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Section 10 - Bear Mountain Bridge to Arden Valley Road Displayed from North to South

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Bear Mountain Bridge (West End)
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The official southern end of Sec. 9 is at the tollgate on the western side of Bear Mt. Bridge across the Hudson River. The marker on the attached map indicates the location of the toll booths. There is no parking here, but there is ample parking at Bear Mountain Inn (See Mile 0.8 of Section 10). There is also roadside parking at points along NY 9D going north on the east side of the bridge. (See miles 5.1 and 5.3). The northbound AT (to Section 9) goes across the bridge, then goes left along NY 9D for about 0.2 miles. The southbound trail (to Section 10) soon goes left and enters the Trailside Zoo via a back entrance. If the zoo is closed, detour west along the highway to the traffic circle then go south (right) along US 202/NY9W to the main entrance to the zoo. The southbound trail crosses to the west side of the highway and continues as a paved path towards Bear Mt. Inn. 09/18/07 0 here but see directions 1
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Bear Mountain Inn
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From the Palisades Interstate Parkway (north or south), Get off at exit 19 (Bear Mtn. Park) and take Seven Lakes Drive for 3.5 miles to the Bear mountain Circle. At the circle, take the second right. Follow the signs to Parking Lots. If you miss exit 19, take the Parkway to the Bear Mountain Bridge Circle. At this circle, make the first right onto 9W south and go to the traffic light. Bear right and go up the hill.
Parking is available in the Bear Mountain State Park parking lot. A fee is charged in the summer, $6.00 in 2007. This is a huge paved parking lot and is frequently patrolled by the state police stationed at the park. One time I arrived early, before the fee collector, and I did not have to pay; arriving late might work too. I have left my car over night with no problems. 07/10/07 200 plus
When I was hiking this area, only the lot at the southwest corner in the satellite view of the attached map was open in winter. This is indicated by the green arrow on the attached map. I don't know if this is still the case or not. Note the large parking lot to the north and east.
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Update: The parking fee is now $8.00. However we were there on a weekday in June and there was nobody at the toll booth. I'm not sure when it is manned during the summer season. It may only be on weekends.

The green arrow on the map attached here indicates the point where the southbound trail leaves the Bear Mountain Inn Green and starts up a paved service road to begin the climb to Bear Mountain on a newly relocated section of trail. The northbound trail goes left
and crosses by the playground in the center of the satellite view. It then follows the east shore of Hessian Lake towards the Trailside Zoo. and Bear Mt. Bridge.
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Bear Mountain summit parking lot
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Take Seven Lakes Drive into Bear Mountain State Park. On the north side of the road you will eventually find the gate to Perkins Memorial Drive, which will take you 2 miles to Bear Mountain’s summit. You may see signs for Perkins Memorial Drive while on US 6 (from the West) or US 9 (from the East), indicating the correct exit to take. Parking is free at the summit. However, inclement weather such as heavy fog, snow or ice will close the summit parking lot. So, winter parking is not always reliable. You can also visit the impressive Perkins Memorial Tower while at the summit. Enjoy spectacular views of the park, the Hudson Highlands and Harriman State Park. 07/10/07 30 1
Perkins Drive (south junction)
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This is strictly an access point where one could possibly be dropped off. There are some pull-offs just south of the crossing. However, there is no parking along park roads as numerous signs remind you. Perkins Drive is the road which goes to the summit of Bear Mt. (See Mile 2.8). This intersection of the AT and Perkins Drive is 0.5 miles from Seven Lakes Drive. The markers on the attached map indicate the approximate location of the crossing. I do not have exact coordinates.

The southbound trail leaves the road and descends toward Seven Lakes Drive. The northbound trail has been recently relocated. It goes east from the crossing on a long closed section of Perkins Drive which apparently once made a loop. 09/18/07 0 1
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Seven Lakes Drive in Bear Mountain State Park
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Parking is not allowed here. I’ve seen cars parked on the shoulder here and not get a ticket, but at odd times patrollers issue tickets. 07/23/07 0
There is a hikers parking lot a few hundred feet west of this crossing. From the west take Exit 19 off the Palisades Parkway onto eastbound Seven Lakes Drive. In approximately 0.7-0.8 miles look for a paved (albeit badly) driveway on the right. There is a sign for Hiker Parking but this is not easily visible while driving. The dirt parking lot is on the right about a hundred feet down this driiveway. From the east the driveway is to the left off Seven Lakes Drive, 0.6 miles west of the intersection with Perkins Memorial Drive to the summit of Bear Mt. On the satellite view of the attached map, the marker indicates the approximate location of the entrance to the parking area.

