trail, which I have not taken, has the same trailhead as the Lake Trail (See Mile 6.9) Follow the lake Trail 1.9 miles to the intersection with the Baker Peak Trail. Go left on this and continue to climb, meeting the AT/LT in 0.9 miles. The Baker Peak trail actually goes left here and coincides with the northbound AT/LT for 0.1 miles, climbing over rocks to reach the summit of Baker Peak with its spectacular views. The Baker Peak Trail officially ends at the summit. 8/14/06 5-6 reportedly
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Lake Trail
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I have not hiked this trail nor checked out the trail head. Information from GMC Long Trail Guideand 50 Hikes in Vermont (5th ed.). From Danby follow US 7 south for 2.1 miles, then turn left (east) onto South End Road. Follow this 0.5 miles to a parking lot and the trailhead. This mostly follows a carriage road 3.3 miles from the valley to the AT/LT near Griffith Lake. At the junction with the AT/LT, southbound on the latter to the Lake is to the right. Northbound to Baker Peak is to the left. 8/14/06 5-6 reportedly
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Old Job Trail (S. Jct.)/Griffith Lake Trail
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See directions to the AT crossing of Mad Tom Notch Road (USFS 21). Go approximately another 0.5 miles west to the junction with USFS 58. Go right (north) on the latter. Continue about 2 miles to the gate at the end of the road. The marker on the attached map indicates this trailhead. Note: The trailhead is apparently unofficially known as Porky Point. Porcupines love salt and will chew anything with it, including brake lines with road salt. Signs at the trailhead warn you to check your car if you leave it overnight. I have seen the GMC Griffith Lake caetakers car with chicken wire around it for protection. I do not know how frequently this is a problem, but be aware. This is the easiest and shortest access to Griffith Lake, yet the GMC is totally silent about it in their literature, including the Long Trail Guide. The Griffth Lake caretaker and trail crews use it for access. However the Green Mountain National Forest recognizes it as an official trail, calling it the Griffith Lake Trail. Information about it is available on their website. From the gate follow the unblazed old road about 2 miles, going mostly gradually downhill. This comes out on the west shore of Griffith Pond. At the north end of the lake, the road deterioates to a footpath. Bear right a short distance to meet the AT/LT. The south end of the Old Job Trail also meets the AT/LT here. There is a sign for the Old Job Trail, but not this one. Southbound on the AT/LT at this point is right, northbound is left. 3/03/16 4-6 1
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See directions to the trailhead for the north branch of the Old Job Trail (Mile 1.5). This is also the trailhead for this portion of the Old Job Trail. This is an old route of the AT/LT. From the trailhead bear south on a gated wood road. The trail mostly follow this road to meet the AT/LT at the north end of Griffith Lake. The unmarked Griffith Lake Trail to USFS 58 begins on the other side of the junction. The southbound AT/LT goes left, the northbound goes right. 8/13/06 6-8
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USFS21 is a gravel road which intersects the AT/LT. From this point, it is 2.5 miles east to GMNF Hapgood Pond Recreation Area and 4.3 miles east to Peru on VT 11. 3/3/2006 1
From VT 11, take the turnoff north to Peru. This is 3.5 mi. east of the junction with VT 30 (near the Bromley Ski Area) and 4.4 mi. west of the junction with VT 100. In 0.3 miles, just past Hapgoods store, take the left fork which is the Hapgood Pond Road. In 1.0 miles bear left onto North Road. Initially paved this soon becomes a good gravel road. The second left, which is about 0.5 miles past the end of the pavement, is gravel Mad Tom Notch Road. The Trail crossing is 2.1 miles west along this road. Ther is a dirt parking area just to the west of the crossing. From the parking area walk east along the road to the crossing. The northbound trail to Griffith Lake goes left (north), the southbound trail to Bromley Mt. goes right (south). 8/13/06 8-10
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The AT crosses USFS 21, aka Mad Tom Notch Road, back a long gravel road with lots of ruts and rocks, but still passable in a non-four wheel drive vehicle. Access Mad Tom Notch Road via the town of Peru located on VT Rt 11. Take North Road north out of Peru. In about 1 mile North Road splits off to the left at an acute angle, maybe 30 degrees. It is easy to miss this because that appears to be a side road and not a continuation of North Road. In about ½ mile you reach Mad Tom Notch Road. Take a left and travel up the continually degrading road. The trail crosses at the top where there is a large parking lot. 08/25/06 8-10
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Bromley Mt.
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The entrance to the Bromley Ski Area is on VT 11 about a mile east of the junction with VT 30 and about 1.5 miles east of the AT/LT crossing. When running, the ski lift to the top of Bromley provides access to the trail at the summit. However other than ski season, this lift runs only on weekends in the fall. During the summer, there is a lift which will take people to the top of the Alpine Slide. From there ski trails may be followed to the summit. 08/18/06 Ample parking 1
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VT 11/30 - Manchester-Peru Hwy
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The AT/LT crosses VT11/30 4.5 miles east of the interchange with the the limited access US 7 highway in Manchester (near the area known as Manchester Depot). The crossing is about 1.5 miles east of the Bromley Mountain ski area and 0.5 miles west of the point where VT 11 and VT 30 divide with VT 30 going south. There is a large paved parking lot on the north side of the highway. While this lot is large, I have seen it filled to overflowing on fall weekends. Note: The marker on the attached map indicates the parking lot.

The northbound trail (to the summit of Bromley and the rest of Section 6) goes east from the far end of the parking lot. The southbound trail (to Section 7) crosses the highway (Caution!) and goes south.

Ample Parking but see directions 1
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