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Section 1 - Sages Ravine to Route 41 (Salisbury, CT) Displayed from North to South

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  Appalachian Mountain Club - Connecticut Chapter chair @ Sages Ravine to Conn.-N.Y. line

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Sages Ravine Brook Crossing
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The north end of CT section 1 is actually in Massachusetts. The crossing of Sages Ravine Brook (AKA Sawmill Brook) has long been the boundary between the section maintained by the Berkshire (to the north) and the Connecticut (to the south) chapters of the Appalachian Mountain Club. It is not directly accessible by road. The only access to this point is via the AT. See below or MA Section 10 for access trails to the AT. Coordinates at the bridge are 42.0894, -73.4111. 11/22/06
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Paradise Lane Trail
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See Mile 2.3 (Riga Junction) for directions to the Undermountain Trail parking lot on CT Route 41. A map of the area around the parking lot is attached there. Follow the blue-blazed Undermountain Trail 1.1 miles from Route 41, then go right on the also blue-blazed Paradise Lane Trail. This passes a group camping site. From the junction with the Undermountain Trail, it is 2.1 miles to the AT very near the actual MA/CT state line on the north side of Bear Mountain. 11/23/06 10-12 1
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Northwest Road
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From the north follow directions for Guilder Pond (Mile 3.9 of MA section 10). At the entrance to the Mt. Everett Reservation continue straight ahead on the paved road (East St.) for another 4 miles. The road becomes gravel. There is a granite marker at the MA/Ct state line. The parking area is on the left in a few hundred feet past the state line. The road south of the state line is not plowed or maintained during the winter. The road is called Mt. Washington Road in CT. On the attached map, the marker indicates this parking area. GPS N 42.0493 W 73.4670. The AT may be reached by hiking in 1 mile on an old road, sometimes called Northwest Road. It passes the AMC Northwest Cabin and then roughly parallets the state boundary and intersectsthe AT on the north side of Bear Mountain. This intersection with the AT, which is not marked, is at the south end of the level area between the rim of Sages Ravine and the beginning of the ascent of Bear Mt. It is a few hundred feet south of the intersection of the AT and the Paradise Lane Trail. 07/27/11 4 1
From the south, follow directions to the parking area for the Lions Head Trail (Mile 4.9). At the intersection with Bunker Hill Road, go left on Mt. Riga Road. This soon becomes gravel and climbs to a T intersection near Forge Pond. Go right on gravel Mt. Washington Road. Continue 3 miles to the parking area on the right. Do not confuse this with the Bear Mountain Road area (see Mile 2.1) . This parking area is just a few hundred feet south of the state line, marked by a granite marker. Note: The route has far poorer roads than that from the north (see above) but it can easily be negotiated with care in a passenger car. While the total distance from Bunker Hill Road is only about 6 miles, it will probably take about 20-25 minutes to drive. 07/27/11 1

