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VT 11/30 - Manchester-Peru Hwy
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The AT/LT crosses VT11/30 4.5 miles east of the interchange with the the limited access US 7 highway in Manchester (near the area known as Manchester Depot). The crossing is about 1.5 miles east of the Bromley Mountain ski area and 0.5 miles west of the point where VT 11 and VT 30 divide with VT 30 going south. There is a large paved parking lot on the north side of the highway. While this lot is large, I have seen it filled to overflowing on fall weekends. Note: The marker on the attached map indicates the parking lot. The northbound trail (to the summit of Bromley and the rest of Section 6) goes east from the far end of the parking lot. The southbound trail (to Section 7) crosses the highway (Caution!) and goes south. 8/15/06 Ample Parking but see directions 1
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Old Rootville Road
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From the interchange area where limited access US 7 meets VT 11/30 in Manchester, go east on VT11/30 about 0.5 miles. This area is known as Manchester Depot. Turn right on Rootville Road. The Chalet Motel is on the left here. Go about 0.5 miles to the end of the maintained road. There is a a small white water tower on the right. See next listing for current parking information. The maintained portion of Rootville Road ends a short distance beyond the water tower. The end of the maintained road is indicated by the marker on the attached map. To reach the AT continue along the road which goes generally south. It climbs fairly steeply at times, climbing 1100 feet in 1.8 miles to meet the AT/LT. At this point the northbound trail goes left while the southbound trail continues straight ahead on Old Rootville Road. There is a short side trail to the right which leads to the not to be missed view from Prospect Rock. UPDATED 09/04/17 1
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As of 8/20/17 there are signs saying No Parking Violators will be Towed all around the parking area near the water tower. There is parking for three to four cars a little ways down, plus some more pull over spots on the side of the road. 08/21/17 3-4 1
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Branch Pond Trail
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I have not taken this trail though I have checked out one of the trailheads. The main trailhead is on Arlington/West Wardsboro Road (AKA Kelly Stand Road) 2.1 miles west of the AT/LT crossing (See Mile 17.4). There is space for one car on the north side of the road at the trail head and space for another four on the north side of the road further to the west. Given its length, this is really more of an alternate trail than an access. However combined with part of the Lye Brook Trail, it does provide access of reasonable length to Stratton Pond. See Mile 10.5. The Branch Pond Trail itself goes north passing Bourn Pond and Douglas Shelter, reaching the AT/LT in 8.3 miles. The northbound AT/LT goes left, the southbound goes right. Much of the trail is in the Lye Brook Wilderness Area where trail maintenance standards are purposedly lower. 08/18/06 4-5 cars roadside
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Another access to the Branch Pond Trail reportedly is from the boat ramp at Branch Pond. From the AT/LT parking lot on Kelly Stand Road (See Mile 17.4) drive west about 4 miles (estimated from Maptech software) to USFS 70. Continue another 2.5-3 miles to the boat ramp area where there is supposedly parking. I have never checked out this trailhead so information is from the GMC 'Long Trail Guide' (25th ed.) A spur leads east 0.3 miles to meet the Branch Pond Trail 1.8 miles from the trailhead (See above). From the junction of the spur and the Branch Pond Trail, it is 2.5 miles to Bourn Pond and 6.5 miles to the northern end of the Branch Pond Trail at the AT/LT. 08/31/06 Not known
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Stratton Pond (Lye Brook Trail)
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I have not checked out this trail nor its trail head except to note the junction with the AT/LT. Information from GMC 'Long Trail Guide' (25th ed.). 'From VT 7A in Manchester Center follow VT 11/30 east 1.9 miles and then turn right onto East Mancehster Road. Follow this road 1.2 miles to Glen Road and turn left. Continue straight on a short access road where Glen Road bears left at 0.1 mile. A parking lot and trailhead are 0.4 miles from that junction.' The Lye Brook Trail goes 9.7 miles to meet the AT/LT at the southeast corner of Stratton Pond. Thus if starting from the Manchester area, this is a very long access. Be sure to read the trail description in the 'Long Trail Guide'. Since most of it is in the Lye Brook Wilderness, trail maintenance standards are low and parts of the trail west of Bourn Pond may be hard to follow. 08/18/06 Not known
