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Section 7 - NY 301 to Canopus Hill Road Displayed from North to South

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NY 301
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1.5 miles southwest of the junction of NY 301 and the Taconic State Parkway NY 301 crosses the AT at the souther tip of Canopus Lake in Fahnestock State Park. Ample parking is available .2 mile northeast of the AT crossing on NY 301. 2/7/2006
From I-84 (Exit 16), go south on the Taconic State Parkway to the NY 301 interchange which is also the exit for Fahenstock State Park. At the end of the ramp, go right on NY 301 about 1.3 miles to the AT crossing which is at the west end of Canopus Lake. There are signs marking this crossing. The northbound AT comes in from the left (south), goes west for a short distance, the goes right (north) into the woods. The marker on the attached map indicates the last point. Refer to the picture of Canopus Lake and NY 301. There is a wide parking shoulder good for several cars. There is a parking area on the north side of the road about 0.2 miles to the east (just around the bend in the picture) and another shortly beyond that on the right. These each provide parking for an additional 6-8 cars. 03/12/07 Update: See the pictures for Section 6 section for a view of the parking the north side of NY 301 at the crossing. See comments 1
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Three Lakes Trail
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See directions to the AT Trailhead at the east end of Canopus Lake on NY 301 (Mile 0.0). Parking for the blue-blazed trail Three Lkes Trail is about 0.2 miles east on a small point on the north side of the road. See picture of NY 301 and Canopus Lake. The parking area is just around the bend in the picture. The trail head is on the south side of the highway just across from the west end of the parking area. It is marked by three blue blazes on the guard rail. . Given its length and closeness to the actual AT trailhead, this is more of an alternate route than an access. Via the Three Lakes Trail it is 1.3 miles to the intersection with the AT. One can continue to follow it more or less paralleling the AT. It crosses Sunk Mine Road about a quarter mile north of the AT and then meets the AT again at the Dennytown Road crossing (mile 3.7). Total length of this trail from NY 301 to Dennytown Road is 3.7 miles. 05/15/07

Update: A picture of this parking area has now been posted. See pictures for Section 6. It is also shown on the satellite view of the attached map. Rotate the street view to the north to see the parking area. Rotate to the south to see the three blue blazes indicating the trailhead.
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Sunk Mine Road
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See directions to Dennytown Road crossing (Mile 3.7). Follow Dennytown Road south from NY 301 0.7 miles, the go left on gravel one-lane Sunk Mine Road. This road is closed from Dec. 22 to April 1. The trail crossing is 1.3 miles down this road. There is parking for 1 to 2 cars near a cellar hole on the left side of the road. I also saw a parking pull-off for one car a short distance to the north. There were several others further north along Sunk Mine Road. The northbound AT meets Sunk Mine Road across from the cellar hole, goes right a few feet, then goes left back into the woods. This whole area is in Fahnestock State Park. The green arrow on the attached map marks the approximate location of the trail crossing. 08/13/09 See directions 1
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Dennytown Road
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From NY 301 follow Dennytown road south for 1.2 miles. Parking is available 2/7/2006
See directions to the AT crossing of NY 301 (Mile 0.0). Continue west on NY 301 for another 2.3 miles, then go left on Dennytown Road. As noted above it is 1.2 miles to the trail crossing. There is a large parking lot for what is apparently a picnic area here. The AT passes just to the south of the parking area. The northbound AT goes east, the southbound AT goes west. Rotate the street view on the attached map to the east to see the parking area. 03/12/07 Ample 1
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Highland Road
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See directions to Dennytown Road trail crossing (Mile 3.7). Go 1.4 miles further (2.6 miles from NY 301) on Dennytown Road, then go right on Highland Road for 0.3 miles. While trail guides say there is parking here, it is at best very limited. Perhaps one or two cars could pull off the road on the north side. The trail goes down what is an old road and while parking might be posible by pulling off onto that, I don't know if the road is still active and blocking a road like that is generally not good. The northbound AT crosses the road, bends to the right (east) and soon goes left on the wood road, crossing a small wooden bridge. 05/14/07 1-2 cars at best
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The marker on the attached map indicate the approximate location of where the old road meets Highland Road. I do not have exact coordinates, but one can vaguely make out the old road north of Highland Road. 08/13/09 1
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Canopus Hill Road
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No parking. 2/7/2006 0
See directions to Dennytown Road trail crossing (Mile 3.7). Continue south on Dennytown Road. At the intersection with Highland Road, the name changes to Canopus Hollow Road. At 2.8 mile from the Dennytown Road crossing (4.0 miles from NY 301), Canopus Hill Road goes right. The trail crossing is 0.3 miles along this road. The trail is difficult to see from the road. The green arrow on the attached map indicates the trail crossing. Coming from Canopus Hollow Road, the northbound trail (to Section 7) goes right, the southbound trail (to Section 8) goes left. 08/13/09 1
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