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Section 3 - NY 22 (Pawling) to NY 55 (Poughquag) Displayed from North to South

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NY 22 - Pawling
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The crossing is 3.2 miles north of the point where Route 55 diverges west from Route 22 and an equal distance south of the Harlem Valley-Wingdale railroad station. There are signs marking the AT crossing as well as signs for the paved parking areas. These are located on both sides of the highway just north of the crossing. These parking areas can clearly be seen on the satellite view of the attached map. GPS coordinates at the crossing: N41.5938 W -73.5870 The official south end of Sectop 2 and north end of Section 3 is where the southbound trail meets NY 22. The marker indicates this point. The southbound trail (to Section 3) follows the highway south past a garden center to a dirt road on the right. The trail turns onto this. (See Mile 0.1). The street view to the south from the point of the marker shows the route along the highway. The northbound trail (to Section 2) goes east into the field. The street view to the east shows this. The parking area can be seen in the north view. 06/22/17 15-20 total 1
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Appalachian Trail RR Station
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This really isn't a automobile access point, but rather one for people coming from New York City on Metro-North Railroad. The train stops at this small station only on weekends and holidays and only when there are people to drop-off or pick up. The station is really no more than a bench and a platform. (See pictures) 12/20/06
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The attached map is just a zoomed in and modified version of the map at Mile 0.0. The green arrow marks the AT train platform. The street view to the west shows the dirt road that the southbound trail follows from NY 22. Note that there is a small parking area on the south side of the dirt road where 2-3 cars might be parked. I saw one parked there. The platform is hidden behind the trees in the center of the picture. The northbound trail goes north along NY 22. Rotate the street view to the north. 06/24/11 See comments 1
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County Route 20 - Westover Road
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Edward R. Murrow Memorial Park is 3.1 miles from the AT crossing. 2/7/2006
There arw several ways to reach this point but I know the following works.
See directions to the trail crossing of NY Route 22 (mile 0.0). 0.8 miles south of this on Route 22, River Road goes west. There is currently a Citgo station at the intersection. Follow River Road. There are several bends in the route. In 0.8 miles a T intersection with County Route 20 is reached. Go right (north) for 1.6 miles to the trail crossing. There is a huge oak tree (the Dover Oak) on the east side at the crossing. There is a parking pull-off that could fit 4-5 cars here.

Update: Sept. 2009--The Citgo Station is now defunct.
The Dover Oak (see pictures) is either the largest or second largest oak tree on the AT. 12/31/06 4-5
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The markers on the attached map indicate the trail crossing. Rotate the street view to the east to see the Dover Oak, the largest or maybe second largest oak tree on the AT. The northbound trail leaves just to the right of the tree. The view to the northwest shows the southbound trail. The view to the northeast shows the roadside parking. 06/24/11 1
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Nuclear Lake
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Go 5 miles west of the intersection with Route 22 south of Pawling and then turn right on Old Route 55. This is about 0.1 miles east of the intersection of NY 292 and NY 55 and 0.2-0.3 miles west of the AT crossing of NY 55. After turning onto Old Route 55, the parking area is on the left in about 100 feet. It is an official Appalachian Trail parking lot complete with a bulletin board. The green arrow on the attached map indicates the parking area. Rotate the street view to the north to see the parking area. This access is not even mentioned in the current edition of the NY/NJ Appalachian Trail Guide. It is the old entrance road to the United Nuclear Facility when Nuclear Lake was part of their property. It is probably the easiest access to Nuclear Lake though I have not hiked it. Follow the road north. It is gated once a private residence is passed. From the map it appears to be about a mile to the intersection with the AT at the lake. The southbound trail goes left here, while the northbound trail continues straight ahead on the road. 08/10/09 8-12 1
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Spur to Rte. 55 Parking
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A hiker parking area is on the north side of Route 55 5.5 miles west of the intersection with Route 22, 0.3 miles west of the intersection with Route 292 and 0.2 miles west of the actual trail crossing. The lot is small and somewhat hard to see from the road. There is a business, presently a tackle shop, on the south side of the highway. A blue blazed spur trail goes north from the parking lot, meeting the AT in about 0.1 miles. The northbound AT goes straight ahead while the southbound AT goes right. To reach the actual southern end of Section 3 and the northern end of Section4, walk down the highway shoulder 0.2 miles to the trail crossing (marked with a sign). North to Section 3 is left, south to Section 4 is right. 12/20/06 4-5
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On the satellite view of the attached map, the parking area can be seen in the center of the picture. It is on the east side of the road across from the building. The green arrow marks the lot. The spur trail leads northeast, meeting the AT just past the power line right-of-way. 01/30/08 1
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NY 55 - Poughquag
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NY 55 about 1.4 miles southeast of its intersection with Pleasant Ridge Rd. and 1.5 miles southeast of its intersection with NY 216. The parking area is just west of the AT crossing. 2/7/2006
The trail crossing of NY Route 55 is 5.3 miles west of the intersection with Route 22 south of Pawling and 0.1 miles west of the intersection with Route 292. There is no parking at the trail crossing, but a small parking lot is about 0.1 miles further west. (See mile 7.2) The attached map shows the approximate location of the trail crossing. 12/20/06 1
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