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Section 1 - Route 341 to Hoyts Road (CT border) Displayed from North to South

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CT 341 (Schaghticoke Road Intersection)
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Go east 0.7 mile from intersecton of Routes 7/341 to the intersection with Schaghticoke Road. The trail crosses CT 341 .2 mile west of the intersection with Schaghticoke Road. Parking is available at the intersection but overnight parking is not recommended. Kent Town is 1 mile east of the AT on Rt 341 with groceries, restaurants, camping supplies and a post office (06757) 2/7/06 Limited parking along the side of Rt 341. 1
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GPS of intersection N 41.7293 W 73.4891 The intersection of CT 341 and Schaghticoke Road can clearly be seen on the satellite view of the attached map. Rotate the street view to see the intersection. Parking is on the grassy areas on either side. The AT crossing of CT 341 (some parking) is north of the intersection. See next listing. 06/01/17 8-10 at intersection 1
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Caveat: I have not been to this area in some time. Parking regulations may have changed. Any information from fellow hikers would be appreciated. 06/01/17
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CT 341 (Trail Crossing))
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The trail crossing of CT 341 is 0.9 miles east of the intersection with US 7 in Kent, CT. GPS at trail crossing: N41.73105 W 73.49065 There is a small pull-off on the west (trail south) side of Route 341 at the trail crossing. The marker on the attached map indicates the crossing. Rotate the street view to see this area. The northbound trail (to Section 4) crosses a stile and enters a field. The southbound trail (to Section 5) goes into the woods on the other side of CT 341 and begins the ascent of Mt. Algo The parking area can also be seen. 06/01/17 5-6 1
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Schaghticoke Road (North Jct.)
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See listing for Bull's Bridge Road (Mile 7.9). Continue on Bulls Bridge Road past the parking lot mentioned there. At 0.4 miles from US 7, go right (north) on Schaghticoke Road. At this point the northbound AT comes out of the woods on the south side of the intersection and continues up Schaghticoke Road. The AT follows the road (white blazes) for 0.3 miles then goes left (west) back into the woods. There is room for roadside parking for a few cars here or in the immediate vicinty. Several more could be probably be parked along the road to the south. 12/19/06 limited roadside parking
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The markers on the attached map indicates the APPROXIMATE location of the point where the northbound trail goes west into the woods. I do not have exact coordinates. 09/05/09 1
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Schaghticoke and Bulls Bridge Roads
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See directions to the parking area on Bulls Bridge Road (Mile 7.9). Continue west on Bull's Bridge Road 0.4 miles from US 7, there is an intersection with Schagticoke Road. This intersection is indicated by the marker on the attached map. This formerly was a good place to park but now it is a DROP-OFF Point only. According to Elaine LaBella of the CT AMC Trails Committee which maintains the trail in Connecticut, the town of Kent in 2014 prohibited roadside parking along Bulls Bridge Road from US 7 to the NY state line. That means that parking at this intersection is no longer allowed. GPS N 41.6758 W 73.5143 At this intersection, the northbound trail comes out of the woods to the south, then continues north on Schacgticoke Road. 06/ 0 parking as of 2014 1
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Bulls Bridge Road
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To reach Bulls Bridge Road, follow US 7 3 miles north from Gaylordsville or 5 miles south from Kent. At the traffic light go west on Bulls Bridge Road. A new 14 car parking area is almost immediately on the left. This is now the only legal parking on Bulls Bridge Road. This lot is for daytime use only. Those parking overnight may be ticketed. Following years of overuse and trash dumping, in 2014 the Town of Kent and FirstLight Power posted no parking signs along Bulls Bridge Road from the junction with Route 7 to the NY state line. . Violators will be ticketed. 06/02/17 14
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GPS of new parking lot: N 41.6757 W 73.5084 The marker on the attached map shows the entrance to the new parking area mentioned in the previous post. To reach the AT, follow the road across Bulls Bridge (covered) and then over a second bridge. On the other side of the second bridge, go left and follow an old road along the west bank of the Housatonic River. This is an old route of the AT, now blazed blue. The junction with the AT is about a quarter-mile further. The northbound trail goes left here while the southbound trail is straight ahead on the old road.
Alternatively Bulls Bridge Road can be followed another 0.3 miles to the intersection with Schaghitcoke Road. The northbound trail comes in from the left here and continues north along Schaghitcoke Road. (See Mile 7.4). 06/02/17
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CT 55 Parking
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The parking lot is on the south side of There is a parking lot is on the south side of Route 55, 2.7 miles from the intersection with US 7 in Gaylordsville. The "Welcome to New York" sign can be seen just to the west of the parking lot. There is an Appalachian Trail sign here. The marker indicates the position of the parking lt. It can also be seen on the satellite view and by rotating the street view. GPS M 41.6445 W 73.5193 There is no parking at the actual AT There is no parking at the actual AT crossing of CT 55 which is about 100 yards east of the parking lot. To reach the AT go south from the parking lot about 100 feet. The trail is marked by "AT" and arrows from north and southbound painted in white on a large rock. The southbound trail goes right (west). The northbound trail goes left (east). 06/02/17 10-12 1
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DELETE ME The green arrow on the attached map shows the entrance to the parking area. Rotate the street view to the southeast to see the parking. 2/23/08 1
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Hoyt Road
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Paved Hoyt Road goes south from Route 55. It is the first road on the NY side of the state line. The small parking area (3-4 cars) is located 0.3 miles down this road. GPS of parking area N 41.6410 W 73.5202 The marker on the attached map indicates the location of the parking area. It can be seen in the satellite view. The southbound AT comes in from the east across from the parking area, turns north on Hoyt Road then in a short distance goes west. 06/03/17 3-4 1
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Only a small portion of this section is in NY. Most is in CT and is given in the "AT Guide to Massachusetts and Connecticut" as CT Section 5
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