Bear Mountain Road
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South from the Mount Washington area of Massachusetts, on the gravel road East Street, about 0.3 mile south of the border. OR north from Salisbury CT along Mount Riga Road, then continuing on Mount Washington Road. The latter becomes East Street at the state boundary. Driving directly from Salisbury CT is not recommended, as parts of this road are more dirt than gravel. Just south of the Mass Conn Boundary are two parking areas on the east side of East Road or Mount Washington Road. The more northern parking area has a trail going to Sages Ravine, which is on the A.T north of Bear Mountain. See mile 0.8. The more southern parking area described here has a trail that goes to Riga Junction, which is on the A.T. south of Bear Mountain. These parking areas are alternatives to those on Highway 41, but are along a gravel road, are smaller than those on 41, and connect to trails much less traveled. Recommended only to those who prefer less traveled trails and trail-heads.
Some map programs, including Google, show the southern parking area as leading to a road. This is simply not correct. Even if there were not a gate, the path is impassible even to 4WD vehicles. 07/27/11
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This parking lot is about 0.2 miles further south on Mt. Washington Road than the one for Northwest Road. See mile 0.8 for details on Northwest Road. At the lot described here, there are signs that this is the trailhead for a hiking trail. I cannot remember if Bear Mountain Road is mentioned or not. GPS N 4204619 W 73.4668 From the parking area follow a gated old road southeast. This is the Bear Mountain Road, an old charcoal road from the days when the iron forges were active in the area. It is now impassable to vehicles. The route is gradually downhill to the AT. The AT joins the old road about 0.2 miles north. There are no signs or blazes to mark the intersection. The northbound AT goes left at the intersection and begins the climb of the cone of Bear Mountain. The southbound trail is right. It follows the old Road towards Riga Junction. 07/27/11 1
Riga Junction (Undermountain Trail)
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From the junction of CT route 41 and US44 in Salisbury, follow Route 41 north for 3.4 miles. The parking area is on the left (west) side of the road. It is marked by a blue oval sign with white lettering which reads "Undermountain Trail". Note the comment above about the popularity of the trail head. Parking might sometimes be a problem. The marker on the attached map indicates its position. Rotate the street view to the west to se the parking area, GPS N 42.0288 W 73.4287 The blue-blazed Undermountain Trail climbs about 1000 feet in 1.9 miles to reach the AT on the Riga Plateau. This intersection is called Riga Junction. The northbound AT (towards Bear Mt) goes right. The southbound trail (towards Lions Head and Salisbury) goes left. 05/29/17 10-12 1
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Lions Head Trail
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There are a number of ways to reach this point, but since Salisbury is a small New England town that believes in minimal street signs, the following is probably the easiest. From the intersection of CT Route 41 and US 44 in Salisbury, go north on Route 41 for about 0.6 miles to the intersection with Cobble Road. Go left (west). In 0.5 miles a T intersection (unsigned) is reached. Go right (north). In a short distance there is a sign point straight ahead to Bunker Hill Road. Continue on this to a hiker parking area on the right. This is about 1.5 miles from the T intersection with Cobble Road. Do not try to park any further north on Bunker Hill Road as it soon becomes a private road. Note: On the satellit view of the attached map, the parking area is indicated by the marker. GPS N 41.9987 W 73.4379 The trail used to follow Bunker Hill Road to its end, then followed a farm road before becoming a footpath and climbing steeply to the AT. A recent relocation of the beginning of this blue-blazed trail starts at the northeast corner of the parking lot and bypasses the Bunker Road section. At the intersection with the AT, the northbound trail goes straight ahead towards Lions Head; the southbound Trail to Route 41 goes right. At one time there was a notice on the CT AMC chapter web site asking people not to use this trail at night per request of the landowner. I do not see it now, but night use should probably still be avoided. Because of the relocation, the trail is probably 0.1- 0.2 miles longer than the advertised 0.4 miles. 11/22/06 6-8 1
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Route 41
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West on Route 44 in Salisbury, turn north on Route 41 for 1/2 mile. There is a small sign indicating a parking lot on the west side of Route 41. To reach the southbound trailhead from the parking lot, go 150 yards south on 41, enter woods on east side of road. 7/5/06 1
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CT 41 is also called Undermountain Road. Salisbury is .8 mile south, at the intersection of US 44 and CT 41 where groceries, restaurants, lodging and other stores may be found. 5/18/06 Ample parking between 2 private residences (do not approach them).
The parking lot is to the north of the intersection of Cobble Road and CT-41 (Undermountain Road). It is on the west side of the road. The marker on the attached map indicates the position. Rotate the street view to the west to see the entrance to the parking area. The parking lot is hard to see from the road. It is in a grove of trees. The sign refered to above is a white oval sign with green lettering which reads "Appalachian Trail". The parking lot is dirt and is situated in a pine grove. I don't see how more than 6-8 cars could park here. By my odometer, it is 0.8 miles to the trail head from the junction of CT Route 41 and US44. The northbound trail (to CT Section 1) goes west from the parking area. The directions in the first listing are for access to the southbound AT and CT Section 2. 05/29/17 See comments 1
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GPS coordinates: 41.99408, -73.42692 Parked there from 8/19/2016 to 8/23/2016. It is in between 2 residential houses, very safe. 09/07/16 10 1
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