Update: June 2011: The entrance road and parking area are now paved. The Hiker Parking sign is currently missing.
Quite frankly, the easiest access to the AT is to walk east along Seven Lakes Drive for a few hundred feet to the crossing. A wood road comes in from the right. This is the southbound AT. The northbound AT trailhead is across the road (left). There are trails which lead to the AT. When I first hiked this section, there was a red blazed "1777 W" trail which passed this lot. Those blazes have now been blacked out. Best trail route is to take the trail which goes east from near the the south end of the lot. The route is infrequently blazed with white disks nailed to trees. There are several unblazed trails all of which probably eventually lead to the AT. 09/17/07 8-10 1
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The entrance to this parking area is hard to see from the road so we would suggest that you drive slowly once you get close to the area. When we were there, an orange cone was placed along Seven Lakes Drive at the parking entrance. We still had problems finding the road back to the parking.

GPS for entrance to parking: N 41.30452 W 74.01523
GPS for trailhead: N 41.30384 W 74.01331
If you are hiking south from this parking area, there are some terrific views along the trail.

West mountain shelter is 0.6 mile from the trail but has a great view of the Hudson River and the NY city skyline.

We were in this area during a top fall color time and were told by an information person that this parking area would fill up by 9 AM in the morning. We got to the parking area just before 9 AM and there were very few spots left. This park is a very popular area, so we don't know if parking would be a problem regularly or not but we would suspect so. 10/26/08

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Parked at the hikers parking lot just west of the intersection of Perkins Memorial Drive and Seven Lakes Drive for two nights during a hike this October without issue. I did contact the park police to let them know that I was parking there for a few nights as well as gave them my vehicle information so that they knew it would be there for a couple of nights. The lot is now paved and while not well marked off of Seven Lakes Drive, is not hard to find and a safe place to park based on my experience 10/22/10
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Fawn Trail
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From the New York Thruway (I-87, I-287), take Exit 13 north towards Palisades Interstate Parkway. Go north on the parkway about 15 miles. Take Exit 17 to the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area. Park in the huge north lot Since the intersection of the Fawn Trail and the AT is only 0.3 miles from a road (Seven Lakes Drive), this access is more of an alternate. It provides a shortcut from the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area that avoids the climb up and over West Mountain. The green arrow on the attached map indicates the approximate location of the trailhead which is at the north end of the recreation area. The first portion is on the white-blazed Anthony Wayne Trail. It probably follows the 'road' labeled as Harriman State Park on the map. I don't remember this part. In 0.2 miles dirt Beechy Bottom Road is reached. Go right for a short distance, then go left on the red-blazed Fawn Trail. This goes over relatively level terrain, meeting the AT one mile from Beechy Bottom Road. Here the northbound AT goes left towards SEven Lakes Drive and Bear Mt. The southbound trail goes right towards West Mt. In combination with the AT and the south access trail from the recreation area (See Mile 7.5), a nice loop hike is possible. 07/30/10 Hundreds 1
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Trail to Anthony Wayne Parking Area
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Anthony Wayne Recreation Area - Harriman State Park
Palisades Interstate Parkway to exit 17, 40 miles north of New York City.
The Anthony Wayne Recreation Area of Harriman State Park lies in a wooded valley. Facilities include picnic areas with fireplaces, playing fields and cross-country ski and hiking trails. In season a parking fee of $6 is charged on the weekends. Park at the southern most parking lot. In the south eastern corner of that parking lot is an easy bike trail that leads .2 mile to the AT. Huge parking lots. 07/09/07 100s
See Mile 5.5 for directions to the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area. Once there drive to the south parking lot and park there.

