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Section 9 - Bennington-Brattleboro Highway to Mass. 2 Displayed from North to South

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Bennington-Brattleboro Hwy - VT 9
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VT 9 is a major highway crossing the Green Mountains. The AT crossing is 5.1 miles east of Bennington, 2.8 miles west of Woodford, and 4.8 miles west of Woodford State Park. Roadside theft and vandalism have occurred frequently at this crossing. Do not leave valuable in your vehicle. 3/3/2006 ample parking
There is an large paved parking lot on the north (compass east) side of the highway just west (compass north) of the trail crossing. The parking lot is indicated by the marker on the attached map. To reach the AT/LT from the parking lot follow a wide path east from the northeast corner of the lot. This passes a bulletin board, a very fancy composting privy and then meets the AT/LT in a couple of hundred feet. The northbound trail (to Section 8) goes left, crosses City Stream on the McArthur Footbridge, then turns left and parallels the stream for a short distance before bearing right and starting to ascend. The soutbound AT/LT goes right from the parking lot spur, and almost immediately reaches VT 9. Turn right on the shoulder. There is a trail sign on the south side of the road indicating where the trail continues into Section 9. Alternatively the southbound trail could be accessed from the parking lot by turning left on the highway from the entrance to the lot. 08/16/06 Ample parking 1
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East of Bennington where AT crosses Hwy 9 We parked our car there and hiked to Dalton, MA. The car was fine when we returned four days later. 01/13/10 1
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Old Bennington-Heartwellville Road
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This is alternate route from VT 9 to the southbound AT/LT which bypasses the steep climb to Harmon Hill. Best parking is at the AT/LT parking lot on VT 9. Parking along Notch Road (see comments) is prohibited, but there was a dirt parking area on the east side of Notch Road where I parked for a day hike with no problems. This could accomodate several cars. Its position is indicated by the marker on the satellite view on the attached map. Note: This map shows Notch Road continuing due south. As far as I know, this does not exist. From the parking lot on VT 9, go east (compass south) along the shoulder of the highway to the first intersection which is with Notch Road. According to Maptech software, I estimate this to be 0.5 miles from the parking area, but the distance seemed much shorter than that when I actually walked it. Go right on Notch Road. This goes south then bears left and crosses Stamford Stream on a bridge and shortly dead-ends. Immediately after crossing the bridge, a wood road goes right (south) passing some houses. Follow this road south for about 2.5 miles. I would be hesitant to do this in a passenger car, but it is easy walking. The road climbs gradually and is generally never far from the stream. Some cabins are passed and eventually a crossroads is reached. (To the left this leads to a good gravel road in a few hundred feet. This might provide access but I do not know how to reach this from VT 9). Go right at the crossroads. This old road descends briefly to cross Stamford Stream (might be difficult under high water conditions) then climbs moderately to reach the AT/LT about a mile from the crossroads. Total distance from the VT 9 parking area is 4.3 miles according to estimates from the Maptech software. Northbound (to Harmon Hill) and VT 9 is right, southbound (to Congdon Shelter and the MA/VT state line) is to the left. 08/30/06 See directions 1
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The AT/LT can also be accessed from the west via this old road. From the intersection of VT 9 and US7 in Bennington, go east on VT 9. In a mile bear right on Burgess Road and follow that until the maintained portion ends. I have seen the trail head but have not hiked this route. Parking appears to be minimal at the end of Burgess Road. Continue straight ahead on the old road past a gate. It is 2-3 miles from here to the AT/LT crossing. 08/31/06 Minimal parking at best
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Sucker Pond Road
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See Old Bennington-Heartwellville Road (Mile 3.7) for some parking options. The last 2 miles of this alternate route to the southbound AT/LT is over a gravel road. This gravel road deterioates as it approaches Sucker Pond. Parking might be possible along this road. This road can be followed from VT 9, but I don't know where it meets that highway. This is a more open route than the AT which stays in the woods. The road passes several marshes and meadows. At the crossroads mentioned in the first listing for Mile 3.7. go left and reach a gravel road in a few hundred feet. This is where the road bends fairly sharply, the northbound road going east, the southbound going south. I think the road straight ahead at the crossroads also reaches this gravel road, but I didn't check it out. Continue south on the gravel road for approximately 2 miles to the AT/LT crossing. It is a total of 5.5 miles to this point from the parking lot on VT 9. Straight ahead the road leads to Sucker Pond (Bennington Water Supply) in 0.1 mile. The southbound trail to Consulation Peak and the VT/MA state line goes left, the northbound to Congdon Shelter goes right. 08/30/06 See Directions
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County Road
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Approximately 3 mi north of the MA border the AT crosses County Road. There is room for a couple of cars to park. Access County Road about 1 mi north of Stamford, VT on Route 8, take county road west for about 4 miles. County Road is also know as Newcombe Road and Old County Road. You can also access this spot from North Adams. Take West Road north out of town and keep going. At about 2.5 miles take a right at the Y. In another 1.5 mile you hit County road and take a left. From this point it is less than a mile to the trail crossing. The AT signs are small and easily missed. If you reach the power line you have just passed it. If you go past the power line your vehicle is better than mine. The gullies are deep. 08/25/06 2