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A combination of the Branch Pond Trail (see mile 5.8) and Lye Brook Trail provides another access to Stratton Pond. Follow the Branch Pond Trail north 4.3 miles from Kelly Stand Road (or follow the spur from Branch Pond to the Branch Pond Trail, then go north 2.5 miles) to reach the Lye Brook Trail just south of Bourn Pond. Go right on the Lye Brook Trail for 2.4 miles to meet the AT/LT at the southeast corner of Stratton Pond. 08/31/06
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Stratton Pond Trail
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The parking lot for the Stratton Pond Trail, which is indicated by the marker on the satellite view of the attached map, is on the north side of Kelly Stand Road, about a mile west of the AT/LT crossing. See Mile 17.4 The Stratton Pond Trail provides the shortest, easiest access to Stratton Pond. The trail starts just to the east of the parking lot. It goes north 3.7 miles over relatively level terrain to meet the LT/AT about 0.1 miles south of the pond. The northbound AT/LT goes straight ahead, the southbound trail goes right towards the summit of Stratton Mt. 08/18/06 6-8 1
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Because of damage from Hurricane Irene, Kelly Stand Road is closed west of the AT crossing. This was true as of mid June 2012. Thus the trailhead for the Stratton Pond Trail may currently not be accessible by vehicles. 07/22/12
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USFS 341
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This is more of a shortcut than an access. It provides the most direct access to Stratton Pond from the AT/LT parking lot on Kelly Stand Road (See Mile 17.4). It bypasses the climb over Stratton Mountain. Follow the AT/LT northbound 1.4 miles to the intersection with a gravel road (USFS 341). Go left on this road. It passes several marshes and beaver ponds and crosses the AT/LT again at Mile 11.7 in about 2.5 miles. Go left (trail north) on the AT/LT for another mile to reach Stratton Pond. 08/31/06
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Summit South Pk. Stratton Mt.
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When it is operating the Gondola from the Stratton Ski Area provides access. The Stratton Mr. access road leave VT 30 in the town of Bondsville. Parking should be ample. I;m not sure about the possibility of overnight parking. According to the Stratton Mt. website, the gondola runs on summer weekends and on selected holidays. It runs to the north peak of the mountain. For there a 0.7 mile trail runs to the south summit where it meets the AT/LT 09/04/06 Ample parking
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Arlington-West Wardsboro Road
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The official southern end of this section is at the parking lot just east of the point where the Arlington-West Wardsboro Rd (AKA Kelly Stand Road) crosses the East Branch of the Deerfield River. To reach Kelly Stand Road from the east, follow VT 100 8.5 mi. south from VT 30 in East Jamica or 13.6 mi. north from VT 9 in Wilmington. At the intersection go west towards Stratton (the town, not the ski area). The parking lot is 6.8 miles along this road. From the west take Exit 3 off the limited access US 7. Go west on VT 313 for 0.1 miles to the first right which is South Road. Continue on South Road 0.6 miles to its end at Kansas Road. Go right and follow this 0.7 miles to a fork just after a bridge. The right fork is Kelly Stand Road. From this point it is 10.8 miles to the parking lot. There is a parking lot for the Stratton Pond Trail a mile before this lot just after the intersection with USFS 71. Do not let this confuse you. The road is not maintained in the winter from Arlington to Stratton. Much of the road to the east to West Wardsboro is paved but west to Arlington it is a narrow, gravel, and sometimes impassable road in wet weather. The southbound AT/LT (to Section 8) goes west along the road, crossing the East Branch of the Deerfield River and then in 200 feet goes south into the woods. The northbound AT (to Stratton Mountain and Section 7) leaves from the northeast corner of the parking lot.

Ample Parking

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