Note: Do not attempt to use the map attached here to get Google directions to the recreation area. Use the one at Mile 5.5
The marker on the satellite view of the attached map indicates the approximate location of the trail head for the access trail to the AT mentioned above. The approximate coordinates of the intersection with the AT are 41.2825, -74.0247. The intersection is just east (trail north ) of the crossing of Beech Bottom Brook. At the intersection, the northbound AT goes left towards West Mt. while the southbound goes right, crossing Palisades Interstate Parkway in 0.3 miles. 09/18/08 1
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Palisades Interstate Parkway
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From the New York Thruway (I-87/I-287) take exit 13 N. In 0.5 mile merge onto northbound Palisades Interstate Parkway. The trail crossing is 13.7 miles north. This is 0.4 miles south of the Harriman Park Book Store in the median of the Parkway. If you really want to get to the southbound parkway crossing continue north to the the next exit for the Anthony Wayne parking area and use the overpass to reverse direction. I suspect parking is forbidden along the parkway. Even though one can pull off the road, I don't know if I would recommmend it even as a drop-off point. A much beter accessis to use the Anthony Wayne area to park and hike south to the AT. (See Mile 7.5). Go west (trail south) 0.3 miles to the parkway crossing.
The street view on the attached map shows the northbound lanes of the parkway. The northeast view shows the northbound trail going to the right (east). The view to the northwest shows the southbound trail entering the median strip. The street views for the southbound parkway are very fuzzy and are not worth referencing here. 07/30/10
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Brien Shelter (Menomine Trail)
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The trailhead for the Menomine Trail is at the Silvermine Lake Picnic area. Take Exit 18 off Palisades Parkway towards west US 6. In a short distance there is large traffic circle (Long Mt. Circle). Go onto westbound Seven Lake Drive. The Silvermine area is 1.7 miles down this road on the left. There is large parking lot here. There was an entrance station. It was closed in mid-September, but there may be a parking fee charged here in the summer. The attached map shows the parking area near Silvermine Lake. To go south towards the AT on the Menomine Trail, cross the small bridge on the east side of the parking area. Bear left and follow along the lake shore, crossing a grassy area. The first blazes I saw were just as the trail entered the woods by two ramshackle buildings. The yellow-blazed Menomine trail goes 1.4 miles, coming out just north of the William Brien Shelter. In its southern part, it follows old roads, but this is more obvious in some places than others. The intersection with the AT is just south of the shelter. The southbound AT goes right, the northbound trail goes left and starts to climb a rock outcrop. 09/17/07 Very ample parking 1
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Seven Lakes Drive in Harriman State Park
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Parking is not allowed here. This area is frequently patrolled. 07/14/07 0
Take Exit 18 off Palisades Parkway towards west US 6. In a short distance there is large traffic circle (Long Mt. Circle). Go onto westbound Seven Lake Drive. The trail crossing is 2.8 miles down this road, 1.1 miles after Silvermine Lake. Tiorati Circle is 1.1 miles further south on Seven Lakes Drive. I suppose this point could be used s a drop-off point, but as can be seen from the street view, there is really no parking available even if it was allowed. Rotate the street view to the west to see the southbound trail towards Arden Valley Road. 07/29/10 0 1
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Arden Valley Road
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From Tiorati Circle go west on Arden Valley Road 0,3 miles to the trail crossing at the top of the ridge. No parking here, but ample parking available at Tiorati Circle. Fee charged in summer. See Mile 0.1 of Section 11

The trail crossing is 4.7 miles east of the intersection with NY 17 and Arden Valley Road (See Mile 5.5 of Section 11).
This is the the northern end of Section 11 and the southern end of Section 10. The northbound trail to Section 10 goes north while the southbound AT to Section 11 goes south. This point can be reached on foot by walking up Arden Valley Road from the parking area or by taking the blue-blazed access trail from the parking area and then following the AT north for about 0.1 miles to the road. (See Mile 0.1 of section 11.) The green arrow on the attached map indicates the approximate location of the trail crossing. 07/25/10 0 here, but ample at Tiorati Circle. 1

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