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On Rt. 8 in Stamford, VT going north from N. Adams take Mill Road to the left and follow it to the trail crossing. Mill Road is located after some school crossing signs. 06/07/07
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Access County Road via Mill Road off Rte 8 in Stamford, VT. Mill Road turns into County Road
Old County Road off Rte 8 is closed before it connects with County Road. I would delete the sentence "County Rd is also known as Newcombe Road and Old County Road." 10/11/07 3 or 4 1
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The map attached here shows the approximate location of the parking at the trail crossing of County Road. 04/23/10 1
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On July 1, 2011 parking area accessible from Stamford, VT via Mill Road and then County Road. A couple of (passable) water holes and stones. 07/07/11 1
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Parking is okay if you have 4W drive and the road isn't washed out. I made it to about 1/4 mile from the parking area w/my Honda Accord and my partner walked along the side of the car directing me around rocks and puddles. My hiking partner''s truck was waiting there and he walked to it the rest of the way. This was in early July, 2013. Note that turning around on this road is difficult at best so if you aren''t able to turn your car around on a one lane dirt road, do not try it. 07/22/13 1
Broad Brook Trail
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Information from the GMC 'Long Trail Guide', 25th ed. See directions to the trailhead for the Pine Cobble Trail (mile 15.6). Follow these as far as the intersection of Cole Road and North Hoosac Road. From there proceed 0.8 miles west on North Hoosac Road and Bridges Road to White Oaks Road. Go north on White Oaks Road 1.2 miles to the VT/MA state line at the crossing of Broad Brook. Parking lot is on east side of road just past state line. The Long Trail Guide does not recommend long-term parking here. Follow the Broad Trail 3.7 miles to a dirt road. Go east on this 0.3 miles to the AT/LT. Be sure to consult the 'Long Trail Guide' for details about this trail. It crosses Broad Brook several times which can be difficult in high water conditions. 09/01/06 Not known
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MA/VT state line
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This point, which is the southern terminus of the Long Trail, is not not directly accessible by road. Closest accesss is County Road , 3.1 miles north of the state line. See Mile 11.2 08/30/06
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'98 Trail
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See directions to the trailhead for the Pine Cobble Trail (mile 15.6). Take the Pine Cobble Trail 0.8 miles to the junction with the '98 Trail (AKA Class of '98 Trail). Go left on the '98 Trail. It is 1.5 miles to the AT near Eph's Lookout. I hiked this section of AT in 1999 soon after the trail was built. I saw blue blazes but no signs. This undoubtedly has been rectified by now. 09/01/06 Not known
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Pine Cobble Trail
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I have not checked out this trail (except to see the junction with the AT) nor have I seen the trailhead. Information from GMC 'Long Trail Guide' and the Williams College on-line "Willipedia". From the junction of US 7 and MA 2 in Williamstown (MA), follow the latter highway east 0.6 miles then go left on Cole Avenue. In 0.8 miles Cole Avenue ends at North Hoosac Road. Go right on North Hoosac Road for 0.3 miles to Pine Cobble Road at the entrance to the Pine Cobble Housing Development. There is supposedly a sign for the trail at this intersection. Go left for 0.2 miles to the Pine Cobble Trailhead. A parking lot is across the road. The Pine Cobble Trail climbs toward the AT, passing the intersection with the '98 Trail at 0.8 miles and a spur going south 0.1 miles to the summit of Pine Cobble at 1.5 miles. The AT is reached at 2.1 miles. Northbound is left, southbound is right. 09/01/06 Not known
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MA 2 - North Adams
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The AT crosses the Hoosic River at MA 2, opposite Phelps Avenue, at a point 2.9 miles east of the Williamstown business area and 2.5 miles west of the center of North Adams. Cars may be parked with permission and at the owners risk at Scarafonis Ford dealership on MA 2, .8 miles east of the AT crossing.
I did day hikes in this region, one time parking at the Stop and Shop lot a couple of blocks west of the intersection of Phelps Avenue and MA 2, the other time parking along Phelps Avenue. Neither of these would be suitable for long-term parking. The latest edition of the AT Guide to MA/CT (11th ed.) suggests overnight parking might be available at the Greylock Community Club 100 yards east of the Trail on MA 2. Inquire first. 09/01/06 1
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Overnight Parking is allowed (call first and leave donation to fund their community programming) at the Greylock Community Club which is within site of the Phelps Ave A.T. crosswalk crossing. There is a new wooden sign denoting Appalachian Trail Parking. The lot is grass and you drive into the paved parking lot, then onto the grass from there. Check in with someone if the GCC is open by buzzing the buzzer on the door on the parking lot side. Official A.T. information kiosk and message board are on Phelps Ave at the Greylock Elementary School.
Also note, it is much more pleasureable to hike down the actual A.T. than the Pine Cobble Trail. The first 1/2 mile down from the A.T. junction is all fall line loose cobble. Not fun when tired. It is also a fairly steep trail, so if you have a heavy load, the extra mileage of the A.T. may actually feel better than trying to get up Pine Cobble (but to each their own).
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Note: In this section, all information from the VT/MA state line south to North Adams is the same information as in Massachusetts section 1.
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